Springsteen Delivers Standout Setlist On Night 2 In New Jersey (4/4/12 Setlist)

Bruce Springsteen finishes off his homestand on the first leg of his US tour...
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Bruce Springsteen - New Jersey - April 4, 2012 - Wrecking Ball - Setlist

Bruce Springsteen delivered a fabulous set on the second night of his homecoming stand at the Izod Center in New Jersey tonight, with several tour premieres and classic fan favorites along with a heavy dose of material from his latest album, Wrecking Ball. I feel bad for the folks who went to the first night of the stand because tonight's set smokes last night. Hard.

Early in the set, he broke out "Candy's Room" from Darkness On The Edge Of Town, giving "Badlands" a night off and followed it with "Johnny 99" from Nebraska. He also threw in "Jackson Cage" a few songs later.

"Candy's Room" is a song I'm dying to hear live and it doesn't come out frequently anymore. Love "Badlands" though I do, it's good to see it get the occasional rest and he filled in with a fantastic substitution. He played two other songs from Darkness: "The Promised Land" and "Racing In The Street." "Racing" is another I'm dying to hear!

I'm not going to have the same rant about "Waiting On A Sunny Day" I did after the second show in Philly. I am going to point out on this tour, aside from songs from the new album, "WOASD" is one of a handful of songs played every night. The others include songs like "Thunder Road," "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out," and "Born To Run." Let's have a Sesame Street moment: one of these things is not like the other. Right? When did "WOASD" join the ranks of essential classics? For two tours he played "Badlands" and "The Promised Land" every night. He's seen fit to rest those on occasion thus far on this tour but "WOASD" has to be played every night. Guys, I just don't understand it and while I don't want to, I'm going to leave it at that.

For the first time on this tour, the encore didn't start with "Rocky Ground" from Wrecking Ball but instead opened with "Trapped," and my understanding is this was an audible called because of a sign from an audience member. I've heard him play this one a couple times and it's always great. He had one more surprise for the encore tonight, breaking out "Ramrod" from The River. Yes, that's another I'm dying to hear.

He and Stevie always make this one fun at least that's what I've seen and heard on live takes of it on CD and DVD having yet to experience it first hand and tonight Bruce apparently told the crowd he'd been wanting to break this one out but they had to be sure Jake Clemons was ready for it. Early indications from fans who've seen shows on this tour are Jake is doing an admirable job filling the shoes of his late uncle, Clarence.

Looks like a hell of a set list tonight, kids, and one I'd love to have seen.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
April 4, 2012, 
E. Rutherford, NJ (Night 2)

  1. We Take Care of our Own
  2. Wrecking Ball
  3. The Ties That Bind
  4. Death to My Hometown
  5. My City of Ruins
  6. Candy's Room
  7. Johnny 99
  8. Jack Of All Trades
  9. Jackson Cage
  10. She's The One
  11. Easy Money
  12. Waiting On A Sunny Day
  13. The Promised Land
  14. Racing In The Street
  15. Apollo Medley
  16. The Rising
  17. We Are Alive
  18. Thunder Road
    ### ### ###
  19. Trapped
  20. Rocky Ground
  21. Ramrod
  22. Born To Run
  23. Dancing In The Dark
  24. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out