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Review: The Lone Bellow - Then Came The Morning (Single)

Producer Aaron Dessner makes presence known on The Lone Bellow's sweeping epic new single...
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The Lone Bellow have released "Then Came The Morning," the first single and title track for the successor to their remarkable self-titled debut. The National's Aaron Dessner occupies the producer's chair for this latest effort. The only obvious connection between The National and The Lone Bellow would seem to be their Brooklyn home base and yet if "Then Came The Morning" is any indication, this is indeed an inspired pairing. Dessner's day job frequently employs strings and horns and he brings those elements to this stunning, sweeping, waltz-time epic. Frontman Zach Williams doesn't have the voice of a soul singer

The National Bring 4-Night Residency To Close With Ragged Finale (April 18, 2014)

Trouble Found Them on their final night in Chicago...
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All good things must come to an end... The National closed their four-night run in Chicago with a show that was occasionally sloppier than their norm and with three songs not previously played the first three nights. I'm a little disappointed by all three of those bullet points: it's over, it had a couple rough spots, and they didn't throw as many new songs into the mix as I'd hoped. That said, it was still a fine show and worth the trip for me. It gets exponentially more difficult to play songs I've not yet heard when you enter your

Review: The National - Chicago Theater: Rarities Abound On Night 3 in Chicago

'Alligator' gets center stage on The National's 3rd night in Chicago...
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I've decided to call Night 3 in Chicago "Alligator Night... or... All Bets Are Off." I've never seen a National setlist quite like this one and this was, as attentive readers now know, my eighth time seeing them. All I can say is... wow! The show kicked off with "Secret Meeting," with Scott Devendorf on guitar and Aaron Dessner on bass. This is a favorite of mine from Alligator and it's been awhile since I've heard it so I was pleased from the outset. We then went through a pretty standard sequence of Trouble Will Find Me and High Violet

"Wasp Nest," "Humiliation" Highlight Extraordinary 2nd Night In Chicago By The National

My 7th National show was the best National show I've seen
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It's night two of The National's four-night residency at the gorgeous Chicago Theater. My seats tonight aren't as good as Night 1 but it seems there's not a bad seat in the house. I was on the Aaron Dessner side of the stage for last night. I'm on Bryce's side this evening. A different vantage point and some different songs. National show #7 was Lucky #7 for me as tonight is the best of their shows I've attended and rates among the best concerts of my career. "Start A War" was an inspired opener and "Mistaken For Strangers" was great

The National Open Chicago Residency With Safe Setlist, Powerful Performance (April 15, 2014)

The National offer a fine performance in the first of four shows in Chicago...
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This is it! Opening night! The National kicked off the first of four nights in Chicago at the Chicago Theater in support of their Grammy-nominated 2013 album Trouble Will Find Me. So much to say about this opening salvo and I fear I won't strike the right balance so bear with me, dear readers. The performance tonight was mostly stellar with only a few bumps along the way. I should also mention how great the sound in the Chicago Theater is. What a lovely room to hear music in! Now if I could just get my fellow attendees to shut

Review: The National - Van Nord Arena - Grand Rapids, MI (Apr 12, 2014)

The National play staples and surprises in Grand Rapids, MI
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The National delivered another passionate, riveting performance in Grand Rapids, MI as they continue the 2014 leg of their North American tour in support of their Grammy-nominated 2013 release Trouble Will Find Me. The setlist drew heavily from Trouble with nine songs forming the foundation for the evening. They mixed in staples from their catalog and worked in a couple surprises, including one that stumped and astonished me. "Sea Of Love" was a rollocking, electric opener to the show and quickly doused that energy by following it up with "Sorrow" from High Violet and another TWFM cut "I Should Live

Top 10 of 2013, Better Late Than Never Edition

These are your Top 10 albums of 2013 as well as four favorite re-issues...
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2013 is hours away from ending (well, it was when I started writing this) and no one will be happier to see it in the rearview mirror because this year sucked out loud for me; it did no such thing where music was concerned and for that I am thankful. Music continues to be the constant refuge for my mind and soul and many albums from 2013 will remain companions in 2014 and the years to come. There are many great albums I spent a lot of time listening to that didn't make my Top 10 but that's the fascist

The National Make Magic At Nashville's Ryman Auditorium As 'TWFM' Tour Resumes

The National deliver a command performance in their return to Ryman Auditorium...
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The National returned to historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville last night and once again delivered an intense, astonishing performance featuring 10 of the 13 tracks from their latest album Trouble Will Find Me as well as staples from prior albums, including the tour debut of "Lucky You." Last night was my fifth National show and am still a little surprised each time how well their brand of music translates live. They're not a guitar-driven band with virtuoso licks and their frontman looks more like a Russian Lit. professor at a small liberal arts college than a lead singer but there

The National Break Out The "Green Gloves" in Pittsburgh (June 11, 2013 Setlist)

A tour premiere in Pittsburgh...
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We continue to track The National across the US on this first leg of their Trouble Will Find Me world tour and we have a tour premiere to report. I spoke of songs I suspect most National fans like more than I do and how I wish they'd get retired in favor of different songs, preferably ones I prefer. "Green Gloves" fits in that category although it's not at the top of my "I wish they'd play this more" list. I am glad they played it when I saw them in Atlanta. "Anyone's Ghost" was played for just the second

The National Resume US Tour In Raleigh, NC (June 10, 2013)

The National resume their tour after a one-night break...
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The National resumed their tour after a day off and again made a couple minor setlist mods. "Secret Meeting" has been a regular on recent tours but hasn't been played most nights at this early stage on the Trouble Will Fine Me tour. It was sandwiched between "Bloodbuzz Ohio" and "Sea Of Love" last night in Raleigh. Another song that has been an every nighter for quite some time, "Slow Show," also came out last night. "All The Wine" stayed in the set for the second consecutive show, which is a bit of a surprise. "Slow Show" and "All The

The National Shake Things Up With A Little "Salt" in Richmond, VA (Setlist)

"All The Wine" gets its tour premiere...
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The National capped a five-night run of shows in Richmond last night and there were a few shifts to the setlist, mainly in the sequencing department. It was a source of perverse delight that they opened so many shows on the High Violet tour with "Runaway" and tonight they did the near equivalent with "I Should Live In Salt" as the set opener. There are two other items that set last night's show apart from others at this early stage in the tour. The first is the premiere of "All The Wine," an infrequently played track from Alligator. I actually

The National - Philadelphia, PA - June 7, 2013 Setlist

A couple changes in last night's set...
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The National played Philadelphia last night, their fourth show in as many nights and we saw two minor adjustments to the setlist compared to what we've seen from the prior three. The first thing of note is the show was cut back to 22 songs following a pair of 24-song sets in Brooklyn and Columbia, MD. The second is the appearance of "Daughters Of The Soho Riots." It was played last month at the Ithaca show and is known to surface now and again and is thus not a rarity nor an every nighter. It seems to have taken the

The National - Merriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD - June 6, 2013 Setlist

The National played their 3rd show in three nights, part of a 5-night grind...
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The National's performance in Columbia, MD was the third in three nights, part of a five-consecutive show run before they get their first break. There aren't many departures from what we've seen in Providence or Brooklyn (or Ithaca last month, for that matter), the most notable change being that "About Today" was dropped from the set. That's not much of a surprise. It is frequently played and you have a good chance of hearing it any given night but it hasn't been an "every nighter" for some time. Now those of you who pay attention know I watch setlists like

The National Headline Barclays Center in Brooklyn (Setlist)

The National headlined Barclays Center on June 5, 2013
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The National played a headlining arena show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn last night and played a 24-song set that again draws heavily on songs from their brand new album Trouble Will Find Me. The setlist doesn't differ much from what was played in Providence, RI the previous evening but added a few songs to make for a longer show. "Heavenfaced" from TWFM and the High Violet standout "Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks" were the additional songs, the latter closing the encore as it did so often during the High Violet tour. "Fireproof" was dropped and "Humiliation" was added, marking the other

The National - June 4, 2013 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel | Providence RI Setlist

The band kick off their tour in earnest...
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The National kicked their world tour in support of Trouble Will Find Me in full gear at the Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence Ri. They've played a few shows leading up to the release -- including one in Ithaca, NY last month -- but last night, it could be argued, was the official kickoff of and they put the new album front and center. Nine of TWFM 13 tracks were performed last night. The new songs: "Don't Swallow The Cap," "Demons," "Sea Of Love," "This Is The Last Time," "I Need My Girl," "Pink Rabbits," "Graceless," and "I Should Live

Daft Punk #1, The National #3 iTunes Albums Chart, Macklemore & Lewis Hold #1 Song

iTunes' Official Music Charts for the week ending May 27, 2013...
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We have that rare moment when I look at the iTunes Music Store weekly chart and find something to smile about, something that pleases me. Let us all take a moment to recongize this rare occasion. The source of my joy? The instant classic Trouble Will Find Me from The National is went to #3 in its first week of release. It deserved the top spot because everyone in America should own this record but I take comfort in this lofty debut. Daft Punk's long-awaited album Random Access Memory gets the top slot and while it's not a record I'm
Trouble Will Find Me is filled with stories of people in turmoil. There is more to these songs than ruminations of the clinically depressed man plumbing the depths of disappointment, dread, and disillusionment. The souls in these songs are often overcome with sorrow, self-pity, and self-loathing resulting in feelings of isolation and disassociation, both chosen and involuntary. Lead vocalist/lyricist Matt Berninger tells us "There's a science to walking through windows" and I'm ready to be that scientist. It feels like an admission of guilt, talking about songs and ideas that evoke powerful emotion and connect this deeply but that is
I've nearly completed my epic review of Trouble Will Find Me, the sixth album from The National. While I'm finishing this opus, the band has been hard at work promoting thier latest effort with an appearance on David Letterman as well as a surprise show in New York. They played two songs on Jimmy Fallon recently and then on Monday hit Letterman and played "Don't Swallow The Cap." It's a fantastic performance of one of the best songs on this record and the sound quality is surprisingly good for a TV performance. These late night performances and the Grammys, etc.

The National Kick Off 'Trouble Will Find Me' Tour In Ithaca, NY (Setlist)

The National kicked off their Trouble Will Find Me tour, giving a glimpse of what to expect as the new album and tour get underway...
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The National kicked off their Trouble Will Find Me world tour in at State Theater in Ithaca, NY five days before the album gets its worldwide release and the setlist was pleasantly predictable with a couple surprises thrown in for good measure. We have a taste of what this tour may look like going forward so let's take a closer look. Many bands try to push their new material when they get out on the road but The National have taken a particularly aggressive stance on that going back to their High Violet tour and now at the dawn of

The National Release Video For "Sea Of Love"

Controlled chaos and a song destined to be a highlight on the upcoming 'Trouble Will Find Me' world tour...
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The National continue the ramp up to the May 21 release of their sixth album Trouble Will Find Me with the release of a new video for "Sea Of Love." This is one of the two songs the band recently played on Jimmy Fallon and follows the video for "Demons" and the announcement of more tour dates for this summer and fall. I wish I'd been able to see and hear "Sea Of Love" in its studio form before they premiered it on Fallon so I could tell you how great this was going to be live but we already