X Factor Elimination Night: Another of Paula Abdul's Groups Goes Home; Top 10 Set

Another of Paula's groups makes early exit
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Tonight’s X Factor begins with the eleven contestants performing a useless, lip synched number with Matrix-like green numbers scrolling behind them. Next we get the perfunctory rundown of everything we saw last night. Ah the monotony of Results Night!

Willow “I whip my hair back and forth” Smith gives a squeakily annoying performance of her single, “Fireball.” She’s no Astro, that’s for sure. I can’t even watch this Rhianna-lite performance; it makes me embarrassed for the entire Smith family. Well, more than I already was. Jessie J is our next performer of the night and she is resplendent in a stripey, see-through body sock. From what I can tell, she’s a more talented, British Katy Perry.

Steve Jones reveals the top nine who are safe: Stacy Francis is the first announced safe and that about ruins my night. She’s followed by Astro, Melanie Amaro, Marcus Canty, (Paula looks almost suicidal right now, no group is announced safe yet), LeRoy Bell is safe as is Rachel Crow, and Josh Krajcik who rounds out Nicole’s group. Drew is called down next, so all of Simon’s acts are safe; Chris Rene is announced next meaning, very predictably either The Stereo Hogzz or Lakoda Rayne are leaving tonight.

Lakoda Rayne is the first of the two acts to “sing for survival” and they march down, hand in hand, as a united front. They unapologetically butcher Jordin Sparks’ “No Air” with big smiles. They are simply terrible. The Stereo Hogzz slow things down from last night with “You Are Not Alone” and it’s a little rocky, however they were heads and shoulders above the Lakoda Rayne train wreck.

Stereo Hogzz Eliminated on X Factor

Now we go to the judges who vote for the act they’d like to see go home. LA Reid votes for The Stereo Hogzz to go, Nicole Scherzinger also sends them home because she’s “all about girl power.” Paula refuses to vote, then tearfully changes her mind and sends home Lakoda Rayne. Simon votes to eliminate The Stereo Hogzz as well which is a damned shame because they are not only more talented than the manufactured girl group, they’re a real group! The Hogzz leave gracefully, saying they’re blessed and thanked everyone. What do you think? Did ihe voters get it right? Did the judges?

Come back next week when I’ll have the rundown of the next live show (Wednesday November 16), as well as results the following night. If you can’t get enough of the tunes you hear on the live shows and results night, head to TheXFactorUSA to download any songs heard on the show.