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Review: Brad Paisley – Play (The Guitar Album)

Brad Paisley is one hell of a guitar player, and this album proves it!
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First off I'm not much of a country music fan, but I am a fan of great guitar playing and instrumentation. If you're like me and find yourself curious about country style guitar this is the album to get. The tone is polished yet raw, the performance subtle yet intricate, and there's no doubt this is a guitar masterpiece. The sound engineering is also impeccably balanced with plenty of nuances throughout the mix to be discovered upon repeated plays. This album plays like a history lesson in guitar through country tinted glasses because Paisley covers and all the bases including

Review: Greg Nagy - Fell Toward None

Greg Nagy does not disappoint on his second solo LP...
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We have another new release from the Blues Music Awards Best New Artist Debut Class of 2010. MonkeyJunk took home that award for their Tiger In Your Tank CD and recently released their follow-up To Behold. Greg Nagy was among the '10 nominees for Walk The Thin Line and he's now issued a new record Fell Toward None. Several listens to left me conflicted about the production and sound design. Nagy is to be lauded for not cranking the volume, doing a Hendrix impression, and calling it "blues." The muted sound gives the music a little too much sheen in

Wilco Confirm Sept. 27 for 'The Whole Love' LP, Tour Dates

It's a good time to be a Wilco fan...
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Following up on yesterday's news out of Camp Wilco, we are pleased to report their new album The Whole Love will be released through the band's new label Sept. 27. The Whole Love is the follow-up to the band's self-titled release. Equally thrilling is a run of tour dates for the fall that will take the band overseas as well running them through a slew of US shows, primarily in the eastern US. Perhaps most thrilling of all: two nights at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, which as everyone knows, is God's favorite room. I don't know if I can

BlindedBySound Music Television: The Gutter Twins - "All Misery/Flowers"

Better late than never...
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I never got around to reviewing The Gutter Twins Saturnalia record when it was released despite my obvious, abiding love for the dark genius of Mark Lanegan. I spent hours listening to this collaboration with Greg Dulli and was spellbound by the mysteries they weaved into those songs. I get to partially correct an oversight today by talking about one of my favorite songs from that record, filing it in the "Better Late Than Never" department. I've been in love with the gravely rasp and growl of the great Lanegan for better than 15 years now; he never disappoints

Behind The Music: Nick Moss - 'It'll Turn Around'

Moss continues taking his music to bold, new places and we're all going to hear it in October...
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One of the latest gimmicks of the music industry is packaging extraneous "stuff" to CDs as they're released under the guise of increasing "value" to would-be buyers. Of course they want to charge more for these editions, thus undercutting their point but that's going to be a topic for another day. One common extra is a DVD that often has a short documentary on the "making" of an album. If you're like me, you probably don't watch them or you don’t watch them until well after you've listened to the album because the music is the reason I bought it

Single Files: "Empty Room" by Ryan Adams

After a long "hiatus" Ryan Adams drops a new single in European laps.
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When Ryan Adams quit music back in 2009 due to his Ménière's disease and self-described disillusionment with the music industry a great many of us were very saddened. Many more, like myself, knew it wouldn't last. Adams is too prolific a songwriter (having knocked out 10 official albums in his 9 year solo career, plus half a dozen more unofficially released ones) and he obviously loves music too much to just completely walk away. Since the break he's gotten married to Mandy Moore, released a couple of books of poetry, tossed off a handful of web-only hard rock tracks under

iTunes Chart Watch: Katy Perry, Bon Iver #1 at iTunes Music Store

iTunes' top 10 selling singles and albums of the week ending June 27, 2011:
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If you follow the iTunes Music Store charts closely enough - for example, say you do a weekly series wherein you report the top selling singles and albums - you notice there are certain types of artists or records that are bound to do well. The young, hip hop, beat-driven pop is always going to be a seller and there is also a loyal contingent of indie lovers out there. All that is on disaply in this week's chart where both Bon Iver and Matt Nathanson have landed in the Top 10 albums, Iver taking the top spot from

Wilco To Release 'The Whole Love' in September, Taking Preorders For 7" Single "I Might"

On their own label, Chicago's Wilco offers us a first glimpse of their upcoming record "The Whole Love."
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We have a couple updates for all our Wilco/Jeff Tweedy fans this morning, including details of new music from the band. First up, here's a link to a radio interview with Tweedy where they read a fan letter from one of my favorite artists David Wax (of the David Wax Museum) and talk about musical inspiration,  Jazz camp, the new Wilco record, and crime shows: Jeff Tweedy Interview. Our friends at NPR are letting you stream new music from Wilco, "I Might," as well as good stuff from Gillian Welch and Fountains of Wayne (Wilco - "I Might"). You

BlindedBySound Music Television: Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed

Everything you need to know in 382 words...
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We just had a near-miss with an asteroid and I got to thinking about that horrible movie Deep Impact, whose only good idea was making Morgan Freeman the President of the United States. The premise of this idiotic movie was that an asteroid was going to smash into the earth, destroying the bulk of civilization and killing most of the population. The president made a concerted effort to usher the best and brightest minds into the limited number of safe areas and bunkers in order to recreate and rebuild what is about to be destroyed. If that sounds interesting to

Review: Daddy Long Legs – Liars, Cheats + Scoundrels

Edgy, energetic blues for modern times
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It’s awfully easy for blues bands to slip into a rut. The twelve-bar form is finite, and there are so many utterly definitive songs out there that it’s hard to find new things to say within the blue spectrum. Daddy Long Legs, a four-piece band from Waterloo, Ontario, clearly love the blues, but refuse to be confined by the format. Calling their music ‘garage blues,’ they cheerfully mix jumps, shuffles, and boogies with touches of surf and grunge. It’s a rough, raucous blend, bristling with an edgy energy that’s held in check by intelligent songwriting and well-crafted arrangements. Bassist Steve

Happy 96th Birthday, Honeyboy Edwards!

A bit of living history continues to tour and educate the masses of coming up in a time of great change, musically, socially, and technologically.
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Ninety-six years ago today, David "Honeyboy" Edwards began his journey on this earth. Today, he continues down the blues highway, sharing his music and his story with all of us. Not many people in existence today can say they were friends with blues legend Robert Johnson. Guitarist David “Honeyboy” Edwards is one of them. Also notable is that Edwards is the last remaining Delta blues pioneers still touring. More than a friendship with Johnson accounts for Honeyboy’s rightful place in blues, and rock ‘n’ roll history, though. Born June 28, 1915, in Shaw, Mississippi, Honeyboy learned to play guitar from

BlindedBySound Music Television: Eden Brent - Ain't Got No Troubles

Nearly a year after its release, I still don't have this song or this record out of my system...
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Our pals at Yellow Dog Records posted a link to this yesterday and I couldn't pass up another chance to tell you all how much I love Eden Brent and her Ain't Got No Troubles album. I heard a lot of great music last year but there are a small handful of releases that stood above the rest: The National's High Violet, Nick Moss' Privileged, and Eden's Ain't Got No Troubles. There were a lot of other great records but when I look back on 2010, those are ones I'll remember most. The first time I heard this song, I
It's hard to imagine there's something to celebrate on a day Taking Back Sunday, Insane Clown Posse, and Limp Bizkit are all threatening us with new music but allow me the honor of pointing you in the direction of Gillian Welch's first new album in seven years The Harrow & The Harvest. I preordered my copy and it arrived a day early in what amounts to a rare stroke of good luck for me. It is a scrumptious, beautiful record and we'll discuss it in fuller detail soon but this is clearly the crown jewel of New Music Tuesday.

First Listen: Old 97's - The Grande Theatre Volume 2

The Old 97s bring more of their brilliance to the rest of us
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Hard to believe the Old 97s are releasing their 9th studio album next week. The follow up to 2010's The Grande Theatre, Volume One, we are given our first sneak peak at The Grande Theatre, Volume Two this week thanks to the fine folks at KTX 91.7.  Approaching 20 years as a band, the Dallas, TX quartet continue to bring their unique country-punk-swing sound to the masses. Fueled by singer-songwriter Rhett Miller's sweet little wail of a voice and story-telling lyrics, TGTV2 feels familiar to long term 97s fans. Matching TGTV1 in general sonic sound and landscape, TGTV2 continues with

Cover Me: R.E.M., Old 97s, Angie Aparo, Evan Dando, Gomez, Pete Yorn, & More

I got to thinking... what makes a great cover song?
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I was inspired by a recent post from Mat Brewster that talked about cover songs. "Great cover songs take the essence of the original and then do something new and innovative with it." I couldn't agree more. A cover song junkie for more years than I care to admit, this got me thinking: Is it the cover I love, or is it just that I'm a fan of the original song? Or maybe the better question - do I like any cover songs that I didn't care for in their original form?  In asking these questions, I'm not sure

Tin Cup Gypsy Announce July East Coast Tour

Nashville-based quartet takes their folk-pop show on the road
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Nashville-based folk popsters Tin Cup Gypsy are prepping for a run of East Coast dates in July, beginning with a stop in Washington DC. The quartet is touring in support of their January release Calico. The band's distinct sound comes from their three vocalists -- Jordan Lawson, Cassandra Lawson, and Johanthan Lawsom -- and the instrumental mix the three provide in the form of violin, mandolin, concertina, and guitar. They are backed by drummer Tyler "Hair Polomalu" Oban. Here are the details for their upcoming July tour:  07/08/11 Tin Cup Gypsy in Washington DC at Hill Country DC 07/13/11

Screaming Trees Reveal Tracklisting, Artwork for 'Last Words: The Final Recordings'

Screaming Trees take one final bow on August 2...
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We shared the good news that Screaming Trees are giving their fans a going away present in the form of one final album which they recorded in 1998-99 but hadn't mixed or mastered for release… until now. We now have have more details about the record, including the artwork and the tracklisting. Multi-instrumentalist Barrett Martin produced the band's self-financed final sessions and has now, with the help of famed producer Jack Endino (Nirvana's Bleach, Mark Lanegan's The Winding Sheet), mixed the records and prepared them for their official first release. The collection will be made available first in digital formats

BlindedBySound Music Television: Guster - "Bad Bad World"

Defeat The Monday People!
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How many "Monday" jokes do you think you'll hear from your co-workers or read on Facebook or Twitter today? The same number as last week and you'll hear and make them every week until your last Monday because Monday begins another series of five days spent doing shit we wish we weren't. In JoshSpeak, we call this a form of souldeath. Most of us didn't wind up with the life we dreamed we'd have and we spend our days reconciling that. Some create contentment and happiness for themselves in spite of that while the rest of us are fumbling
Someone at VH-1 is gonna get their ass fired for this, I swear it. I was flipping channels about a month ago and happened past the network and -- wait for it -- there was a video being played. I had to stop; it didn't matter what the video was, I was at least going to acknowledge this anachronism! Anachronism- that's a good word for this because the video in question was title track from The Civil Wars' debut record. The video is filmed in black-and-white and apparently this "band" is actually a duo, harmonizing over an acoustic guitar riff.

Review: The Bo-Keys - Got To Get Back!

Travel to Memphis in style...
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Got To Get Back! is a modern classic, a tour guide through one of America's greatest music cities. You listen to this record and it becomes clear: Memphis had it all! Sam Phillips and Sun Records brought you blues, rockabilly, and a distinct brand of country music. Stax brought soul-drenched R&B and blues, and you taste all of it in ample portions on Got To Get Back!. You hear Booker T. & The MGs on a track like "Jack and Ginger." "Cauley Flower" evokes the Aretha Franklin hit "Think." Hall of Famer Charlie Musselwhite, another man with deep Memphis roots,

Gregg Allman Plays NY Benefit To Fight Liver Disease

Southern Rocker Gives Back.
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“The Allman Brothers will be part of a benefit concert.” Now, would that statement ordinarily cause a lot of excitement for me? Honestly, no. Not that I don’t enjoy some of their great classics: "Midnight Rider," "Rambling Man," "Whipping Post," "Melissa"… but I would never consider myself a big follower of their music. Which is fine, C’est la vie and all that. But when I learn that this concert is being put on in coordination with the American Liver Foundation, I’m all ears. I’d say, “I’m all liver”, but that’s just a bit too awkward. Tune In to Hep C

Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival - Preparing for the Greatest Blues Festival Around

Running in thirty directions at once, music blaring, and anticipation is overwhelming me! And I'm loving it.
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Last year, I had the great honor of covering the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival alongside a friend. She needed a photographer, I needed to experience Portland in a blues frenzy. She got what she needed, and I got what I'd come for. Not only is this the largest blues festival west of the Mississippi (and how many other festivals are as big as this one with 100,000+ people in attendance each day for FOUR DAYS in a row?) and second largest festival in the nation, but it benefits the Oregon Food Bank. Last year, the festival broke all records, taking

BlindedBySound Music Television: Matt Schofield - Ear To The Ground

Through the twilight zone and back...
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I'm not old enough to have grown up watching The Twilight Zone but I did catch a few episodes in reruns and one that stuck with me is the episode involving a shy bank employee who wanted nothing more than the time to read an ever-expanding list of books that fascinated him. One day while working in the vault, TheBomb drops. Everyone around him dies but he's shielded from the blast by the strength of the vault. He walks around the decimated town and finds the ruins of the town's library and the books have miraculously survived nuclear winter. Just

Marcia Ball, Gregg Allman, Tedeschi Trucks Band Boogie Past Ian Stewart Tribute Album At Blues Radio

Eric Bibb's live set also makes big weekly surge...
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Marcia Ball and Gregg Allman have returned to the top two slots of the Blues Radio Report after a one-week takedown by Ben Waters' tribute to the late Ian Stewart. They are joined in the Top 5 by that tribute record, Tedeschi Trucks Band, and the late Solomon Burke and De Dijk's Hold On Tight. Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi's combined effort Revelator is a decent bet to take the #1 slot at some point. It's an excellent listen and one that generated a lot of interest before its release. The record is now out, the band is touring, and

Aaron McMullan Releases Free 'Blackmill Rd EP'

Free 3-song EP from London-based singer/songwriter...
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London-based singer/songwriter Aaron McMullan has released The Blackmill Rd EP as a free download in anticipation of his eagerly anticipated second album from ExLibris Records, Angus. All three tracks on the LP were written by McMullan and it features one track planned for Angus and a pair of non-LP tracks. "Blackmill Rd" is the one likely destined for Angus and features McMullan on vocals and guitar with assistance from Ryan H. Fleming (Electric Guitar), Andrew Gardiner (Keys), and Andrew Warmington (Trumpet). "N15" is again McMullan on vocals and guitar and Andrew Gardiner (Keys), Ryan H Fleming (Banjo, Percussion), Andrew Warmington

Review: Barrett Martin Group - Atlas:Latitudes

A familiar and fresh journey...
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I still remember the day I learned Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin had launched a label, beginning a solo career and an excursion into a musical world very different from the riff-heavy, guitar centric world of rock as defined by early-'90s Seattle. I remember the excitement of dipping my toes into a sonic universe well beyond my typical exploration. I remember the day the album arrived in my mailbox, looking at the artwork of The Painted Desert, thinking how audacious it was to launch a solo career by naming the first track on one's debut solo album "Muhammad Ali." I

BlindedBySound Music Television: U2 - Cedars of Lebanon

Two lives so different and yet so much to learn from one another...
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I've spent hours thinking about this song and it still draws me in every time. I love peeling the layers one after another, contemplating all the ways the story of a life so different from mine can feel so close and relevant. The character in this song feels himself losing connection to the things that matter to him, the things that give him shape, context, and identity. He left his family to chase significance. He's in crisis now because he's drifted so far from his family that he can remember packing a picture of them but can't remember why. He's

Review: Pontiak - Comecrudos

A soundtrack for the desolate landscape of our world.
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Perhaps the most amazing thing to consider when listening to Pontiak’s Comecrudos is that no distortion or overdrive pedals were used in the making of the album. The gear, bare and raw, is straightforward. The music, however, is anything but straightforward. There are four pieces, named by part alone. The intent behind Comecrudos was to serve as a sort of soundtrack for the desolate landscapes of our world. It was recorded by the band as the music for a drive from Phoenix to the Big Bend area of Texas, in fact, and the vibe is open, sparse, bleak. Yet there’s

Screaming Trees Release 'Last Words: The Final Recordings' August 2

Seminal Seattle band is offering their fans a farewell gift a decade in the making...
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It's been 20 years and not much has changed; just as word becomes official the band are about to reach into their archives, this other band from Washington state you might remember is about to release a 20th anniversary of some album called Nevermind. The Screaming Trees will are ready to write the final chapter of their incredible musical story when they release Last Words: The Final Recordings digitally on August 2; a CD/vinyl release is planned but still being finalized. The members of Screaming Trees had their ups-and-downs, culminating in a hiatus in the mid-'90s. Released from their contract

Easton Corbin: "I Can't Love You Back" - Easton Corbin

A touching song that hits home...
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As you can probably tell by reading my album reviews, I am a fan of many genres of music. My main genre tends to be hard rock/metal, but I enjoy music from pop, country, and every once in a while a good rap (but not very often). So as I finished up editing a project the other night, a friend sent me over a YouTube link for a song he really enjoyed called "I Can't Love You Back" by country singer Easton Corbin. At the time it was late at night and I was tired and ready for bed so

Single File: "Dearest" by the Black Keys

The Black Keys cover Buddy Holly, but should have left him alone.
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When thinking about cool bands to cover Buddy Holly, the Black Keys are not likely to be the first group to jump to your mind. The Akron, Ohio duo are known for their soul blistering, face melting blend of blues rock so it seems a strange idea for them to cover the nerdy, family-friendly rock and roll pioneer, but cover him they do on a new album full of peculiar choices  titled Rave On Buddy Holly. I'm all about interesting cover songs though so I was excited to hear a more fiery take on "Dearest." Unfortunately the results are not

Review: Matt Nathanson - Modern Love

Sweet sugary summer pop goodness
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As interesting and awe inspiring as complex and profoundly thoughtful records are, they can also be exhausting to digest. So much sonic sound to swallow - so many elements to encounter. Heck, I still find myself listening to records like Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or Radioheads In Rainbows years after their release only to discover new things layered into songs that are practically burned into my brain.  So there's something sweet and delightful about a record that's somewhat simple - especially in the summer time. Modern Love, the seventh studio release for singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson is just that. The

Katy Perry & 'Hell: The Sequel" Are #1 at iTunes

Fittingly symbolic...
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What in the name of Steve Perry's ass is going on here? How in the hell did compilations by Journey, Frank Sinatra, and Bob Marley make the Top 10 on iTunes Albums Chart? Don't get me wrong: everyone loves The Chairman and Marley is indeed a legend (and I won't even get started on Journey) but I have no explanation for what's going on with our albums chart this week. It's only fitting the #1 album this week is Hell: The Sequel because that's how I feel about these charts on a weekly basis. I'm not going to proclaim

Review: Epitaph - Outside The Law

A solid blast of vintage German rock.
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Epitaph were a four-piece German rock band of the early seventies. While this places them in the stellar company of the Krautrock contingent, their music actually had very little in common with that of bands such as Can or Neu! Epitaph were a lot closer to what Rory Gallagher once termed “meat and potatoes” rock. Epitaph’s 1974 release Outside The Law was their third effort, and undoubtedly their shining moment. If it were not for persistent management troubles, the group would have had a very real shot at cracking the US market. In fact, none other than Irving Azoff expressed

2011 Blues Blast Music Award Nominees Announced: Buddy Guy, Nick Moss, Eden Brent, Karen Lovely, Sugar Prophets, & More

Voting is free and opens in July; here are your nominees!
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Nominations for the 2011 Blues Blast Music Awards have been announced and many of the names from the 2011 Blues Music Awards are nominated here as well. It's up to you to decide if the results will be the same. Buddy Guy is once again nominated multiple times and with the October awards ceremony being held at his club, Legends, it's hard to imagine he's not going to win more hardware. Beyond Guy, we have names like Nick Moss, Eden Brent, Karen Lovely, Charlie Musselwhite, Magic Slim, Robin Rogers, Bob Corritore and more from the BMA nominees. We've also

Review: MonkeyJunk - To Behold

Avoiding the sophomore slump...
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To Behold is the follow-up to Canadian trio MonkeyJunk's Blues Music Award-winning debut Tiger In Your Tank. Tiger took home the award for Best New Artist Debut, meaning Steve Marriner, Tony D, and Matt Sobb are trying to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump on Behold, which they largely do. To Behold is a lean, 10-song, 44-minute outing opens with a strong trio of songs that play to the band's strengths. MonkeyJunk is at its best when they keep their brand of contemporary blues upbeat and uptempo. "Mother's Crying" mixes contemporary topical allusions with a jumpin' pace and a crisp, biting

New Music Tuesday: Barrett Martin, Bo Keys, Gomez, Bon Iver, Greg Nagy, Kenny Wayne, MonkeyJunk, & More

The first day of summer is like Christmas Day!
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It's the first day of summer today but it feels more like Christmas with all the albums coming out that we have to discuss today. No time for love, Dr. Jones, let's get right to business and start looking at some of the highlights: Let's begin with some titles already reviewed here at BBS. First up, we have the release of a ZZ Top live album from 1980. The DVD companion to this is longer but we now have a set of the little band from Texas before they got famous in the '80s for slick sounds and fancy

Review: Paul McCartney - McCartney II (Special Edition)

Paul's one-man follow-up to his legendary debut is even more experimental.
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Much like its predecessor, 1970's McCartney, signaled the end of the Beatles, its follow-up, 1980's McCartney II, came at the end of Wings. Whether Paul McCartney intended that to be the case is a matter of opinion, but he has not had a named band since nor has there been a third album in the McCartney series. McCartney II was originally supposed to be a double album but ultimately got released as a single disc. 31 years later, the tracks intended for the double LP have been included as bonus cuts on McCartney II (Special Edition). The album leads off

BlindedBySound Music Television: Joe Pernice - "Prince Valium"

Talking to you or talking to myself?
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Ahhh, yes, welcome to our daily edition of BlindedBySound Music Television. Today's selection is a favorite of many years and I was surprised to find a version we could watch together. The world sucks just a little more because not enough of you know about the songwriting prowess of Joe Pernice. He has a song called "Theme To An Endless Bummer" that sums up a portion of my life I like to call the last 37 years- well, the title does. Speaking of titles, those of us old enough to remember reading the comics in the Sunday paper ought to
December 10, 1967 I was eleven years old and spinning around on a rotating chair on my grandmother’s front porch. It was just after dark and I had the radio on to my favorite station, WVOK in Birmingham. A DJ cut into a song and said he had just received news that Otis Redding had died in a plane crash. I stopped spinning. In my eleven years I had only experienced death on TV and the radio. The day John Kennedy died was important because we were sent home from school and had to watch the news on TV.

Review: Paul McCartney - McCartney (Special Edition)

The ex-Beatle's legendary debut.
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McCartney, The classic solo debut from Paul McCartney, is often touted as the final nail in The Beatles' coffin. Released before Let It Be — against the other Beatles' wishes — the album also accompanied a press release where McCartney said he no longer envisioned a future writing partnership with John Lennon. The dream was over. Now, 41 years later, this famous debut is getting the expanded treatment as McCartney (Special Edition). Recorded at home, McCartney provides all instruments and vocals himself, save for the occasional background vocals from wife Linda. The album is quirky and comes off as a

Review: Chicago Blues A Living History - The (R)Evolution Continues

I may be a civilian but my ears don't lie...
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Can feelings be wrong? You can't argue with them. You can't persuade them. They spring forth, flourish, and color our perceptions without permission. You can tell your feelings they're wrong, that they're based on distortions and deceptions but good luck with that. Feelings don't listen and they don't behave. If you're lucky, the heart forever remains a child. I'm a music fan who has spent his life listening to and learning as much as I can but in the end, I can't play a lick. I try to listen my way through and work it all out but sometimes the

Blues Radio Report: Ian Stewart Tribute Takes #1

We have #1 at blues radio this week...
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We have a winner and it seems an unlikely source considering how long it's been out in stores but the Ben Waters-led tribute to the late Ian Stewart has toppled Marcia Ball and Gregg Allman, our longtime residents at the top of the chart, to claim the crown this week at blues radio. The new Tommy Castro & Friends set recorded on the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise has made a move on this week's charts and see the return of Big Head Todd & The Monsters' tribute to Robert Johnson. With a couple big blues titles due to release

Review: ZZ Top - Live in Germany 1980

ZZ Top sets out to conquer Europe.
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In 1980, while on tour for Deguello, ZZ Top was looking to expand their fan base to a worldwide market. Already popular in America, the band wanted to conquer Europe next. An opportunity presented itself in the form of the popular German television show, Rockpalast, which broadcasted throughout Europe. Taking the stage at 4:00 a.m., the band played a spirited set that makes up the CD, ZZ Top – Live In Germany 1980. After the intro music of "El Deguello," the band launches into a fierce version of the Sam and Dave classic, "I Thank You." Billy Gibbons' guitar tone

Review: Chick Corea - The Definitive Chick Corea On Stretch And Concord

30 years of highlights from the jazz giant.
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To say Chick Corea is a giant of the modern jazz era would be an understatement. Beginning in the mid 1960s, Corea was a pioneer in the avant-garde jazz movement, accompanying the likes of Miles Davis. He later formed Return To Forever, a fusion group that, over time has counted Stanley Clarke and Earl Klugh among its ranks. More recently, he's had his Elektric and Akoustic bands, his Five Peace Band, his Trios and he has explored solo piano outings as well. Collecting all this material on two CDs would be an impossible task. In honor of Corea's 70th birthday

Legendary Saxophonist Clarence Clemons Passes At Age 69

The E Street Band's Big Man dies after complications from a stroke...
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I don't know how I'm going to write this, other than with the aid of the glass of wine next to me and a belief that saying nothing isn't an option, not when someone who was such a part of something that has mattered so much to me left before we were ready to let him go. I showered, shaved, and rode with my wife to a friend's house tonight. Without giving it much thought, I reached for a shirt to wear: my Bruce Springsteen 'Born To Run' t-shirt, the one I bought the last time I saw the band
  The crews are likely still cleaning up the mess from this summer's festival, but the good folks at Bonnaroo are already planning ahead to next years shows. Yesterday organizers confirmed the dates for the popular festival and have already put up a pre-sale. The popular music festival's 11th season will run from June 7-10, 2012 at Great Stage Park in Manchester, a 650 acre farm that has held the festival since its inception in 2002. Though no line-up has been announced tickets area already on sale. General admission tickets sell for $209.50 with a limit of 10 per

BlindedBySound Music Television: The National - "90 Mile Water Wall" - Ryman Auditorium Nashville 2010

Another moment from one of the best concerts I've ever witnessed...
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We're going to double up on The National, doing two videos from them in a row because I love them and because I never got around to actually reviewing High Violet so I'm going to make up for it by talking about them and that album over and over again.  Those of you who know me know I obsess about set lists at the shows I attend, hoping to hear songs I've never heard by the handful of bands I deem worthy of seeing more than once. When my trusty sidekick 11 and I decided to see The National three times

BlindedBySound Music Television: The National - "Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks" - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville 2010

Reliving one of the great concert experiences of my life...
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The irony of the new BlindedBySound Music Television features is that I've long had a disdain for YouTube, mostly because all anyone did was put stupid shit up there and people would constantly tell me I needed to see this or needed to see that under the guise of being funny, which it never fucking was. I've done a partial about face or put another way: "Man I was mean but I'm changing my scene and I'm doing the best that I can..." One of the great things about YouTube that I've discovered is the chance to re-live moments. The

Blinded By Sound Music Television: Noel Gallagher - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Live)

A stunning version of a classic that has aged impossibly well...
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There are a few of us on this site who are unapologetic fans of Oasis and the great Noel Gallagher. There are so many songs he's written that I love but this cover of The Smiths' "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" is one of my go-to Noel Gallagher moments. The video here is audience filmed but it's not too bad. If you want to hear this song in much better quality but without the video, it can be downloaded from iTunes and is highly recommended. I'm not resident Smiths obsessive -- that title belonging to BBS writer

Blinded By Sound Music Television: Billy Boy Arnold - "She's Love Crazy"

The kind of problem every man wants to have...
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The great Billy Boy Arnold is one of the featured artists on the new Chicago Blues: A Living History - The (R)Evolution Contiunes and a personal favorite of mine. This clip you're about to see is Billy Boy Arnold performing a song he recorded on the first Living History package. It's a Tampa Red Song called "She's Love Crazy" and it's fantastic. Fellas, I think I speak for all of us when I say this is a "problem" we'd all like to have. Arnold got harp lessons from the original Sonny Boy Williamson, John Lee Williamson, and you can hear
Welcome to the next edition of Music Television @ Blinded By Sound, our unending quest to bring image and sound to our readers. Today's clip is a couple years old but it's a favorite of mine and I just had to share it. The first time I heard Nick Moss & The Flip Tops play was their Blues Music Award-nominated album Live At Chan's (Vol. 1) and one of my favorite cuts on that album is Nick and the guys playing an old Freddie King classic "I Love The Woman." This version is from the Kalamzoo Blues Festival in 2007 and

Review: Neil Young - A Treasure

This time capsule is a solid example of country musicians rocking the barn down to the ground.
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A Treasure is a live album from Neil Young and The International Harvesters. Taken from Young’s 1984 and 1985 U.S. tours back when artists toured just to tour and not just to support an album, the dozen tracks found here come when the iconic performer was experimenting with country music and facing off with Geffen Records in an ongoing legal battle. In fact, Geffen sued Neil Young in 1984 because he apparently turned in a record that was found to be “uncharacteristic” and, horror of all horrors, “uncommercial.” That record was Old Ways and it was rejected by Geffen. A
Remember when we were kids and we could want our MTV and MTV meant Music Television? Seems a long-ass time ago, which means we are all getting old as Hell. I don't know if you caught the story but MTV officially stopped calling itself Music Television a few years back going instead with the three letters. If they don't want to be Music Television anymore, what the hell? I will! So... welcome to Blinded By Sound Music Television. I'm going to scour the 'net, YouTube, and other sites out there on the web daily (or as close to it as

Review: Lee Konitz/ Brad Mehldau/ Charlie Haden/ Paul Motian - Live At Birdland

a great set of music from four legendary jazz musicians...
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The nights of December 9 and 10, 2009 were very special ones at New York’s famed Birdland. Four jazz legends came together those evenings to play in a strictly old-school format. They were working without a net, or to be more precise, without a set list. It takes a lot of talent, not to mention guts, to get up onstage and just call the tunes on the spot. With these players, talent and confidence are in no short supply.  The four in question are Lee Konitz (alto sax), Brad Mehldau (piano), Charlie Haden (double bass), and Paul Motian (drums). Manfred

Red Hot Chili Peppers To Release 'I'm With You' August 30

John Frusciante is once again out, replaced by Josh Klinghoffer...
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Veteran rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers will release I'm With You, the follow-up to the bloated 2006 double album Stadium Arcadium, August 30 once again joined by a new guitarist. Josh Kinghoffer replaces longtime guitarist John Frusciante, who has been in and out of the band over the years. Klinghoffer has toured with the Chili Peppers over the years but I'm With You marks his recording debut and he also lent a hand with the songwriting process for the 14-track new album. I'm sad to see Frusciante leave as he seemed crucial to the band's surprising career renaissance from funk-rock

Streaming Through Summer: Wilco, Bon Iver, Gomez, Matt Nathanson, Paul McCartney, Wilco, And More!

A list of new albums and other fun stuff currently streaming online for free.
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As you might have noticed by all of the top notch reviews flying around here at Blinded by Sound, there are some great records out. And even more on the way. In anticipation of these new releases, it seems more and more artists are giving listeners the option to stream the record before its release. This, to music lovers far and wide, is ridiculously cool.  Since most of my waking hours have been spent tethered to various album streams lately I thought it might be helpful to put a few of them in one place. So without further ado, here’s

The Making Of The Bo-Keys 'Got To Get Back'

'Got To Get Back' Hits Stores June 21...
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More music about which we are really, really excited. We told you about the upcoming release from The Bo-Keys, Got To Get Back, their first new record in seven years. Well, the lads have put together a little video about the making of their new record and it has already gotten some notice from the folks at USA Today. It comes out next week and we cannot wait to get our hands on it. In addition to the band's lineup, there are guest spots from Charlie Musselwhite, Otis Clay, and Percy Wiggins.  I first heard the band in Memphis during

Adele Holds Off Queen Of All Hype; Coldplay Enters Top 10 at iTunes

Here are iTunes' top 10 selling singles and albums of the week ending June 6, 2011
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I know the Lady Gaga phenomenon is alive and well but am I the only one shocked she hasn't completely dominated the iTunes chart since the release of Born This Way? I find her reasonably insipid but she does have great taste in saxophone players and it's been very sweet the way she has rallied her fans to send good thoughts to ailing Clarence "Big Man" Clemons, who played on her album. We're all pulling for him to get well soon. Adele is #1 on singles and albums this week and our good friends Coldplay (okay, so I've never

Nick Moss, Curtis Salgado, & Michael Ledbetter - Live @ Chicago Blues Fest

A glimpse of what we missed and a taste of what's to come...
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All the talk about Nick Moss' upcoming Here I Am in October and hearing a likely first single from the album has me jonesing for some Chicago blues, something that was on display last week at the Chicago Blues Festival and Nick was part of that again this year. One of these days, I'm going to make my way it even though blues guru Bill Dahl says the event has declined in recent years. Even if the event has lost some luster, Bill, The Fount Of All Blues Knowledge, and I agree that catching Nick Moss live is always worthwhile. Moss played

Keb' Mo' To Release 'The Reflection' Aug. 2, First Single Available At iTunes

Mo' teases us with first single "The Whole Enchilada" because the album isn't out until Aug...
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Keb Mo is releasing a new album August 2 called The Reflection and you can download the first single, "The Whole Enchilada," from iTunes. He is joined by India.Arie, Vince Gill, Marcus Miller, Dave Koz, and David T. Walker for this new set which will blend KM's familiar blues style with elements of jazz, country, R&B and soul. It's an interesting, exciting group of guest artists and we love us some Keb' Mo' around here, so we're excited about this one. Here is the complete tracklisting for the record: 1.    The Whole Enchilada2.    Inside Outside3.    All The Way4.    The Reflection

Review: Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne - An Old Rock On A Roll

Wayne presides over a stylish record with good tunes that have strong hooks and some seriously great playing from a group of veteran performers he has clearly clicked with...
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I can't help but think of Pinetop Perkins when I listen to Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne, not because of their shared instrument of choice – piano – or because Wayne's style reminds me of the way Perkins played but because of both played and toured extensively before getting much in the way of recording opportunities. Like many before him, Wayne takes advantage of Stony Plain Records' not-so-secret weapon on An Old Rock On A Roll. Duke Robillard has recorded most of his most memorable albums for the Canadian label and he's also acted as a talent scout and producer.

Bright Eyes to Release New Live EP

Bright Eyes just announced the release of a new limited run live EP.
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The supposed to be breaking up Bright Eyes just announced the release of a new live EP. The release date for Live Recordings is slated for July 4 coinciding with the drop date for their next single, "Jejune Stars" off of their last studio album The People's Key. The EP will be released exclusively through HMV and will be limited to 1000 digipacks. It will feature 6 tracks from the band's most recent tour. Prior to the release of The People's Key Bright Eyes founder, and main figurehead, Conor Oberst stated that he will be retiring the Bright Eyes

Contest: Win Paul McCartney - McCartney and McCartney II

Blinded By Sound and the Concord Music Group have teamed up to give one lucky reader the opportunity to win a Paul McCartney prize pack.
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Blinded By Sound and the Concord Music Group have teamed up to give one lucky reader the opportunity to win a Paul McCartney prize pack featuring the two latest releases from the Paul McCartney Archive Collection, McCartney and McCartney II, both of which are available in Special and Deluxe Editions on June 14, 2011. Released in 1970, McCartney is Paul's first solo album. Created during the final days of The Beatles, he plays all the instruments on it. The album was #1 on the Billboard Pop charts for 47 weeks and its most notable track is "Maybe I'm Amazed," though

Samantha Fish, Dani Wilde, Cassie Taylor - Girls With Guitars

Fire, ready, aim...
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I hate falling for the obvious but three 20-something women on the front cover of an album and call it Girls With Guitars, it's clear marketing is on someone's mind. So you try and put that behind you because Dani Wilde, Samantha Fish, and Cassie Taylor are all three talented artists and surely that will triumph over chicanery by TheMachine. The packaging is irrelevant; the music is what matters. The first track on the album is a cover of the Rolling Stones' "Bitch." It's a straightforward, uptempo arrangement of the song but once you get over the novelty of women

Gillian Welch Releases 'The Harrow & The Harvest' June 28; Announces N. American Tour Dates

New music from Gillian Welch is always a reason for excitement!
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We can hardly contain ourselves this morning at BlindedBySound because one of our favorites, Gillian Welch, has a new record coming out and she's announced the first leg of her North American tour. Not only that, but someone forgot to tell her that Huntsville is a vast wasteland and she has booked a show here! Pre-orders for The Harrow & The Harvest can be placed at Welch's web site and as is the trend, the album is being offered in three configurations. Unfortunately, none of them include vinyl… yet. Welch's site assures us vinyl editions of this and her other

Two-fer Tuesday: Blues in Vegas

The blues never sounded so good
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Chris Cain, one of the Bay Area's greatest treasures, recently played a show here in Vegas and blew the doors off the joint. Cain is as nuanced a player as you'll ever meet. There's so much power in each note, he makes shredders look like fools. There are no limits to what Cain can do with a guitar. He plays it all, from hard rockin' to slow burnin' blues, jazz, you name it. He's as sly as can be, making your heart break one minute, and then callin' you out with your boogie shoes the next. Taking the stage

New Music Tuesday: McCartney, Metheny, Matt Schofield, Rory Gallagher

New Music Releases For June 14, 2011
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There is no June Swoon when it comes to new music- it's another week loaded with good stuff you need to add to your collection. First up, we've been talking about Pat Metheny's new CD What It's All About a lot over the past couple weeks and now you can find out what it's all about for yourself. Check out my review, which features a video of Metheny performing one of the songs from the album. I think you're going to like this one. I certainly did. Paul McCartney is reissuing McCartney and McCartney II, both remastered at Abbey

E Street Band Saxophonist Clarence Clemons Suffers Stroke

No official word released about his current condition...
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It is with sadness and concern we report the unhappy news that Clarence "Big Man" Clemons, 69, suffered a serious stroke this past weekend in Florida. Clemons' saxophone is a fixture of the E Street Band and has been for 40 years. There are conflicting reports of the severity of the stroke and Clemons' current condition but there are reports two separate brain operations were required following the stroke and that he is in serious but stable condition. Longtime readers of this site as well as my work at Blogcritics and elsewhere know I'm a hopelessly devoted E Street Band

The Band - A Look Backward...and Forward Part One

Almost A Half-Century of Stories, Music, and Other-Worldly Voices
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Unlike my recent usual, “so what?” demeanor regarding any new music by the young or old, I waited impatiently for the arrival of Robbie Robertson’s first real solo record with all actual songs in twenty years. From the advance press it sounded like it was a return to form as evidenced on his first solo LP in 1987. The net was full of stories about Robbie writing and recording with artists as diverse as Eric Clapton, Trent Reznor and Robert Randolph. Robbie had worked on his debut solo record in 1987 for a decade and recorded with the young and

The Go-Go's: "Girls Gone Wild" at Irving Plaza, NYC NY 6/3/11

"Girls Gone Wild" at Irving Plaza, NYC NY 6/3/11
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When I learned the Go-Go’s were going on tour for the Summer of 2011 with the B-52’s, I had to call my friend of 35 years, Jeff, a ravenous Go-Go’s fan for nearly as long. In NYC, the Go-Go’s “Girl Gone Wild” tour and the B-52’s 34th Anniversary show, surprisingly, were scheduled as two separate dates with each band headlining the 1,000-capacity Irving Plaza instead of a co-headlining date with both acts. The price for each show was cheaper than most so the obvious boomer crowd could afford both shows for less than the price of the two together. Regardless

Hot Tuna, Marcia Ball #1 At Blues Radio; Tedeschi Trucks Band Continues Strong In 1st Week of Release

Blues Radio Report for Week of June 10, 2011...
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In my effort to keep my finger on the pulse of the blues world, we once again examine both the BluesMobile and RootsMusicReport blues radio charts. As a result, we have two #1 albums this week: Hot Tuna and Marcia Ball. I've yet to hear either of these records, so I've got some homework ahead of me.  Blues Mobile has Hot Tuna at #1, followed by Warren Haynes, Tab Benoit, Joe Bonamassa, and Ball. Over at RMR, Ball is #1 followed by Ben Waters' Ian Stewart tribute, Gregg Allman, Solomon Burke and De Dijk, and Rory Block. Elsewhere on the

Review: Pat Metheny - What's It All About

Metheny deconstructs the classics...
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How do you take a song that is based on six strings and two voices and interpret it on a 42-string guitar, no voice, and maintain the song's identity and intimacy? Why would you even try? What would possess a man to want a 42-string guitar? What would make "The Sound Of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel feel like an ideal candidate for this kind of treatment? That is the imagination, creativity, and virtuosity of Pat Metheny. There are some who might mistake the intimacy of these solo acoustic recordings as Muzak for elitists or just plain dull. If you

Review: Tedeschi Trucks Band - Revelator

Derek Trucks has found the missing ingredient...
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One of the first things you notice before you even get to listen to a note of Tedeschi Trucks Band's Revelator is the sheer size of the band pictured on the front of the CD. We're used to rock trios, quartets, and quintets. We've seen some bands grow beyond that- The E Street Band, for instance. An 11-piece rock band? Where's the template for that?  Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi said the majority of these songs began as spare, acoustic sketches that evolved when presented to the band in the studio. From that perspective, the material did grow in scope
In a Rolling Stone interview, Jimi Hendrix was asked what it was like to be the world’s greatest guitar player. “I don’t know, go ask Rory Gallagher,” was his reply. Hendrix was not particularly known for his compliments to fellow musicians, in fact he once dismissed Brian Wilson’s “Heroes And Villains” as “psychedelic barber-shop music.” Nevertheless, Jimi recognized a kindred spirit in Rory. Rory Gallagher (1948-1995) never rose above cult status in the United States, although he was huge in Europe. In Ireland, Rory is practically a saint. It seems like nearly every Irish town in the country has some

Review: Book of Black Earth - The Cold Testament

A harsh, relentless, repetitive assault on the ears.
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On the cover of Book of Black Earth's monstrous The Cold Testament is a demonic wolf with a bloody mouth. The thing probably took a bite out of Taylor Lautner. For those not in the know, and that included me until I started ripping through this brutal record, Book of Black Earth is a Seattle metal outlet. The incessant rain may have something to do with the relentless attack this beast of a group drops on a routine basis. Featuring TJ Cowgill on vocals/guitar, Rob Beebe on guitar/vocals, Ricky Way on bass, and Joe Axler on drums, these four ass-kickers

Review: Watermelon Slim & Super Chikan - Okiesippi Blues

Slim returns to the blues and he's got a friend with him...
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Two of the more celebrated bluesman of the 21st century, multiple Blues Music Award-winner Watermelon Slim and Super Chikan, have paired up for Okiesippi Blues, a record whose title pays homage to the respective home states of these two artists. Slim and Chikan are both idiosyncratic sorts, so the potential to amaze is balanced by the possibility of a train wreck. Instead we get another in the long line of stellar collaborations that does neither and the opener "Trucking Blues" demonstrates why. The dialog interspersed throughout the song quickly wears thin, leaving us with a repetitive guitar riff with a

Pat Metheny Tells Us 'What's It All About'

Guitarist great's reinterpretation of some his favorite songs comes out June 14...
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Pat Metheny has released a YouTube video discussing his upcoming Nonesuch Records release What's It All About. This new album finds him reinterpreting and reimagining 10 songs that have been of particular importance to him. Some songs are well known, like Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound Of Silence" while others might be a bit more obscure to mainstream audiences. The album is a solo acoustic effort but that doesn't mean bland noodling on an ol' six string. First off, Metheny doesn't do bland noodling. Second... have you ever heard of a 42-string guitar? Wanna see one? You know you do!

Review: Frank Sinatra - "Ring-A-Ding Ding!"

Sinatra's debut for his new label is a hard-swinging affair.
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The end of 1960 was a good time to be Frank Sinatra to say the least. He was in his Rat Pack prime, his albums and concerts were both artistic and commercial triumphs and his efforts, at least partially, led to John F. Kennedy winning the presidency. Still he felt stifled at Capitol Records and decided to form his own record label where he’d answer to no one. Reprise was the label and it became Sinatra’s home for most of the rest of his career. Sinatra's first album for the label needed to reflect this positive period in his life.

Barrett Martin Group Releases Artwork, Tracklisting for 'Atlas: Latitudes'

New set from Martin's group to be released June 21.
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Barrett Martin Group has released the full tracklisting and artwork for their upcoming album Atlas: Latitude. The album will be released digitally June 21 witha companion release slated for December. BMG's debut will feature 13 songs performed by Martin, Dave Carter, Joe Doria, Kevin Hudson, Paul Fischer, and Ben Thomas. R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck contributes acoustic guitar "Temples Bells" and "Blue Sunrise. Noted producer Jack Endino co-produced the record with Martin. The band has already played a number of live shows in the Seattle area where they're based. Latitudes:Atlas is streaming at Barrett Martin Group's Facebook page. Here is the

CD Review: Ligntnin' Malcolm - Renegade

New project from Lightnin' Malcolm
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I've been a fan of Lightnin' Malcolm for several years and have had the pleasure of catching him with Cedric Burnside at various festivals the past few seasons. One thing I've always enjoyed is the effortlessness of his performance: the fire in his fingers, and the slightly gruff but somehow still mellow voice. It translated well on both Juke Joint Duo and 2 Man Wrecking Crew. Both albums rank high on my list of immensely playable blues discs. They're packed with grindin' hill country blues infused with soul, funk, and a lot of attitude. As well, I witnessed Lightnin' Malcolm

Two-fer Tuesday: Andrew Gold, August 2, 1951 – June 3, 2011

More than a "Lonely Boy"
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Last Friday, the music world lost the man responsible for the song we all sang along with whenever The Golden Girls came on -- Andrew Gold. Back in 1977, Gold had a minor hit with "Lonely Boy," a song I loved to hear whenever it popped up on the radio, which it did often since it reached #7 on the charts. And the following year, he released "Thank You For Being A Friend" -- the song that would later be sung by someone else and become firmly associated with those brassy, sassy broads on a sitcom. Me? I always remembered the Andrew
We have a HUGE week of new releases this week and I want to talk about a lot of them so settle in and let's revel in the joy of a loaded New Music Tuesday! First up, a guilty pleasure moment. I probably won't buy it but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I considered it. The first concert I attended alone – well, with a friend but not my parents – was Whitesnake on the Slip Of The Tongue tour in '89 or '90 at the Seattle Center Coliseum. The band is releasing a live CD/DVD package

Review: Lightnin' Malcolm - Renegade

Lightning didn't strike once, let alone twice on 'Renegade.'
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Renegade is proof that minimalist tendencies and a stripped-down approach aren't inherently better than elaborate and ambitious constructions, Minimalism minus ideas leads to tedium, boredom, or forgettable music. Many of the tracks on Renegade establish their primary riff and rhythm quickly and that's where they remain until the song ends. Fortunately, most of these songs are in the four-minute range so the droning doesn't go on forever but that's small comfort. The songs lack choruses, hooks, refrains, builds, and dynamics. Do that 13 times and you're going to wear your audience out unless there's something special happening in the lyrics

Review: The Soul Of John Black - Good Thang

You don't have to go out with the old to roll with the new...
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John "JB" Bigham, aka The Soul Of John Black, follows his 2007 release The Good Girl Blues and 2009 set Black John with Good Thang through Yellow Dog Records. It gets a little tiring to read reviews that chronicle nothing more than an artists' influences but Bigham's musical past is relevant to what he does as TSOJB. In addition to his work on his own, he has spent time touring and recording with the late, great Miles Davis, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Everlast, and Fishbone. He also worked with singer Nikka Costa, who appears on Good Thang as a backing

Marcia Ball Leads List Of Familiar Names At Blues Radio

Blues Radio Report for Week Of June 3, 2011...
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This week's Blues Radio Report looks a lot like what we saw last week, only put on shuffle mode. The names are mostly the same but they've swapped places here and there within the Top 20. Marcia Ball is still #1 but Gregg Allman has slipped from #2 to #3. Harry Manx & Kevin Breit have moved up a few notches this week and Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King are exactly where we left them. I got to see the great Buddy Guy at Ryman Auditorium last week and he played tunes from his Blues Music Award-winning Living

Nick Moss To Release 'Here I Am' in October

Award-winning bluesman Nick Moss is readying his latest CD for the fall...
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Nick Moss will release Here I Am, their much-anticipated follow-up to the breakthrough 2010 release Privileged, in October. Here I Am will carry on the rock-fused blues and roots approach of Privileged with a new batch of songs and some new sonic ideas previously not heard on Moss' records. In addition to the new sounds, some new players have been added to the Flip Top lineup. Guitarist/vocalist Michael Ledbetter makes his presence felt in a big way "It'll Turn Around," one of the first songs slated for the new set. Ledbetter gives a great harmony vocal to Moss' lead, a

Review: New Boyz - Too Cool to Care

Who turned up the suck?
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There are times when a piece of music slides across my desk that makes my brain rise up and run for cover. Sometimes I enjoy checking my brain at the door, as long as the music is, you know, good. Other times, though, the feeling of brain cells rotting is enough to make me turn inside out. Trust me, it's not as fun as it sounds. New Boyz have done it this time. Their Too Cool to Care is their second studio album. Apparently this "rap" duo debuted with the viral hit "You're a Jerk" from the summer of 2009.
Rory Gallagher (1948 - 1995) was as proudly Irish as a man could be, but he certainly had an affinity for San Francisco. After winding up his 1978 tour in Japan, Gallagher and the band flew directly to the city by the Bay to record the album that would eventually be called Notes From San Francisco. Although the 12 songs the group recorded were outstanding, Rory became so frustrated with the mixing process that he shelved the project indefinitely. In fact during this stay, Gallagher had something of an epiphany. He attended the Sex Pistols’ final show at Winterland, and

Review: Reform the Resistance - The Truth is Dangerous

These Christian rockers want war.
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Reform the Resistance isn't afraid to scream, shout and sing about their beliefs. This is a Christian band, make no mistake about it. Whether that's your thing or not is up to you, of course, but there are moments on The Truth is Dangerous that prove downright off-putting in their lyrical imagery. The band is all over the map in terms of style (see cover art, for instance), which is both a help and a hindrance. It's hard to get a read on an act that swings wildly from Radiohead-influenced backdrops to splices of hardcore, screamo and electronica woven into

Buddy Guy & BB King - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN - May 31, 2011

Two legends play the greatest venue in America...
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Those of you who have done me the honor of reading my work from time-to-time know when I write about concerts I attend, I begin with the set list and work my way from there. Last night's evening with Buddy Guy and BB King at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN was an exception to my usual routine and I knew that going in. I didn't care what got played. All that mattered was two of the legends of American music were going to take the stage in the greatest venue on earth and I wanted to be somewhere in the

Review: Ozzy Osbourne - "Diary Of A Madman: Legacy Edition"

Ozzy's sophomore solo record tries to better his debut.
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It would be tough to better a solo debut as strong as Blizzard Of Ozz, but to many fans, Ozzy Osbourne may have done just that with its follow-up, Diary Of A Madman. In honor of its 30th anniversary, the album is now available in remastered, expanded form as Diary Of A Madman: Legacy Edition. Diary was most recently remastered in 2002, but royalty disputes between former band members Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake and Osbourne's camp led to their parts being redone for the CD by Robert Trujillo and Mike Bordin respectively. The move was controversial to say the

Review: Ozzy Osbourne - "Blizzard Of Ozz (Expanded Edition)"

Ozzy's legendary solo debut gets the expanded edition treatment.
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In 1979, Ozzy Osbourne's career had hit a major turning point. Fired from Black Sabbath, who had since gone on to replace Osbourne with Ronnie James Dio, Osbourne's next move needed to be big, No one could have predicted just how big it would be. Osbourne joined forces with bassist Bob Daisley and drummer Lee Kerslake, but it would be former Quiet Riot guitarist Randy Rhoads who stole the show on what would become not only one of the best solo debuts, but one of the best metal albums of all time, Blizzard Of Ozz. Over the years, both Daisley

Bootleg Nation: Van Morrison - Los Angeles, CA (11/26/78)

Van Morrison slugs it out with a high energy, hard rocking show from the late 70s.
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Van MorrisonLos Angeles, CaliforniaNovember 26 1978 Source: KWEST FM Board Broadcast Lineage: KWEST FM Board Broadcast > ? > Flac Level 6 > MP3@320kps Download the MP3:  Part I, Part II Brown Eyed GirlWavelengthAnd It Stoned MeCheckin' It OutHungry For Your LoveSweet ThingCrazy Love [lead vocals by Katie Kissoon]Kingdom HallMoonshine WhiskeyPurple HeatherHelp MeTupelo Honey, Band IntrosCaravanCyprus Avenue, All Your Revelation, It's Too Late To Stop Now    For ages, Van Morrison had the Web Sheriff on the payroll confounding bootlegers of all stripes. Folks like Van and others hire the Sheriff to rid the online world of illegal copies of

Review: Marie-Christine - Walk In Beauty

This could have been so much more than an excuse to drag Corey Hart out of the shadows.
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Marie-Christine may have accomplished something few others have done in convincing Corey Hart to haul out "Sunglasses at Night" and to come out of his musical hibernation, but she doesn't really wear the interpolation well. In fact, "Girl in Shades," the first track on Marie-Christine's debut record, is a little wobbly. Marie-Christine is Marie-Christine Depestre, a Montreal singer. Her Walk In Beauty is an uneven effort that sparkles with greatness when the beat is right but collapses under the pressure of its samples when things aren't so right. The 29-year-old vocalist leans a little too much on 80s cheese on