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It Was A Beautiful Day

In which our hero breathes a sigh of relief, gives thanks for a new friend, and remembers miracles...
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Grammy-winner John Mellencamp once remarked what makes a medical emergency a minor one is when it happens to someone else. I've spent the past week making people laugh sharing a story about the way someone's irrepressible, mischievous grin drew me into a farce. The owner of that smirk is a new presence in my life who today was confronted with what could've been either a manageable health scare or an absolute tragedy. To my profound relief it was the former rather than the latter, and in the midst of that comfort I was struck by how much he's already come

A Kite Blowing Out Of Control On The Breeze...

A different kind of goodbye...
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The mother of a friend passed away unexpectedly this week, days after being celebrated by family at a wonderful surprise party for her 80th birthday, and I attended a memorial service in her honor yesterday. I found myself moved by the observance, which isn't the typical reaction I have in these sorts of moments and I suspect that's true for most of you, although these things hit us all differently. I only met his mom a few times so I was there more as an onlooker. I learned about her life from the stories shared by those who spoke and

Review: U2 - Songs Of Innocence (Deluxe)

A good album enhanced by the bonus material but only the diehards will need it. Oh, and what's up with that cover?
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So now that the great iTunes fiasco has come and gone, and you actually have to pay for U2's new album, Songs Of Innocence, if you want it, let's talk about the deluxe version of the band's 13th studio album. First, the elephant in the room: What is up with that cover, or more to the point, what is going on in the picture on the cover? Well first off, get your mind out of the gutter. That's U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr., displaying what is believed to be the band's only tattoo, which honestly has GOT to be the

U2 Plays It Safe On 'Songs Of Innocence'

The members of U2 remembered why they wanted to be in a band on this record but forgot why we ever cared...
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I, like most, was shocked at the way Songs Of Innocence arrived and, unlike some, eagerly downloaded it and began listening. I got sucked in by the excitement of new music from one of my favorite bands and tried to ignore years of misdirects, false hopes, and pained statements from U2 about when the next record what arrive and what it would be. None of that mattered. The music was here, now, ready to be heard. I still experience that same surge of giddiness when my favorite bands call out to me and that excitement was enough to get me

Listful Thinking: Top 5 Songs About God By 'Secular' Artists

Five great songs from rockers who stopped playing God and instead sang about Him...
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Like it or not, love it or hate it, God is everywhere. Even if you don't think there is a God, enough people do, or were at least raised to, that we often find religion at the center of art. This has been true since the Middle Ages, and it is no less true today in the great medium of rock and roll. Early American rockers like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins all came from charismatic Christian traditions, making their inclination to gyrate a bit while telling it like it is all the more natural. Johnny Cash

Review: U2 Give The World A Gift On 'Songs Of Innocence'

U2 is still making great music that matters on 'Songs Of Innocence'
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You know, in this day and age, we aren't surprised very often. The blessing and curse of the Internet age is that we know EVERYTHING, whether we want to or not. Keep a secret? Forget about it. Ask Jennifer Lawrence about any private information remaining private. Try making a movie without the whole script being available months before the first ticket is sold. With all that in mind, I could not have been more shocked at U2's announcement that not only was a new album finally coming six years after the last time we heard from the Hall of Fame
In college a buddy of mine bought tickets to see the Grateful Dead in Birmingham. He asked me if I wanted to go, but I was short on cash and there were tests to study for so I said no. I'll catch them next time I figured and let him have his fun. The year was 1994. Jerry Garcia died a few months later. The Grateful Dead never came 'round again. To know me is to know I am a Deadhead. I've been kicking myself ever since that day I said no. You'd think I would learn a lesson from

U2 Chronicle Triumphant 360° On 'U22,' 'From The Ground Up' Fan Club Packages

Even Better Than The Real Thing? Almost...
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My favorite live albums are complete, single shows with no overdubs and minimal post-production, presenting and preserving the magic of a band, its music, and the audience on one night. It's the best way to structure a live album but it's not the only right way. Another way to construct a live album/ is to compile songs from throughout the tour and give fans a chance to hear high quality versions of most or all the songs they played over the course of that tour. That's what U2 has done, chronicling their epic 360° tour. It took them two tries
It's the End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine). In fact, I feel pretty good about it, really. I'm #TeamMayan all the way on this whole end of the world thing. I'm bold enough to say it: I'm pro-Apocalypse. Now before one of you goes running to fetch the men with the nets and I-Love-Me jackets, let me be clear: I'm not cheering on my death. Or yours. To quote Willie Nelson, I've seen all this world I care to see: The Red Sox won a couple World Series, Alabama won a couple National

Music Monday Really Randoms: U2, Nick Moss, The Baseball Project, Ben Folds 5

You buy the ticket, you take the ride...
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I don't have a lot of trouble deciding what to listen to most days. I constantly have a song or song fragment in my head and I'm usually behind on music reviews, so I often have a starting place when my day begins and I follow it all to its logical conclusion. It's not like that every day and that's when Encyclopedia Nerdicus is overwhelmed by the more than 30,000 songs on his iPod and the desire to acquire at least that many more. Where do you begin? Where do you start when you want to listen to everything and
Happy birthday to the Achtung Baby, which as of last month is officially no longer a spring chicken. As part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of U2’s landmark, career-saving album, Q magazine – with help form U2 themselves – put together AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered, a tribute album that features a track-by-track take by artists who know and love U2. I want to pause just a second to thank U2 for taking care of fans with this release. Q can be difficult to find on newsstands outside of the UK, and it is my understanding that newsstand editions shipped

Florence And The Machine 'Ceremonials,' U2's 'Achtung Baby' at 20, Lou Reed/Metallica 'Lulu' Top Nov. 1 New CDs

The highlight that isn't versus the highlight that is... oh, and that Metallica/Lou Reed thing...
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Let's accentuate the positive on this first day of November, the first New Release Tuesday of the month: Florence + The Machine. Ceremonials. Seriously. The Deluxe Edition is on its way to my house and really I don't know why I should have to be at work on such a day. We've given you all the details about the record and unveiled the video to "Shake It Off," the amazing first official single from the record. I've heard three songs from the album and love them all. This is going to be epic and easily the best thing that will

U2 Release Trailer For 'Achtung Baby' Doc 'From The Sky Down,' Achtung Reissue Nov. 1

U2's 'Achtung Baby' Re-issue... OR... How To Dismantle A Classic Record?
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No one is more surprised than me that we're just now talking about the upcoming Achtung Baby re-issue by U2, but it's been amateur hour at Camp McGuiness trying to get the details of what's actually IN this monstrosity and I've been so angry with them about it at nearly every turn that I just haven't had the heart to discuss it but I will now as we have a trailer from the documentary that will be included. From The Sky Down tells the story of the making of Achtung Baby, one of U2's classic works. It's hard to call

BlindedBySound Music Television: U2|The Wanderer|Nashville

Only the second time this has been played at a U2 show, and I got to hear it...
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I hadn't intended to go back to the U2 well again this quickly in our daily devotion to music video but I'm pretty excited about what happened in Nashville and really excited that, like with The National and "Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks" at the Ryman, someone had a phonecam handy and captured the moment. Even if you don't love U2 or "The Wanderer" as much as I do, it's pretty amazing to hear a band of their stature play a song they've only played one other time. It's the type of thing obsessive geeks like me… obsess over. I know

Review: U2|Nashville|July 2, 2011|360 Tour

100th show of 360 tour brings band to Nashville for the first time in 30 years...
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U2 made their first appearance in Music City since December 1981 and for two hours they made up for lost time, delivering a transcendent, magical performance for the ages that left me exhausted, exhilarated, and transformed. It's hard to imagine 30 years passing without a trip through Nashville by a band that has embraced America the country, and as Bono said repeatedly last night, the idea. Also amazing is last night wasn't supposed to happen at all! The current leg of the tour was supposed to happen last year but emergency back surgery for Bono forced a postponement. That

BlindedBySound Music Television: U2 - "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me"

The wait comes to an end; I can't wait to see Florence + The Machine and U2 in Nashville!
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And then the moment arrives… Is there anything better than the day of a show? Does anything beat the anticipation and excitement of the moments before the band hits the stage? The awe and wonder of it all? In a few short hours, we will hit the road for Nashville to see U2 on the final leg of their recordbreaking 360 tour. I've seen the show once, as has fellow BBS writer Stephanie. She wasn't plussed by her experience. I expect my reaction will be different. I liked the show in Atlanta, even if I did get played out when

Cover Me: R.E.M., Old 97s, Angie Aparo, Evan Dando, Gomez, Pete Yorn, & More

I got to thinking... what makes a great cover song?
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I was inspired by a recent post from Mat Brewster that talked about cover songs. "Great cover songs take the essence of the original and then do something new and innovative with it." I couldn't agree more. A cover song junkie for more years than I care to admit, this got me thinking: Is it the cover I love, or is it just that I'm a fan of the original song? Or maybe the better question - do I like any cover songs that I didn't care for in their original form?  In asking these questions, I'm not sure

BlindedBySound Music Television: U2 - Cedars of Lebanon

Two lives so different and yet so much to learn from one another...
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I've spent hours thinking about this song and it still draws me in every time. I love peeling the layers one after another, contemplating all the ways the story of a life so different from mine can feel so close and relevant. The character in this song feels himself losing connection to the things that matter to him, the things that give him shape, context, and identity. He left his family to chase significance. He's in crisis now because he's drifted so far from his family that he can remember packing a picture of them but can't remember why. He's

One night in Denver: 79,999 U2 Fans and Me

We’re one, but we’re not the same
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This might be the one that gets me fired from my gig here at Blinded By Sound. I promise, I don’t mean to offend. That said, last weekend the world didn’t end as predicted but the unthinkable did happen – I went to a stadium rock show. You see, I’m not much for a spectacle and tend to avoid big arena shows. But marriage is all about compromise and I’m married to the King of arena shows – and he’s a major U2 fan. So in my continued quest for the Wifey of the Year award I bought him

iTunes Chart Watch: 'Songs For Japan' #1

You can get some tunes and help the Japanese people recover from the devastating earthquake and tsunami...
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The big story on this week's iTunes Chart Watch is the Songs For Japan compilation that is #1 on the albums chart. We have all been heartbroken by the devastation in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. iTunes and several artists and their labels have assembled a digital benefit album for $10, proceeds going to relief efforts. It's great to see it at #1. If you've already donated to the effort, God bless you. If you haven't, here's an opportunity to be generous and get a little musical attaboy along with it. Among the artists included on the