Two-fer Tuesday: Neil Finn and Crowded House

Old favorites are like a warm blanket and a cup of chicken noodle soup.
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I'm a terribly nostalgic person and I'm prone to playing music from my past whenever I don't feel well. If I can't have my mommy, then I'll take the enveloping warmth of songs I consider old friends.

I love the song "Weather With You" from Crowded House and I particularly enjoy this version for the beautiful bass that runs through it.


Next up is "Throw Your Arms Around Me," which I wish would be released on a greatest hits album. Neil's solo version is spot on and I tend to listen to it repeatedly.

"Pineapple Head" was partially written one night while Finn was up with his son who was ill at the time. I can relate to feverish ramblings, but what really grabs me is the gorgeous guitar and harmonies. Too many dismiss Crowded House as a pop band with little to say. I'd argue that lyrics are amongst the most complex and evocative.


Now I must crawl back into my cave with my gallon of water and bottle of Tylenol. With any luck, I'll recover in time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. And hopefully by then we'll be done with Oscar and Charlie madness.