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In college a buddy of mine bought tickets to see the Grateful Dead in Birmingham. He asked me if I wanted to go, but I was short on cash and there were tests to study for so I said no. I'll catch them next time I figured and let him have his fun. The year was 1994. Jerry Garcia died a few months later. The Grateful Dead never came 'round again. To know me is to know I am a Deadhead. I've been kicking myself ever since that day I said no. You'd think I would learn a lesson from

Van Morrison - Caravan: Overcoming Hate With Joy, Silencing Ugly Noise With Beautiful Music

Yesterday's tragedy and Boston and those that came before and sadly come after don't have to bring out the worst in us...
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I love to debate politics and current events. On other people's pages. When I first signed up for social media I made a decision not to sully my own wall/home page with politics, but I have absolutely no problem debating and arguing the topic of the moment on other peoples pages. The way it would usually work is somebody would post a link to something political or whatever hot button issues was the flavor of the moment then I would prepare my response. I'd digest the article, ponder it, then research it as much as I could. I'd google it,

Between the Covers: Bruce Hornsby covers Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, the Coasters, Van Morrison and More

Bruce Hornsby covers just about everybody in concert.
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Since I write a series dedicated to cover songs its obvious I'm a fan, but most of my favorite artists are ones who perform a lot of covers as well. Sometimes those covers come in the studio but more often than not they come in a live setting. I truly love to hear a great cover done in a concert. It is refreshing. It is surprising. When done right it can knock your breath right out of your lungs. It also allow us to understand an artists influences, when someone covers a song we can assume they like that song

Bootleg Nation: Van Morrison - Los Angeles, CA (11/26/78)

Van Morrison slugs it out with a high energy, hard rocking show from the late 70s.
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Van MorrisonLos Angeles, CaliforniaNovember 26 1978 Source: KWEST FM Board Broadcast Lineage: KWEST FM Board Broadcast > ? > Flac Level 6 > MP3@320kps Download the MP3:  Part I, Part II Brown Eyed GirlWavelengthAnd It Stoned MeCheckin' It OutHungry For Your LoveSweet ThingCrazy Love [lead vocals by Katie Kissoon]Kingdom HallMoonshine WhiskeyPurple HeatherHelp MeTupelo Honey, Band IntrosCaravanCyprus Avenue, All Your Revelation, It's Too Late To Stop Now    For ages, Van Morrison had the Web Sheriff on the payroll confounding bootlegers of all stripes. Folks like Van and others hire the Sheriff to rid the online world of illegal copies of