Vaudeville Etiquette Takes "Rose & Ivy" To That Big Wheel In The Sky

Vaudeville Etiquette gets... high... for this unplugged performance
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Vaudeville Etiquette played for that Big Wheel In The Sky recently when they filmed an acoustic performance of their beautiful song "Rose & Ivy" in Seattle's Great Wheel. It seems splendidly vaudevillian to play music in a setting like this! It's so... carney!

They're now Mile High Club Members (not that one, freakazoids! Well, maybe that one but I don't know; I haven't asked... and I'm not going to) so here's hoping they can stretch the next leg of their tour to include Nashville, Birmingham, and other great cities in the Southeast. Oh, and your hometown, too, because I shouldn't be a total greedhead about great music. There is plenty to go around and Vaudeville Etiquette wants to make some just for you. They're nice like that.

Check out their performance in Seattle's Great Wheel while you wait for them to make that stop at a club or theater near you. Oh, and if you don't have their debut record from which this album was taken, here is my review of Debutantes and Dealers. I explain just a few of the reasons why you should own it. I haven't yet started my Best of 2014 list but I am very confident saying this record makes the list.