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CD Review: Big Star - Complete Third

A complete overview of the band's final album from their original run.
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By 1974, Big Star was a shadow of their former self. Co-leader Chris Bell had left after the recording of their first album #1 Record and bassist Andy Hummel left after Radio City, their second. All that remained were singer/guitarist Alex Chilton and drummer Jody Stephens. While critically acclaimed, neither of the group's first two albums sold well at all and Chilton, who was not in a good state of mind and who was partying a lot, had entered a tumultuous relationship with Lesa Aldridge, who contributed to the third album's sessions. Suffice to say Big Star was not in

CD Review: Bobby Rush - Porcupine Meat

60 years into his career, Bobby Rush is showing no signs of slowing down.
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By the time most men reach the age of 82, they are happy to be retired and want a quiet, relaxing life. Bobby Rush is not most men. The Blues Hall of Famer plays more than 200 shows a year and has recorded approximately 300 songs in his long, storied career. He received his first gold record in 1971 for "Chicken Heads" and has played alongside many of the greats of the genre including Howlin' Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Freddie King and Little Walter, among others. Like many other artists, Rush had taken to self-releasing a lot

Blu-ray Review: Classic Albums: The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

Classic Albums takes a look at The Beach Boys' monumental release, Pet Sounds.
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By 1966, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys had retired from the road. Fueled by the pressures of competing with the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, among other things, he had a nervous breakdown on one of the band's flights. What could have been catastrophic for many other bands turned out to be a stroke of luck for The Beach Boys, however, as Wilson's retirement from live performances gave him time to focus on his true love, making music in a recording studio. Wilson also instinctively knew that he couldn't keep writing surfing and car songs forever

DVD Review: The Everly Brothers - Harmonies From Heaven

A look back at this classic singing duo.
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The Everly Brothers' harmonies and string of classic singles influenced countless bands, including The Beatles, The Hollies and Simon and Garfunkel, yet offstage, their feud became equally legendary, with the brothers ultimately breaking up for ten years. Originally broadcast on BBC4, a new documentary, The Everly Brothers - Harmonies From Heaven, takes a look at the pair's brilliant, yet troubled, career. The documentary features new interviews with Don Everly and archival interviews from his late brother Phil. In addition, several musicians, including Keith Richards, Graham Nash, Tim Rice, Art Garfunkel, Waddy Watchel all express their admiration for the pair. The

DVD/CD Review: Santana IV - Live At The House Of Blues Las Vegas

The classic Santana lineup picks up where it left off in this incredible performance.
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Since the 1960s, Santana has been combining rock with Latin, jazz, blues and African elements, making for a sound uniquely theirs. Led by guitarist Carlos Santana, the group has survived many changes in popular tastes, as well as their own numerous band lineups. Perhaps most famous of those lineups is the one that last recorded together for 1971's Santana III. Besides Santana, the lineup boasted Neal Schon on guitar and Gregg Rolie on keyboards and vocals (Both of who would soon form Journey), Michael Shrieve on drums and Michael Carabello on percussion. In spite of fans wishes for them to

Blu-ray Review: Motley Crue: The End - Live In Los Angeles

Motley Crue finish where they started in this farewell performance.
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In 2014, Motley Crue joined the ranks of countless other classic rock acts by announcing their farewell tour. Unlike those acts however, the band also signed a "cessation of touring" agreement, which prevented any of the band members from touring as Motley Crue past the end of the farewell tour. While cynics will point out that this pact can be broken if all four original members agree to break it, thus far is has been more than a year and they have stayed true to their word. Realistically, these are guys who don't always get along very well, so the

DVD/CD Review: Toto - Live At Montreux 1991

Toto deliver a killer performance in this 1991 Montreux Jazz Festival performance.
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The year 1991 was one of transition for the members of Toto. It found guitarist Steve Lukather taking over the role of lead vocalist after singer Jean-Michel Byron's short stint with the band and the group's tour proved to be the last one with the late brothers Jeff and Mike Porcaro as Jeff passed away shortly after the release of 1992's Kingdom Of Desire. While on tour, the band made a stop at the famed Montreux Jazz Festival, playing old hits and covers, as well as previewing tracks from Kingdom Of Desire. The show was filmed and makes up the