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Allman, Otis Taylor Tops At Blues Radio, New Ronnie Earl Debuts At #7

Top 20 albums at blues radio for the week ending April 12, 2013
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Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite's collaboration Get Up! has been unseated by Devon Allman and Otis Taylor at blues radio this past week. Harper and Musselwhite are still in the mix at #3, followed by roots master Harry Manx and Jesse Dee to round out the Top 5. The amazing Ronnie Earl debuts at #7 with his latest live album Just For Today. Blues fans are still getting a heavy dose of Robert Cray's most recent album Nothin But Love and Shemekia Copeland's 33 1/3 while we also have Gary Clark Jr.'s Blak And Blu in the mix. Clark recently

Ben Harper, Charlie Musselwhite Remain #1; Sons Of Legends Dominate Blues Radio Chart

Top 20 albums at blues radio for week of March 22, 2013...
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Blues is in the blood, kids. That's the story for this week. Take a look at the names on these albums, the Top 20 albums at blues radio this past week: Shemekia Copeland (daughter of Johnny Copeland), Devon Allman (son of Gregg), Big Bill Morganfield (son of Muddy Waters), and John Lee Hooker Jr. (do I have to explain?). It's a family tradition. In the non-offspring division, we've got records from Otis Taylor, The Slide Brothers, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, and Robert Cray among the Top 10. The record among these I have to check out next is Big Bill's,
This week's Top 20 at Blues Radio is again headed up by the collaboration between Blues Hall of Famer Charlie Musselwhite and Ben Harper. The two first teamed up while guesting on an album by the late John Lee Hooker and now have a joint project for the reborn Stax label and it's been heating up the charts since its release. The new album from blues/roots master Otis Taylor, My World Is Gone comes in at #2 followed by Harry Manx, The Slide Brothers (great album, by the way, review forthcoming) and Shemekia Copeland's 33 1/3. I've listened to four

Shemekia Copeland Holds #1 At Blues Radio, Musselwhite/Harper Collaboration Enters Top 5 Ahead Of Release

Blues Radio Report for week of Jan. 18, 2012...
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Shemekia Copeland is once again our #1 this week at blues radio followed by Chris Smither, Robert Cray, and Gary Clark Jr. I've spent a good bit of time with the Cray and Copeland records and you might have read about Gary and his Blak & Blu album on this site once or twice so you might know I'm pleased with what's being played for the citizens. Our rising entrant this week comes from Ben Harper and Blues Hall of Famer Charlie Musselwhite. They've collaborated on an album called Get Up! for the reborn Stax imprint. The record doesn't get

Shemekia Copeland, Robert Cray Tops At Blues Radio; Gary Clark Jr., Buddy Guy, Magic Slim Among Top 20

Top 20 albums at Blues Radio for week of Jan. 11, 2013...
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I don't want to look to see how long it's been since I checked out the top albums at Blues Radio according to the weekly Roots Music Report but I'm glad to check back in this week. I hope time permits me to spend some time talking about this week's #1: Shemekia Copeland's 33 1/3. I previewed it when I first got details about the album and have listened to it a few times since but haven't had time to tell you all the things I really like about it. I did review Robert Cray's Nothin' But Love last

Robert Cray In Top Form on 'Nothin But Love'

Hall of Fame bluesman delivers some of his finest work on 21st studio album...
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Robert Cray is still a young man by blues standards but Nothin But Love is the Blues Hall Of Famer's 21st studio album and over the course of the last three decades, he has etched out a signature sound and style that has defined his work. I was nonplussed learning rock producer Kevin Shirley produced this set, having endured some needlessly loud, bombastic blues-rock records from his past work. It took me awhile to warm up to Cray's smooth brand of blues but once I did, I didn't want anyone coming in to mess with it. It turns out

Alanis Morrisette, Robert Cray, Magic Slim, Deanna Bogart, Art Garfunkel Top August 28 New Music Tuesday Releases

A heavy, heavy dose of blues and the first new music from Alanis Morrisette in 4 years hit stores this week...
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This is a fun week with several interesting titles in our weekly New Music Tuesday roundup and we begin with Blues Hall of Famer and Grammy winner Robert Cray, who returns with a new studio album Nothin' But Love, which I'm subtitling Nothing But Awesome. I guess I've given away the review I'm working on but you really shouldn't let one more day of your life pass without acquiring this set. I was a late convert to Cray and his brand of blues but I've become quite an admirer. Some of his work can be uneven and he's had a

Blues Hall Of Famer Robert Cray Preps 'Nothin' But Love' For Aug. 28

Blues great will release 16th studio album...
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Blues Hall Of Famer and Grammy-winner Robert Cray has readied a brand new studio album Nothin' But Love due for release August 28. Love follows his 2010 live CD/DVD Cookin' in Mobile, recorded in support of his This Time album. Cray recruited famed rock producer Kevin Shirley to oversee sessions for this latest record, his sixteenth studio album, and he is again teamed with longtime bandmembers Jim Pugh and Richard Cousins (Keyboards and bass, respectively) and drummer Tony Braunagel. The 10-track set is all original material, written by Cray and his bandmates. It was recorded live in a Los

It's All Connected At Turntable FM: Sharing My Favorites & Discovering New Ones (Playlist)

TurntableFM Connects Gary Clark Jr, Mark Lanegan, Karen Lovely, Anders Osborne, and more
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So we (meaning Josh) have covered a bit in the last few days, and I thought I’d add my two cents but, in a different way. Anyone who reads the stuff I write knows, I’m a bit all over the place, musically. I like it all…it’s more on the sound and feeling I get over the genre or artist. Although I’m fiercely loyal to and protective of the bands I love. I’ve fiddled around on Turntable a bit; been in ‘80s, ‘90s, Indie, folk, new wave, hair metal rooms and even created my own room (to be unveiled at

Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival - Preparing for the Greatest Blues Festival Around

Running in thirty directions at once, music blaring, and anticipation is overwhelming me! And I'm loving it.
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Last year, I had the great honor of covering the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival alongside a friend. She needed a photographer, I needed to experience Portland in a blues frenzy. She got what she needed, and I got what I'd come for. Not only is this the largest blues festival west of the Mississippi (and how many other festivals are as big as this one with 100,000+ people in attendance each day for FOUR DAYS in a row?) and second largest festival in the nation, but it benefits the Oregon Food Bank. Last year, the festival broke all records, taking

Robert Cray, John Hammond, Denise LaSalle Headline Blues Hall Of Fame Class of 2011

Singles, albums, a book, and several blues pioneers and stars immortalized in Memphis, TN...
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The Blues Hall Of Fame opened its doors to a new group of classic works, performers, contributors, and pioneers at a ceremony in Memphis, TN, headlined by Robert Cray, who becomes one of the youngest members. Cray, John Hammond, and Denise LaSalle were on hand to be honored for their career as performers. Cray is as soft-spoken as he is smooth as a vocalist. LaSalle, the Queen of The Soul-Blues, gave a spirited acceptance speech and told those in attendance she first fell in love with country music as a young girl. For years, the songs she wrote were

New Music Tuesday: Adele, Aretha, Copeland/Collins/Cray, Cash, Twisted Sister, Jeff Beck, & More

The singles from Adele's anticipated follow-up are already dominating the UK...
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This is one of those weeks where the "big name" album is one that doesn't much matter to me yet I feel compelled to discuss it. I have friends who think Adele is brilliant. I don't. Her album 19 took certain segments of the music-listening public by storm but when that bus pulled away from the station, I was not on it. That said, there weren't many empty seats. It may be my loss. Whatever it is, she has a new album out and it's called 21 and the first single is already #1 in the UK. Maybe I'll

Robert Cray, John Hammond, J.B. Lenoir Among 2011 Blues Hall Of Fame Inductees

Great artists, signature songs and albums, and more shape this year's group of inductees...
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The Blues Hall of Fame Class of 2011 was announced today with Robert Cray, John Hammond, and J.B. Lenoir topping the list of performers being inducted along with other performers, singles, albums, researchers, and other important figures in the development and history of the blues. The performers being inducted include Cray, Hammond, Lenoir, Denise LaSalle, Big Maybelle, and Alberta Hunter. Individuals being inducted include Vivian Carter and Jimmy Bracken, Sam Charters, Bruce Bromberg, and field researcher John W. Work III Among the works being enshrined in the Blues Hall of Fame this year are singles by Jimmy Weatherspoon, Eddie Boyd,

Review: Robert Cray - Cookin' in Mobile

Cray doesn't burn down the house but he sizzles plenty...
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It's hard to imagine being a perpetually broke member of the middle class and still having more money than sense but that's the only conclusion I can draw when I do something like what I did this week.  Dave Ramsey would probably spontaneously combust if he saw what I spend a month on music and I'm fine with that because I have a few choice words for him, too.  He'll die richer and we'll both be dead.  Maybe he's having fun.  I hope so.  I know I am.  That said, even I have trouble justifying this latest stunt of mine.