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Judging American Idol: America Has Spoken, Scotty McCreery Wins!

I saw this coming from the auditions...
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OK, we’re at the end of the road here... we got our closure, seeing Pia Toscano, Paul McDonald, James Durbin and the three of you who still care got to see Casey Abrams on the Idol stage for the final time this season. There have been a lot of positive and cringe-worthy happenings over the course of this tenth season of American Idol. We lost Simon and then lost everyone except Randy and in the process gained a music legend and a diva at the judges' table. The three shined brightest in the auditioning process with JLo sat smack

Judging American Idol: Consider This A Downpayment On A Future Ass-Chewing

If you think I'm over James Durbin being eliminated, you're not done thinking...
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Hi kids, remember me? I’ll spare you the details of my absence and leave it with you’re just happy to see me, right? Good, thought so. Now that that’s settled we need to discuss a few things that we missed in our time apart. Jacob Lusk has been eliminated- are we sad, happy, indifferent, or asking ourselves “Jacob Who?” Yeah, me too. Okay, we’ve given that all the attention it deserves. Moving on to the performances of last Wednesday May 11th where the remaining four Idol contestants regaled us with songs of the Lieber and Stoller song writing duo

Judging American Idol: Back To The Future

An underwhelming theme leads to underwhelming performances...
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On tonight’s American Idol our remaining five contestants perform songs from a very loose theme, “Past and Present,” which is supposed to be current and '60s songs. Jimmy Iovine has Sheryl Crow as the guest mentor; she reveals she wants to see more depth and desire in each contestant. Randy gave the “America wants to know, who’s in it to win it” speech and implored the contestants to show us what music they want to record, and what kind of artist they want to be. James Durbin starts us off with “Closer To The Edge” by 30 Seconds To

Judging American Idol: The Mighty Casey Has Struck Out

After Carole King night, American Idol is down to five contestants...
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Oh goodness, this Carole King medley at the show’s open is almost as offensive as Jacob’s camel toe in those mom jeans. It’s off key, hard to hear at some points, and just a big jumble of weirdness. We’re subjected to a bland Ford commercial- by far the worst yet and that’s saying something. Then we get a dose of Crystal “Mama Sox” Bowersox doing a song from her new album. It wasn’t worth me paying attention, it was snooze-worthy, also I was very distracted by her dreadlocks-with-a-mullet hair. Banter with the contestants answering questions from fans. Yawn. Ryan

Judging American Idol: It's Good To Be (Carole) King

The Carole King songbook gets Idol-ized...
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To start off Wednesday night’s show, Ryan Seacrest comes out like Flava Flav or some other crack-addled hype man, making long, slow strides across the stage yelling “Let’s hear it!” over and over. It was a little disconcerting but let’s focus on the reason we’re here. Tonight the remaining six not-yet-worthy American Idol contestants will attempt to do the songs of Carole King justice. 118 of her songs charted on the Billboard 100, she has garnered 4 Grammy awards, and was still a teenager when a little song she co-wrote called “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” was recorded by
American Idol's theme for Wednesday's performance night is "Songs of Carole King." I'm assuming contestants aren't limited to just her amazing hits but can also choose those she wrote for others. This is a big night- all the contestants are really in need of "a moment" this season. A couple of them had them early on and they all need to remind us why we loved them to begin with. I keep hearing moans of this theme being so narrow and limited; these people clearly need to Google "Carole King" and see what she has not only created for herself

Judging American Idol: Long Time Coming

Tonight's elimination has been in the works for awhile now...
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It doesn’t always feel good to get what you want, that’s a life lesson from my Mom that rang a little true at the conclusion of tonight’s American Idol results show. Lauren, Haley, Jacob and Stefano kick off the evening with a less-dreadful-than-most mini group performance of “Hey Soul Sister." It was predictably awkward, off-key, with train wreck potential and I pretty much loved it. After the commercial break, Ryan tries to pull at the ole heartstrings by billing their newest Ford commercial as “one of their last performances together as a group…aw.” Then we are forced to watch

Judging American Idol: 21st Century Breakdown

The lucky seven remaining sing songs from the 21st century...
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To paraphrase Salt-n-Pepa: here we go, here we go, here we go again! Tonight’s show starts with the six previous castoffs doing Pink’s “So What?” It’s cheesy, weird, and makes me highly uncomfortable. Naima does a David Lee Roth high kick, then grinds on Ashthon. Everyone’s off key and to make matters worse, Paul comes out looking like he just didn’t leave after he was eliminated last week; he appeared disheveled, a little shellshocked, and I think in the same suit. I couldn’t even hear him half the time with the off-key wailers trying to prove their point with lyrics

Judging American Idol: In The Year 2000

21st century songs are on tap for the remaining seven AI contestants...
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A little behind on getting this apologies, I was funning and sunning in Cali, so I know you forgive me. This week's theme is "Songs From The 21st Century." Wow, way to narrow it down, Idol. Anyway, that is the theme so what should our remaining seven contestants sing this week? Here are my picks: Haley Reinhart: "Chasing Pavements" by Adele would be "in her wheelhose" as JLo likes to say however, Little Miss Obvious will probably pick "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones. I'd be okay with "Mercy" by Duffy and "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera as long

Judging American Idol: The Walrus Was... Gone?

Elimination night on 'American Idol.'
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Tonight’s results show starts with a performance by our favorite country twosome, Scotty and Lauren, singing Lady Antebellum’s “American Honey” and while they’re no Tim and Faith, they were cute. Sure, a little flat and boring, but cute. We then get to see a cheesy Ford commercial where the contestants are dressed up as zombies, followed by a performance by Casey and Haley that had me begging for someone to stab my eardrum and eyeball simultaneously to end that nonsense. Ryan then calls down Scotty and Lauren to join Casey and Haley center stage to learn who is first

Judging American Idol: Hooray For Hollywood

American Idol's Top 8 sing the songs of Hollywood
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Lights! Cameras! Don’t fall on your face! Tonight’s eight remaining Idol contestants are singing songs from the movies and I’m excited to see what they chose- so many great options. I’m also excited to see how many, if any, songs I picked correctly in “What Should They Sing?” Paul McDonald starts us off with “Old Time Rock N’ Roll” by Bob Segar from Risky Business. In rehearsals Jimmy Iovine suggested he do something interesting like maybe beatbox in the middle. I can’t think of a worse idea and Paul broke out a tambourine instead. He also broke out the black,

Judging American Idol: What Should They Sing? Songs from Movies

American Idol becomes a soundtrack...
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OK people, you've had a few days to get over the shock of Pia's exit (and might I add...if all the people who are crying foul over her elimination had actually voted; I guarantee she would still be here). This week's theme is: Songs from movies. This gives us a bit more leeway because it doesn't have to specifically be on the soundtrack, if I read correctly. Here we go: Haley Reinhart- "It Must Have Been Love" Roxette (Pretty Woman), "How Do I Live" Trish Yearwood (Con Air). Lauren Alaina- Dolly Parton Jr needs to sing "9 to 5"

Judging American Idol: A Curveball Is Thrown

A surprising elimination takes the field down to 8...
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The results are in and to quote the great Gomer Pyle, "surprise, surprise, surprise!" The show starts the usual way with little interviews from the contestants, a cheesy group performance (did Scotty really just mess up the lyrics to "The Letter"?), and Ryan Seacrest warning us it could be a very shocking night... hmm. We get to see some of their session with a "charisma coach" who turns out to be Russell Brand, who gives tips and answers questions about being comfortable on stage. Jacob asks him how to go about being sexy on stage (holy hell, WHAT??) and Russell

Judging American Idol: They May Not Be Hall Of Famers, But They Were Pretty Good

The Hall of Fame songbook presents the remaining nine contestants with an opportunity to shine...
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Songs from “Rock and Rock Hall of Fame” night went pretty smoothly and I don't know about you but I wasn't surprised or blown away by anyone however I was moderately entertained throughout. Here's how the night went: James Durbin sings "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by George Harrison which I actually saw on YouTube a few weeks back from a performance he did a couple years ago. James is a weird kid, with the hands-down, most versatile voice in this competition. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I would pay to go to a James Durbin concert right now.

Judging American Idol: What Should They Sing? RnR HoF Edition

Instead of one Hall of Famer like last week, contestants this week can choose a song by any of them...
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As you all probably know by now, I'm a sucker for a theme and I'm even a bigger sucker for an American Idol theme. They can break the mighty, swallow the meek, and elevate the dark horse. This week, Idol contestants are singing songs by inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame (which is located next to a smelly body of water in Cleveland, Ohio but you should still go). The way this works is; I choose what song or songs I think each contestant should sing and you all agree, disagree and comment and it's a big ole, fun

Judging American Idol: Countdown From 11 (Again)

Two contestants were eliminated after Elton John night...
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Tonight two contestants will say goodbye, ending their run at being this season’s champion. If I was a betting girl, I’d guess there will be zero surprises tonight. There I go being wrong again- Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina open the show with a fantastic surprise of a duet, doing Randy Travis’ “I Told You So.” These two are simply adorable and insanely talented for being barely 16 and 17 years old, respectively. No sooner did the song end than Ryan Seacrest calls them down to center stage and after reviewing their critiques from the night before, we learn they are

Judging American Idol: Elton John Night

My stupid DVR put me behind but here's a recap and review of the Elton John performances...
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Another week of American Idol and another week of watching the Top 11 contestants vying for your votes. This week’s theme is Elton John songs and since my DVR took a crap last night and I’m a bit behind, let’s do this. We’re reminded over and over (and over) that there’s a lot on the line, two go home and how completely shocking the Casey Abrams elimination (which ended in him getting the season’s only “save” from the judges) was for all of America. Except for those of us who felt it was at least slightly staged, of course. James

Judging American Idol: What Should They Sing? - Elton John Edition

2 contestants will be eliminated this week, but first they'll sing an Elton John song. Which one should they pick?
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Well here it is, the third installment in “What Should They Sing?” This will be a shorter entry because our theme is Elton John’s catalogue, and while Elton and Bernie Taupin wrote a gajillion songs, there aren’t that many the audience, let alone this young group of contestants, will actually know. Here’s what they should sing, and it is worth mentioning I have gotten at least one song right the previous 2 times we played this game. Well, maybe only I care about that statistic. In no particular order: Casey Abrams - “I’m Still Standing” would be a nice message

Judging American Idol: 11 Is The New 10!

Judges use their save and one contestant got a reprieve... for now.
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Here it is, the night we finally find out who the Top 10 American Idol contestants are, which means we find out who will be going on participating in the American Idol tour. The show begins with shots of Marc Anthony (JLo’s husband) meeting with and coaching the contestants on how to deal with in the in-ear monitors. We see the group number, which was better than normal maybe because Stevie Wonder joined them on stage. When Wonder starts playing, Steven Tyler is so happy he hugs JLo. Then Stevie says, “Steven… are you ready for a Celebration?” and starts

Judging American Idol: Motown Night

American Idol Season 10 contestants try their hand at the classic Motown songbook...
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Tonight on American Idol contestant sing songs from The Book of Motown. We are reminded that these votes are important because it decides the Top 10 and those are the contestants who go on tour this summer. The show starts with some history and pictures of Motown and Hitsville U.S.A. and I got a little nostalgic for Detroit. I loved living there, it’s nothing but a shame how far it’s fallen from its glory days. As we know, Motown and its artists shaped music from the get-go. Over 400 songs on the Billboard 100 and over 50 number ones- that’s