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Radio Music Society is Esperanza Spalding's fourth album and follows the highly appreciated and successful "Chamber Music Society" from 2010. At only 28 years of age the sexy and confident Esperanza is already a very accomplished musician, shining not only as a vocalist but also as a bassist and songwriter. In Radio Music Society she goes on to demonstrate that she is more than just a pretty face. I have a soft spot for decent opening tracks and "Radio Song", an interesting, if "all-over-the-place" tune that does a good job of setting the tone for the entire record, summing
Recently, my wife and I took a trip to Paris to see the lovely Florence and the Machine in concert. From the start we knew that it was going to be a trip with musical theme since not only were we going to see my wife’s favorite band live but I was also commissioned by a magazine to do a cover story profiling Jazz pianist Jason Domnarski, whose music I had reviewed before. We knew there was going to be music at the heart of the trip but we were surprised at how much of it we encountered in
Alexi Murdoch is an artist I’ve written about before. I consider him one of the best “discoveries” I’ve made in the last five years and I still listen to his debut album Time without Consequence regularly. In the meantime I’ve been trying to convert anyone I could to an “Alexite” and must have loaned Time Without Consequence to at least a dozen people. And why? Because, as I’ve stated in my review of his debut album, I believe that he is “an artist our generation can proudly display when challenged by our elders to come up with a reply to
It’s a chilly and rainy day in Paris and, although it’s only 16:30 and the gates aren’t supposed to open until two hours later, people have already lined up in front of the Zenith, huddling together under their umbrellas and slowly singing the chorus to their favorite songs. I love the vibe before a big concert; it has that unmistakable feeling of calm before the storm. My wife and I have come to see Florence and the Machine who are nearing the end of their long and probably exhausting Ceremonials tour and have just a few venues left to

Review: Al Jawala - Lost In Manele

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I first came across the music of Al Jawala at the Plai festival in 2007. Headlining said show was flamenco legend Paco De Lucia and we were all very excited to see this guitar heavyweight in action. I was not familiar with any of the opening acts and was excited at the prospect of making some new discoveries as I had in the past. There is usually at least one band that captures my interest and that year it was this pack of young troubadours from the very German-sounding city of Freiburg im Breisgau. Al Jawala (apparently an Arrabic

Review: Mark Knopfler - Privateering

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Every time veteran guitar-player and former Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler releases an album, there are those who keep hoping stubbornly and naively, for a Dire-Straits reunion record or at least for a sound resembling that of Brothers in Arms. I think of those people in the same way I think of those who believe that Elvis is still alive or that “disco” will someday make a comeback. Alas, they are bound to be disappointed. Meanwhile, Mark Knopfler continues making the music he cares most about which is the music he’s been making for the last eighteen years. His

Review: Tom Waits - Bad As Me

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For everyone who knows me it is no mystery that the “Big Bang” from which the Universe of my musical predilection originated and started expanding is one Tom Waits. To put it simply: my life can easily be divided into “Before Tom” and “After Tom”. Ever since I’ve come across his work Tom Waits has helped shape my view and understanding of the process of writing and composing music. I even wrote my dissertation on the man’s oeuvre so it was only natural for me to get around to reviewing his very well received 2011 record Bad as Me.
For those of you who don’t know Marc Ribot, you probably do. Many big names have collaborated with this talented and versatile session guitarist, names like John Zorn, T-Bone Burnett, Elvis Costello, John Lurie’s Lounge Lizards, Brother Jack McDuff, Chuck Berry, Soloman Burke, Marianne Faithful, Arto Lindsay, The Jazz Passengers, Allen Ginsberg, Norah Jones, Akiko Yano, The Black Keys, Jeff Bridges, Jolie Holland and even Elton John. He was also instrumental in shaping the new sound that Tom Waits was emerging with in the early ‘80s, collaborating with him on game-changing albums such as Rain Dogs and Franks Wild
I have to admit, even though I’m Romanian, I don’t listen to much Romanian music. I have my reasons. The sad truth is my country produces very little in the way of quality music nowadays and if you have any artistic sensibility and any demand for melody or lyrics that stimulate the mind you best steer clear of the radio stations if you ever visit our little corner of Eastern Europe. Now, that is not to say that there are no decent records produced over here. You just wouldn’t know it unless you stumbled across them by accident in
Such is the world nowadays that the concept of "standing still" is gradually becoming a fleeting aspiration rather than reality. Sure, everyone speaks of "stopping to smell the roses," of "seizing the moment" or "living for today," but that’s just because they read it in an Osho paperback bought at 35% off in some airport or in an inspirational e-mail with pictures of sandy beaches and animals and the Virgin Mary. In reality though, the world of today is fast-paced, so much so that we need airport paperbacks and inspirational mails to point out the obvious. We think fast, we
Usually, when I write about music, it’s about records I have owned for years and songs I must have listened to hundreds of times. As a result I’m always very familiar with the work and have ample time to make it part of who I am, interwoven with thoughts and feelings I’ve had at various times in my life. For this review though, I have taken a different approach. This is a record that has come into my possession just a few days ago. I’ve listened to it four times so far and was surprised at how quickly I’ve warmed