The Girl's Stream "Honey Bunny" From 'Father, Son, Holy Ghost'

What's old is new again...
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The Girls - "Honey Bunny" mixes early '60s bubblegum pop with a mid-'90s post punk aesthetic filetered through psychedelic surfer beats. Its like taking that Beatlesesque band from that cutesy Tom Hanks movie and throwing them in a blender with the Beach Boys, the Pixies, Primus and the first 20 seconds of the Cranberries "Dreams." The results are a delicious pop shake with enough of a hard edge to make the ironic hipsters dig.

Its a two and a half minute blast of nostalgic bop with a modern twist. Its poking fun at your father's old-timey music, while simultaneously lavishing yourself in the simple joys of a great hook. Its a big mess of fun that makes you look cool, too.

Oh and don't missed the slow down into country honk at the 1:30 before it jettisons itself back into Sufer Rosa mode 20 seconds later.

Girls is an indie-rock band from San Francisco, CA comprised of Christopher Owens who is the primary writer and Chet "JR" White who plays bass and produces. Their previous album, wryly entitled Album, got big reviews from indie critics including a 9.1 from Pitchfork.  The new album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost is out now on Fantasytrashcan / Turnstile records.

You can hear more on their Myspace page and Facebook.