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Hail To The Chief: Noel Gallagher's Triumphant New Single "In The Heat Of The Moment"

It's not as good as I think it is but I love Noel Gallagher's new single
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I'm in the tank for Noel Gallagher and have been since I first fell in love with "Live Forever" on Oasis' timeless debut Definitely Maybe. He's floated a turd or two over the course of his career but his misses are more interesting than most hits and his best work is equal parts magic and genius (he would tell you the same thing) and I'm ecstatic about his new record Chasing Yesterday. Those are the ears listening to the first single "In The Heat Of The Moment," which I can first confirm is not the Asia tune (though he really

Noel Gallagher Announces New Album 'Chasing Yesterday,' First Single "In The Heat Of The Moment"

New Gallagher set due March 2015, first single releases November 17...
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Noel Gallagher announced his second solo LP Chasing Yesterday will release March 2nd next year and announced the release of the first single "In The Heat Of The Moment," which releases next month (Nov. 17). Gallagher said the record has been done for nearly three months in a Facebook Q&A with selected fans and media, begging the obvious, maddening, homicide-inspiring question WHY IS THE RELEASE OF THE FUCKING RECORD 6 MONTHS AWAY? Damn it, man! At least we have the first single to listen to (more on that to follow). Hell, we even know what the second single is from

Musical Postcards|My 2012 Playlist: Lanegan, Fiona Apple, LaHavas, Kiwanuka, Karp/Foley, Garbage, Walking Papers

A few of the places I visited in 2012 as told by my iTunes library...
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We closed the book on 2012 this past year and I, for one, am not sorry to see it go. Oh, it had it's good moments: a new niece and nephew, new friends, and of course, new music. It also came with its share of downers: deaths of people close to me close to people close to me, a near job loss, a new job, and some painful personal struggles and lessons related to all the above and things not related to any of it. I compile my best albums of the year most years but having dropped off

Noel Gallagher Indeed A Magician on 'International Magic: Live At The O2'

Gallagher chronicles the fantastic first chapter of his life as a solo artist...
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Noel Gallagher has spent the past two years launching his (long awaited) solo career, promoting his High Flying Birds album with an extended world tour. He chronicles this opening chapter of his post-Oasis life with International Magic: Live At The O2, presented on DVD, Bluray, and a deluxe Bluray that includes a CD of demos from the HFB sessions and in so doing likely brings this chapter to a close. He deftly mixes the bulk of his debut solo record with Oasis hits and B-sides as well as a B-side of his own and one new song. The pacing and composition of the show
It's the End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine). In fact, I feel pretty good about it, really. I'm #TeamMayan all the way on this whole end of the world thing. I'm bold enough to say it: I'm pro-Apocalypse. Now before one of you goes running to fetch the men with the nets and I-Love-Me jackets, let me be clear: I'm not cheering on my death. Or yours. To quote Willie Nelson, I've seen all this world I care to see: The Red Sox won a couple World Series, Alabama won a couple National
Details have been announced for Noel Gallagher's live DVD/Blu-ray International Magic Live at the O2 and in what should be a surprise to no one: he's doing it right while so many get it wrong. The set will be released Oct. 23 and will feature his entire performance at O2 Arena in London- something far too few bands do (I'm looking squarely at you U2 and Rolling Stones, for starters) and he's also packed this set with some fantastic bonus features and goodies. The 20-song set will be appended with Gallagher's eight-song acoustic mini set in Toronto that includes

Noel Gallagher, Snow Patrol Announce Fall N. American Tour

Gallagher preps to bring his High Flying Birds to N. America for 4th time in past 12 months...
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Noel Gallagher is coming back to North America for the fourth time in 12 months -- reminding us all of the early days of Oasis -- for a series of fall co-headlining dates with Snow Patrol. The majority of these dates are west of the Mississippi, kicking off in Portland and Seattle before running north of the border for several shows in Canada. They'll drop down into the midwest for shows in Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Louisville before hitting :: wait for it… wait for iiiitttttt :: Nashville's historic Ryman Auditorium. Yes, I saw Noel earlier this year in Atlanta.

Noel Gallagher Opens For Stone Roses Reunion Tour; See "Dream On" Live (Video)

One Manchester legend opens for another...
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The Stone Roses have done what most thought was unthinkable and impossible by reuniting the original lineup for a tour and word has it a new album from the Manchester legends is in the works. I haven't heard of any proposed US dates for Stone Roses; I'm keeping my eyes open but not getting my hopes up for it. I never actually thought they'd reform in the first place and one gets the sense this could all still implode spectacularly at any moment. Maybe not. Maybe we're all still a little gunshy after the childish antics of certain member(s) of
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds came to The Tabernacle in Atlanta and The Chief was in masterful form. It feels like I waited my whole life for this night. I've made innumerable Noel Gallagher mixtapes, CD-Rs, and digital playlists on my iPod, dreaming about a night like this, never really expecting it would ever happen. When it finally did, I spent the entire 20-song set in the beautiful haze of the euphoria you only experience at the exact moment the improbable becomes reality before your very eyes. The set list mixed singles, b-sides, and album cuts from High Flying Birds,
I never get tired of saying this: what a great year for music! It's not a sentiment you'll hear many places these days as powerful media outlets champion the uninspiring and the too cool crowd sits at a table looking for an excuse to turn a deaf ear to anything and everything. I'm no longer encumbered by the pointless, fruitless pursuit of cool and can immerse myself in and gush about music ceaselessly and with alacrity. 2011 was a balanced musical meal. I made fabulous new discoveries, reveled in the continued excellence of artists who have become a staple of

Noel Gallagher Revives Magic Of Britpop on 'High Flying Birds'

Noel’s first solo offering is a smooth, mellow effort that is both accessible and easy on the ears.
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So, let me tell you how I feel about Noel Gallagher. Way back in 1995, before the Internet was readily accessible and/or worth a damn, I saw the video for Oasis’ "Wonderwall" on MTV, back when that channel was worth a damn. I fell in love instantly. I went out immediately and bought (What’s the Story) Morning Glory. I liked it so much that I bought its predecessor, Definitely Maybe, a week later and I agree with Noel that it is among the greatest debut albums ever. Like much of the civilized world in 1995, I was hooked on Oasis.

Noel Gallagher Makes Classic Pop Record on 'High Flying Birds'

It was worth the wait...
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I waited 17 years for this moment and the waiting was indeed the hardest part. Serious Oasis fans know not only did Noel Gallagher write the overwhelming majority of the band's biggest hits and most important songs, he also contributed piles of major works that were packed away as B-sides to Oasis singles during their run from 1994-2009. I made mixtapes, mix CDs in the era of CD burners, and iPod playlists collecting the Noel-sung songs and marveled at what an amazing songwriter he is, how underrated he is as a singer, and hoped with all my heart he'd one
The Christmas dump begins with a glut of new titles being foisted on us. I'd have to take a week to make my way through all this so I won't pretend I studied this list of new releases carefully- there are hundreds. There are a few that caught my eye (and stung my wallet) and a few others are worth taking a few moments to discuss. We begin with one of the highlights of the history of my life: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. I might have mentioned this but I've been waiting for Noel to make a solo record
“AKA…What A Life” and “Let The Lord Shine On A Light On Me” is the most interesting single of the three that have been released from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds ("The Death Of You & Me" / "The Good Rebel" being the first). Lazy critics have knocked Noel’s songs as little more than Beatles ripoffs and while the influence is evident in many of his classic tunes, that criticism ignores his other influences and musical interests, some of which are heard on these two songs. He twice worked with electronic act Chemical Brothers and Oasis made an ill-fated attempt

Noel Gallagher Offers No Set List Surprises In Manchester Homecoming Gig|Oct. 26, 2011

Two mysteries solved on night two of Gallagher's 'High Flying Birds' tour...
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Well I guess we have our answer, kids. Noel Gallagher played a homecoming gig for the second show of his first ever solo tour in Manchester and it's the same as the one he played at the tour kickoff in Dublin the other night. It doesn't seem we're going to have a whirlwind of different songs from the Oasis catalog being rotated in and out with songs from High Flying Birds each night, even if he alluded to some doubts about the set in his road journal. Noel plays Edinburgh tomorrow and London on Saturday, and I'll be obsessively keeping an eye

Noel Gallagher Kicks Off UK Tour|Olympia Theatre - Dublin, Ireland Oct. 23 Set List

I'm weeping with envy as Gallagher kicks off his post-Oasis career...
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Noel Gallagher kicked off the first show in support of his debut solo record, which is set to hit #1 in the UK ahead of its Nov. 8 release in the US, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. Gallagher played a large chunk of his new record while also serving up a bevy of Oasis hits and rarities, causing me to curse geography because his painfully brief N. American tour isn't coming anywhere near where I live. Gallagher kicked off the night playing two Oasis songs, the well-known B-side "It's Good To Be Free" and "Mucky Fingers" from the Don't Believe The Truth album

Noel Gallagher Streams "I'd Pick You Every Time"; B-Side For "If I Had A Gun"

7 songs from Noel Gallagher's "High Flying Birds" are available to stream and we've got them all...
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  Another Noel Gallagher B-side from the High Flying Birds album is streaming on YouTube, “I’d Pick You Every Time” from the single “If I Had A Gun.” “Gun” is currently the only song available to purchase in the US; the B-side as of right now is not. We’re going to add “I’d Pick You Every Time” to our Noel Gallagher page today, giving impatient US fans like myself a chance and place to hear the music while we wait to get our hands on it. I don’t know how I missed this one because I’ve been scouting this

Noel Gallagher Streams "Let The Lord Shine A Light On Me"; B-Side To "AKA...What A Life!"

Gallagher is putting a lot out there to entice you buy... and it's working!
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Noel Gallagher is making the B-side of his "AKA...What A Life!" single available to stream via YouTube. The single will be released on CD, 7" vinyl, and digitally Oct. 17. You can hear "Let The Lord Shine A Light On Me" right now if you're impatient like I am (see below). I've pre-ordered my copy of "AKA" and will "soon" have the CD in my collection but you can bet your ass I'll be checking this out throughout the days until my single delivers. BlindedBySound is your one-stop shop for all things Noel. We just reported the infuriatingly limited release

Noel Gallagher Releases Non-LP Download "Alone On The Rope" in UK

US Fans will have to settle for streaming it via YouTube...
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I've got good news (for some of you) bad news (for the moment) for the many, and an olive branch of sorts at the end: the good news is Noel Gallagher is releasing a track today or tomorrow -- I've read conflicting reports on this -- that won't appear on his upcoming High Flying Birds LP called "Alone On The Rope." That's good news... if you live in the UK. The bad news is the track is not presently available as a legal download in the US. Also available for streaming now is the B-side to the "AKA...What A Life!"

Noel Gallagher Streams Second Single "AKA...What A Life"

Gallagher gives fans chance to hear more from his upcoming solo debut...
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Noel Gallagher has revealed "AKA...What A Life!" will be the second single from his solo debut High Flying Birds, following on the heels of "The Death Of You And Me." The album won't be released until in October in the UK and November in the US but we've already gotten to hear three album tracks and one B-side! "The Death Of You And Me" was released with the B-side "The Good Rebel" as a commercial single. Gallagher released a video for "Death" and allowed fans to stream the B-side as well as another album track, "If I Had A Gun,"