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DeepSoul: Prince - "Another Lonely Christmas"

Only Prince could have composed a Christmas song encompassing sexuality and sorrow, accompanied by a breathtaking guitar solo.
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It seems only fitting that Prince should grace the final DeepSoul of 2016. Fans around the world mourned his untimely loss earlier this year, and continue to celebrate his vast legacy. Few may recall that Prince released a Christmas song in 1984: "Another Lonely Christmas," the B-side to the "I Would Die 4 U" single. This being Prince, however, the song hardly conjures images of smiling carolers or chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Instead, the lyrics chronicle a man mourning his lover's Christmas Day death. In an interview with NPR, Prince biographer Touré called "Another Lonely Christmas" an example

DeepSoul: Colonel Abrams - "How Soon We Forget"

Dance music fans are mourning the loss of a house pioneer.
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House fans are mourning the passing of Colonel Abrams, a 1980s club favorite whose best known hit remains 1985's "Trapped." In 2015, Abrams was found living on the streets suffering from diabetes; DJs (most notably Chicago house architect Marshall Jefferson) set up crowdfunding sites to raise money for his medical treatment as well as a possible comeback album, but he sadly passed from diabetes complications on November 24. It is indeed an unfortunate ending to a once promising career, as Abrams burned up dance floors with his deep, powerful voice and pounding beats. While "Trapped" may be his most famous