Sweet Moans

Canada Strikes Again!
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It sounds too much like a cliché but my life has really been defined by music since I can first remember. As a child of the sixties and seventies, my tastes run the gamut from the usual, Beatles, Stones, The Who to Neil Young, Jackson Browne (my favorite artist and one of my favorite people), Roseanne Cash and Billy Bragg. I have been fortunate enough to get to know and work with, in different capacities, practically ever artist I admired in my formative years and found them to be great people as well as great artists.

Over the last decade or so I have become jaded by the music being released and the business that has gotten even worse than it was in the early days. It seems like the only music with any life is being home made, definitely not the American Idol versions. I think the last band I really became enamored over was Counting Crows and that was twenty years ago. 

That is jaded.

The other day while surfing Youtube for old Z Z Top videos, I came across a band from Canada called Sweet Moans. They did a cover of “Just Got Paid” that was spot on. Scrolling down, the guitarist Steve Costello had a video of him playing a solo of a Ry Cooder song – the guy is 19! He covered Ry Cooder and with his own style as well as keeping with Ry's. One of my favorite metal songs is “Medusa” by Trapeze. Sweet Moans does it with the same great riff but with their own spin on the melody.

And then they have originals…several – even better than the covers. I used to have great radar for picking out acts that were good enough to make it and stay for the long haul. I deliberately lost it when I lost interest in anything released beyond 1990. Without even trying, I got it back.

I was blown away by the quality of their original material. Guitar based rock is a different animal these days than it was during the seventies but these guys have great lyrics, great melodies and the music is tight – with a trio it has to be. This is the first band I have heard in, literally, decades that I wanted to champion and in this age of the Brooklyn version of angst-ridden shoe gazers, these guys have actual excitement in the music and performance.

Don’t just take my word for it, go to youtube and check out Sweet Moans. If you have read my postings, you have an idea where my musical tastes lie but I just expanded them – try it – you won’t be disappointed.