The Low Anthem's "This God Damn House" Will Break Your Heart

The saddest, most beautiful song you'll hear today.
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The Low AnthemThe Low Anthem don't just write songs they carve them out of granite found deep in the earth. Its like their music has always existed, buried deep in the mountain like some treasure left by some old traveller so long ago.  Their songs carry with them a great, dark beauty from the stars and yet embed such lonesome sadness its as if God Himself is weeping.

"This God Damn House" manages in just a few lyrics and three and a half minutes to tell a story of broken love and hopeless longing that its as if there was never a heart broken before it or after, nor need of another song about it for this one is all anyone will need, ever. 

The lyrics are incredibly plain yet they evoke the stark realities of the situation. Descriptions of breakfast and of the utter boredom of waiting and waiting make the pain and awful loneliness of the situation aptly real.

Just listen that mournful horn searching in vain for its hearts need, waiting for its lover to return yet knowing she never will.  Ben Knox Miller's vocals lay everything down and open up his existence bare and shares that feeling we've all felt when the end has come yet we still hope, we still pray that maybe somehow things will work out.

"This God Damn House" comes from the Low Anthem's first album, What the Crow Brings.  Noise Trade is offering up the album in a free download (though a tip is suggested and appreciated I'm sure.)  It is absolutely worth your time. As is finding their other two albums Oh My God, Charlie Darwin and Smart Flesh

You can watch some videos and hear some more music on their official website, or Facebook page.  You can also download some live concert recordngs on the Archive.