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Groovy! I guess that’s not exactly the word you would expect in 2011 to sum up Mastodon’s latest release The Hunter, but after taking a couple of weeks to digest this album that’s the best way I can think to describe it.  Before we get to the tunes I think an artwork discussion is in order. Mastodon has been as impressive as Tool when it comes to the physical presentation of their music. In fact, those are the only two bands that I still purchase physical copies of the releases because I don’t want to miss out on the
I must admit that, as I listened through The Human Abstract’s latest E1 Music release Digital Veil, I didn’t hear the work for what it truly is.  The rapid-fire double kicks, syncopated beats, growling vocals, searing guitar tapping excursions, and in-your-face production tricked my senses and led me to think of this record as a modern technical or prog-metal project.  After about the third complete listen, however, I have realized that Digital Veil could be one of the most clever, stealthy, and complete combinations of American metal and European classical music. Don’t get me wrong, though.  I’ve heard plenty of

Review: Car Bomb - Centralia

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While living in Nashville a few years ago, I was approached by a clean-cut, unassuming man who appeared to be in his early forties.  He walked over to the grocery deli counter where I was ordering cold cuts and said, “Do you really like that, or are you wearing the shirt because you think it looks cool?”  I glanced down to see what shirt I actually had on and replied, “No, I really listen to Dillinger Escape Plan.”  His reply?  “I don’t see how anybody can listen to that stuff, but O.K.”  That guy would wither under the blast of