YES is a NO for me.

When does it all end??
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So let me tell you all just how much of a YES fan I am. Ever since I was 16 ( and that was a loooong time ago ) I have loved the band YES, I loved everything about them, all the overdone extra long songs that transported me to another place, all the depth and beauty of their guitar work, the unlimited supply of keyboard solos and ahhh that voice that often angelic, sometimes unearthly voice of Jon Anderson, it all just scooped me up and never let me down. Even two years ago when YES did a tour without Anderson and replaced him with a You Tube wanna be, even this wasn't enough to make me stay at home. Right here I'll stop and say that when the band toured with that replacement singer he was without a doubt very very good, not Jon but he was good.

The bands latest plans to tour and release another album with yet another singer have marked the end of a very long and loving friendship for me, yes I said it  this is the end!!!. I understand that in this age of excess and enough never really being enough that so many bands replace members and move on, this venture for me will mark the end of all that's holy about one of my favorite bands. When will this plan to keep bands from the past going at any cost end?. At some point I feel it would be better to just stop and accecpt the fact that you will never be the band you once were and just leave behind your body of work for the world to enjoy. I know new generations are discovering "old" bands all the time and they want to see them, to them it's all the same, but when does this stop? when theres only three original members? or two or maybe even one??. Seems just a touch sad to me. So for me there will always be the good old days, I'll always have my memories of when the band was so great, so good luck boys I'm out.