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Now that the turkey coma has sufficiently subsided and moving is a little more comfortable, it’s time to catch up with those wacky American Idol kids. It may be X Factor season, but our AI friends James Durbin, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina were all busy this Thanksgiving Day. For some, Thanksgiving means eating more quantities of turkey than is absolutely necessary, ever, and football. For others, it's parades and American Idol. I multitasked, just for you. Here are the highlights of my sacrifices from this past weekend! Thank God Nickelback didn't come up through the American Idol ranks or
Lauren Alaina’s debut album could have easily been called Coming Out From The Shadows Of Scotty McCreery as Lauren is making her own mark on the country world with her debut of Wildflower and setting herself up as a wholly separate and legitimate country artist. Wildflower is currently sitting pretty at No. 3 on itunes albums chart while Scotty has slipped a little, down to No. 9. Lauren’s making the rounds promoting Wildflower and her upcoming second single “Georgia Peaches” (“Like My Mother Does” was released before her album was complete). Lauren stopped by Good Morning America and chatted with

Lauren Alaina Blossoms On Debut 'Wildflower'

Still a work in progress, there's a lot to like on Alaina's debut
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Lauren Alaina may have come in second to fellow country singer Scotty McCreery on American Idol’s season 10 but her debut release Wildflower might just put her at the top of the heap. I was never a huge fan of Lauren during her Idol run; she was too immature and not ready for the grueling schedule winning the American Idol title would entail. I also grew tired of her cutesy personality, along with her inconsistent performances. I never disputed her singing ability; she has a huge voice but needed to learn what to do with it and how to control it.
Another week, another release from American Idol's resurgent 10th season. Last week it was winner Scotty McCreery and Clear As Day, which won a rave review from our American Idol correspondent and dominated the charts in its first week of release. It's runner-up Lauren Alaina's turn this week as the tango these two have been doing -- releasing singles and videos in close succession -- continues. Her debut album is called Wildflowers and we have our review of it, as well. I’ll also throw out another tease and remind you all to stay tuned for details on fellow Season 10 contestant

Lauren Alaina Reveals Tracklisting For 'Wildflower'; Due Oct. 11

Just like fellow Idol finalist Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina's record features some of Nashville's hottest songwriters...
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Lauren Alaina’s debut album Wildflower is set to be released October 11, she recently revealed the cover art, and today she released the track listing to further pique our interest. Lauren has assembled (or had assembled for her, rather) some of the heaviest hitters in Nashville, snagged one co-writing credit, and had a song penned for her by her own idol, (and former American Idol winner) Carrie Underwood. As the runner up to Scotty McCreery on American  Idol’s tenth season, Lauren has been used to doing everything second to Scotty and going head to head with him with coronation singles

'American Idol' Finalists Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina Reveal Album Dates

McCreery's 'Clear As Day' drops Oct. 4, Alaina's 'Wildflower' drops Oct. 11
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The wait is almost over, kids! Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina have announced release dates for their debut, full-length albums and they are a week apart. Have I mentioned these two seem to do everything in tandem? Scotty’s album is titled Clear As Day and will be out October 4, just shy of his 18th birthday. Lauren’s debut effort Wildflower will be out the following week, October 11. Scotty is working with mega-Producer Mark Bright, who has produced music for Carrie Underwood, Reba, and Rascal Flatts, just to name a few. Bright also produced Scotty’s post-Idol coronation single “I Love

Lauren Alaina Releases Video For "Like My Mother Does"

Season 10 runner-up outduels her competition when it comes to first videos...
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I was Team Scotty throughout Season 10 of American Idol and had mixed feelings about runner-up Lauren Alaina but I might be changing horses in the Battle Of The Debut Videos. My mixed feelings about Alaina continued with her debut single, "Like My Mother Does" but my feelings aren't mixed at all when it comes to the video: I love it. Lauren Alaina’s video for “Like My Mother Does” was released the day before Scotty McCreery’s debut on CMT and she enjoyed being #1 for a while before “I Love You This Big” premiered and snatched the spot right

Lady GaGa and Adele #1 at iTunes, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Make Big Post-Idol Debuts

GaGa will rule these charts but for now has a little competition...
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As predicted last week, Lady GaGa took over the iTunes chart watch but not with the immediate dominance I expected. Born This Way is the #1 album but Adele holds onto the #1 single with "Rolling In The Deep" for one more week. American Idol winner Scotty McCreery was #1 by the end of the week but didn't quite take the weekly title, debuting at number three. Runner-up Lauren Alaina is in at #8. On the albums front, Adele is #2 followed by Brad Paisley. Alaina and McCreery both placed their American Idol digital albums in the Top 10

Review: Lauren Alaina - "Like My Mother Does"

Season 10 runner up releases her first single and once again she's right on the heels of the winner...
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Lauren Alaina’s coronation single is "Like My Mother Does" and, like Scotty’s, hers was released directly after the results show and she shot right into the top five on iTunes’ singles chart. She didn’t surpass him at any point and likely won’t, at the time of writing this review she was still in the top ten. "Like My Mother Does" is a total "for the heartstrings" country song that is too contrived, forced, and hard to swallow. This the 3rd time it’s been released, most notably was on Kristy Lee Cook’s first post-Idol album (this song never charted for Cook). Lauren

Judging American Idol: America Has Spoken, Scotty McCreery Wins!

I saw this coming from the auditions...
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OK, we’re at the end of the road here... we got our closure, seeing Pia Toscano, Paul McDonald, James Durbin and the three of you who still care got to see Casey Abrams on the Idol stage for the final time this season. There have been a lot of positive and cringe-worthy happenings over the course of this tenth season of American Idol. We lost Simon and then lost everyone except Randy and in the process gained a music legend and a diva at the judges' table. The three shined brightest in the auditioning process with JLo sat smack

Judging American Idol: This Is The End

The final performances have been given; it's all in your hands, America...
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Tonight’s show starts off with the introduction of the two remaining Idol contestants- Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. Ryan refers to the match up as the “boy next door” versus the “Southern belle” and informs us they both love country music, both are merely teenagers, and both want to win this season’s American Idol. Ryan addresses rumors that were swirling around right before the show began regarding Lauren's lack of a voice in rehearsals. One rumor was that Haley Reinhart was prepping to take Lauren's place in tonight’s finale, just in case. Ryan called out the show’s doctor who

Judging American Idol: Final Words

It all comes down to this...
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The night we as American Idol fans wait for is finally upon us! Tonight, Tuesday May 24th, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina will perform for your votes for the final time. One thing is absolutely certain-whoever wins will release a country album, which is okay with me because the last three winners (David Cook, Kris Allen, and Lee DeWyze, respectively) have all been one-note and virtually interchangeable with minor differences. I’ll be happy to have them pollute the country waves and leave mainstream radio alone. I kid, I kid- I don’t even listen to “real” radio anymore. And while I’d

Judging American Idol: How We Got Here

Looking back on the Top 3 performances as we prep for the big finale...
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I know we know who’s in the finale on Tuesday vying for the title of this season’s American Idol but I wanted to go over the performaces anyway since I already had all these notes and just got behind this week. We are left with Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina which is no surprise to most people… the big surprise to many is Haley Reinhart.  She was at the bottom of the pack for much of the first half of the top 13 results shows, never appearing to be a front-runner or even a contender, and now here she is, Top

Judging America: So Long, So What?

Haley's finally gone but it's too late for me to care...
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Here we are- Top Three Results Show and I have to be honest, I’m a little nervous, not because I care a lot at this point but, because I know I’m covering this through the finale and a few different scenarios are more painful to imagine than others. Let’s carry on and see how intense my level of pain is going to be, shall we? Show starts off with the top four contestants (James! I’m so happy to see you, even if you’re wearing a trucker hat!) going to JJ Abrams’ studio Bad Robot and getting a sneak peak of

Judging America(n Idol): Dear America(n Idol Voters), I Hate You

You have ruined this season for me and now you must all pay the price...
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Dear America, Contrary to what I’ve told you and everyone believes, voting for American Idol is not an exercise of opinion when it comes to this nonsense… I don’t care how wholesome Scotty is, how adorable and ditzy Lauren is, and I definitely couldn’t give a flying... duck about Haley’s sass. James is unequivocally the most talented of the final four. His absence from here on out with be felt more than any other Idol contestant voted off this season. I don’t care about excuses and weak attempts at making me feel better. I don’t care that Daughtry was voted

Judging American Idol: Consider This A Downpayment On A Future Ass-Chewing

If you think I'm over James Durbin being eliminated, you're not done thinking...
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Hi kids, remember me? I’ll spare you the details of my absence and leave it with you’re just happy to see me, right? Good, thought so. Now that that’s settled we need to discuss a few things that we missed in our time apart. Jacob Lusk has been eliminated- are we sad, happy, indifferent, or asking ourselves “Jacob Who?” Yeah, me too. Okay, we’ve given that all the attention it deserves. Moving on to the performances of last Wednesday May 11th where the remaining four Idol contestants regaled us with songs of the Lieber and Stoller song writing duo

Judging American Idol - Final 4 Edition: Lauren Alaina

4, 3, 2... who will be #1?
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I did the same thing with Lauren Alaina that I did with Haley; I went back and listened to her audition and watched all of her Hollywood Week performances. Her audition was so annoying to me at the time, I didn’t like the sad story angle (sick cousin Holly, who hasn’t been mentioned since…have we even seen her in the audience?) and I judged her as a chubbier, Carrie Underwood-knockoff. I was wrong. She’s much more of a Kelly Clarkson knockoff but with blonde hair. She is, however, coming into her own and we have to remember this little girl

Judging American Idol: Back To The Future

An underwhelming theme leads to underwhelming performances...
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On tonight’s American Idol our remaining five contestants perform songs from a very loose theme, “Past and Present,” which is supposed to be current and '60s songs. Jimmy Iovine has Sheryl Crow as the guest mentor; she reveals she wants to see more depth and desire in each contestant. Randy gave the “America wants to know, who’s in it to win it” speech and implored the contestants to show us what music they want to record, and what kind of artist they want to be. James Durbin starts us off with “Closer To The Edge” by 30 Seconds To

Judging American Idol: The Mighty Casey Has Struck Out

After Carole King night, American Idol is down to five contestants...
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Oh goodness, this Carole King medley at the show’s open is almost as offensive as Jacob’s camel toe in those mom jeans. It’s off key, hard to hear at some points, and just a big jumble of weirdness. We’re subjected to a bland Ford commercial- by far the worst yet and that’s saying something. Then we get a dose of Crystal “Mama Sox” Bowersox doing a song from her new album. It wasn’t worth me paying attention, it was snooze-worthy, also I was very distracted by her dreadlocks-with-a-mullet hair. Banter with the contestants answering questions from fans. Yawn. Ryan

Judging American Idol: It's Good To Be (Carole) King

The Carole King songbook gets Idol-ized...
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To start off Wednesday night’s show, Ryan Seacrest comes out like Flava Flav or some other crack-addled hype man, making long, slow strides across the stage yelling “Let’s hear it!” over and over. It was a little disconcerting but let’s focus on the reason we’re here. Tonight the remaining six not-yet-worthy American Idol contestants will attempt to do the songs of Carole King justice. 118 of her songs charted on the Billboard 100, she has garnered 4 Grammy awards, and was still a teenager when a little song she co-wrote called “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” was recorded by