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Dylan Releases "Duquesne Whistle" As Digital Single, Premieres Video

"Duquesne Whistle" is the first single from Dylan's 35th studio album, due in September...
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We're two weeks out from Bob Dylan's 35th studio album, Tempest, which is being released 50 years after he released his self-titled debut on Columbia Records and we now have the first single and video, "Duquesne Whistle." We mentioned a promo clip featuring the song "Early Roman Kings" but "Duquesne" is the first track legally available for purchase and download at iTunes and Amazon and we now have a video directed by Nash Edgerton specifically for the song. I had a conversation on Twitter about "Duquesne" this morning and my counterpart was a little less impressed with this song than
Garbage has released a video for "Big Bright World," the second they've released from Not Your Kind Of People, their first album of new music in seven years. "Blood For Poppies" felt like an obvious choice to be a single when it was released in advance of the record. "Big Bright World" doesn't have that same immediate feel although it's still a very good song from one of my favorite records of 2012. The video is anything but big and bright at the outset as Garbage continues with the black-and-white motif but flourishes of color become more prevalent by

Gary Clark Jr - "When The Sun Goes Down" (SXSW Live)

A powerful performance of a great, slow blues...
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I fell in love with the sound of electric guitar at an early age and have been fascinated by the pioneers and virtuosos who have traveled the galaxy with only six strings. The upshot of this is while I'm predisposed to love the guitar gods, I've heard enough of them and their various tricks and am a bit more difficult to impress. There are tons of guys with chops who can shred, tap, and bend the strings or make the guitar sound like anything but a guitar but far fewer who speak through their instrument, making you feel something

The Avett BrotherPerform "Laundry Room" Live at CMT's "Artist of the Year" (VIDEO)

North Carolina's the Avett Brothers bring Nashville's elite to their feet with a resounding live performance.
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Nashville take note: This is how you do country music (and yes, it involves a cello)! Americana-bluegrass favorites the Avett Brothers brought a room of country music's elite to their feet last night at CMT’s “Artist of the year 2011.” Performing “Laundry Room” from 2009’s I and Love and You, the Avetts showed us why their shows are among the most entertaining live performances around right now. In a world where the commercial music scene (both country and pop genres) is laden with cheesy and trite lyrics and highly tracked live performances, the Avetts remind us of what truly great

Gary Clark Jr Performs "When My Train Pulls In" Live at Rolling Stone (Video)

Clark performed 3-song solo set...
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What are we thankful for at BlindedBySound? How about some brand new live performances by our hero Gary Clark Jr? Clark stopped by the offices of Rolling Stone to play a three-song set and also did a brief video interview. A blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut so good on you, RS. It's about time you got on board with something worthwhile. He is wrapping up touring in support of his Bright Lights EP, and hopes his next full-length album is ready in the spring (so do we!). "When My Train Pulls In" is on that EP as are
Kilborn Alley Blues Band released their fantastic Four yesterday and we will discuss it in greater detail in the coming days but I thought it would be cool to again let you get a taste of the record before I tell you how awesome it is. Ooops. A little late on that. Let me try it again. I thought it would be cool to give you a taste of the record and let you see the band live before I tell you what I love about the record and why I think you will too. I posted a performance

Watch Haley Reinhart, Casey Abrams Duet On "Baby It's Cold Outside"

It's a 'Very Idol Christmas,' Love Haley & Casey
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Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams are often linked together after appearing on last season’s American Idol. They had a couple amazing duets on the show (“Moanin’” and  “I Feel The Earth Move”) and rumors of a romance ran rampant over the internet, during which the makings of a true friendship blossomed between this quirky, bluesy, jazzy, twosome. While fellow contestants (winner and runner up, respectively) Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, have tried hard to forge separate, solo country careers, Haley and Casey seemed to have embraced the fact that while they’re remembered by many separately, they’re perhaps remembered more for

Kilborn Alley Blues Band Previews "A Couple Of Days (Change My Ways)" In UK, 'Four' Due Nov. 22

Band's latest disc hits stores tomorrow!
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The week is finally here, boys and girls! I've been talking about Nick Moss' Here I Am (and the singles "It'll Turn Around" and "Candy Nation") and Kilborn Alley Blues Band's Four for months now and we've finally made to the magical moment when these records will be released and you can all hear what I've been so excited about for so long. Kilborn Alley has been touring the US, UK, and Europe to promote the upcoming record and we have performance footage of one of my favorite songs from Four from one of the recent UK shows. "A Couple Of

Florence And The Machine Release New Video For "No Lights, No Lights"

Not what I'd have chosen but it all makes sense...
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"No Light, No Light" is the latest video from Florence + The Machine's Ceremonials, following "Shake It Off." I don't know what I was expecting her to choose as the next single, but this wasn't it. I obsessively listened to the new album and it's brilliant; there's not a weak moment on it. I don't know what I would have chosen but this wasn't it. I like to think I have an "ear" for a single, for a hit and I've guessed right plenty but I may have misjudged "No Light." I like the song but it didn't stand out

Nick Moss Previews New Material in Daytona, FL; 'Here I Am' Out Nov. 22 (Video)

Moss road tests "Why You So Mean?" from upcoming record...
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I've tried to do my part to alert you all to the coming of Nick Moss' new album Here I Am, talking about the album artwork, tracklisting, the origins of the first single "It'll Turn Around," and streaming that and the follow-on single "Candy Nation." With all that talk, there are still SO MANY THINGS you need to know about this record and it comes out next week! We've got a lot of catching up to do, and we'll begin the process by introducing you to another song from the record, live! The first track from the album is the

Wilco Stops Time At Ryman With "Art Of Almost" Video

Great song, great venue, great band, great video...
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What happens when you take one of my favorite bands and put them in God's favorite room? Can you think of anything better? How about a killer stop-motion video of one of my favorite songs from one of their favorite records? Wilco, you think of everything! This video condenses Wilco's two-night stand at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville from setup to teardown into seven cool minutes with "The Art Of Almost" from The Whole Love as the soundtrack to it all. The video filming and editing is spectacular and you get a glimpse of all the things that go into making

Switchfoot "Restless" Video: Not The 1%, Not the 99

Get busy living or get busy dying...
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Pink Floyd famously bemoaned "ticking away the moments that make up the dull day" in their classic "Money" from Dark Side Of The Moon, and it's a feeling we all identify with to varying degrees of frequency. Some of that is a byproduct of the well-intentioned lie we tell children, that they can be anything they want and achieve their dreams if they work hard enough. We mean well but we're setting the kids up for the same disappointment many of us live, until we figure out what we really meant to say: the world is big and filled with

Norah Jones' "Not Too Late" Pays Tribute to an Old Friend

We always think there will be one more time...
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My freshman year of college I tried out for a play - some sad thing or another that I had never heard of. I had taken drama in the ninth grade but was not anything like what you would call an actor. As with everything I've ever done in my life I was trying out for this one because of a girl. I had met her recently and we were getting chummy and she wanted to be in the production and so I wanted to be in it. I didn't get the part, but she did so I spent my
R.E.M. is bringing their incredible 31-year run to a close with a career-spanning retrospective featuring the final three recordings they'll ever produce, and of those three songs they selected "We All Go Back To Where We Belong" as their farewell single. It's a great title with which to say goodbye but the song itself explains why the commercial fortunes of the band have fallen so far from their glory years. They think this is a single? It's so R.E.M. to choose a song like this as their final salvo to the world, a song with no commercial prospects. They didn't

Beady Eye Dances With "Instant Karma" on "The Roller" (Video)

Let's talk a little Liam before we turn this site back over to Noel tomorrow with his solo relief...
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Let's get this out of the way straight away: yes, "The Roller" was better when it was "Instant Karma," but damn you, Liam Gallagher, for recycling that riff and melody and making a song that's still catchy as hell! Now that we've handled that bit of housekeeping, let's talk about this single from the Beady Eye record Different Gear, Still Speeding. Liam is a tricky cat to handle because he's often as unsympathetic a figure as you're likely to encounter in the music world. There are 10,000 bad things to say about the guy and just about the time you're

Michelle Branch's "Loud Music" Helps Kick Off Season 7 Of 'Bones'

Relive Booth & Brennan's greatest hits put to the music of Michelle Branch...
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And now for something almost completely different... My wife and I are huge fans of the TV show Bones. We didn't get in on the ground floor but we've faithfully watched every episode -- most of them more than twice -- and own every season on DVD/Blu-ray. There's something about we love, made a little more special because it's something we love together. Other people go rock climbing or ballroom dancing. Not us. We hole up in the living room with one of the cats (usually our deaf, developmentally disabled boy Rowdy) and relax to a TV show that entertains

Matt Schofield Knows A Slow Blues Is All About "Laying It Down"

Great performance from Schofield and his band...
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I've made no secret of my admiration for British guitarist/singer Matt Schofield but it's been awhile since we talked about him here on the site. His Anything But Time CD has been one of my favorite blues records of the year and I finally went and tracked down a few of the albums from his discography still in print that I didn't already own. One of those is Heads, Tails And Aces and we have a great live version of one of the songs from that album, "Laying It Down." I love a good slow blues number but it's not

Gary Clark Jr Makes Albert Collins' "If You Love Me Like You Say" His Own in Boulder, CO

More video from our resident favorite Gary Clark Jr.
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We have proudly proclaimed ourselves members of TeamGary and done our best to make BlindedBySound GaryCentral, so I can't tell you how excited I was to find good video of Clark performing a song we haven't already posted on the site in one form or another. For reasons I am aware of but don't completely understand, a lot of Clark's music is out of print and that leaves us with his phenomenal Bright Lights EP. We've talked at length about those four songs but I'm hungry to tell you about more of his music (if I can ever get access

Shelby Lynne - "I'll Hold Your Head" (Solo Acoustic)

A live performance of my favorite track from one of the year's finest albums...
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I fell in love with Shelby Lynne all over again this past week with her stunningly beautiful new album Revelation Road, in particular the heartbreaking, beautiful "I'll Hold Your Head." It's a gentle, bittersweet portrait of a family life her family life contrasting the loving memory of singing favorite songs in the car with her mom and sister on the way to school with the struggle to survive poverty in south Alabama and turbulent marriage of her parents. Love and heartache abound but there is beauty to be found in the strength and bonds of sisterhood and family. Lynne is

Florence And The Machine Unveil "Shake It Out" Video

Tomorrow, Americans, we can get our ceremony on!
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I've been talking about Florence + The Machine's Ceremonials since word of it first leaked and it's one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Word is there are a few of you out there excited about this record as well, so let's talk about the first official single from the record and its accompanying video. US fans have been able to stream "Shake It Out" via YouTube for some time and recently were able to buy it via iTunes. It's a great song and if this is what we have in store, there will be no sophomore
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