Stream Emily O'Halloran's Sinfully Sultry "Kindness," Check Out Video For "Morphine and Cupcakes"

A slow, sultry burn that makes me want to get my sinning on.
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emily o'halloranWith hints and reminices of Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" Emily O'Halloran's "Kindness" is a slow, sultry burn that make me want to lay back in bed with a cigarette, a bottle of bourbon and my lover for a long night of sin.  Her voice is low and dirty and full of sex and bitter tears.  Its got me thinking of a hundred bad breakups and all the fun we had before they ended.  

She's got a voice like Joni Mitchell after 100 years of non-stop smoking or Tom Waits minus the romance and the testicles.   The rest of the album is old-school, whiskey-fueled, even the dog done-me-wrong country with enough bitter blues and lonely nights to make even Saint Peter find some sorrows to drown.

Emily O'Halloran grew up in a hippie commune in Austrailia, left at 14 to wander the countryside, moved to New York City where she lived as a poet until she record producer Mark Howard and together they created her very first album Morphine and Cupcakes.  The album comes out September 20.  Until then you can hear, read, and learn more on her website, Facebook page, and Myspace.  You can also listen to several tracks from the new album on Soundcloud.


Kindness by Emily O'Halloran

You can watch the video to the title cut below: