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DeepSoul Salutes Bill Withers: "I Want to Spend the Night"

DeepSoul celebrates the organic soul of the "Lean on Me" singer, beginning with this sensual slow jam.
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Few artists embody the very essence of soul as much as Bill Withers, a consummate singer, songwriter, and musician. His lyrics are highly personal yet universal in theme, addressing romantic, political, and familial topics. Never oversinging, his voice can soar, only to descend into a grittiness that expresses deep emotion. He implemented his gospel roots, into his blending of soul and R&B (with a touch of folk), making Withers a standout among his peers in the 1970s. While Withers has largely retired from performing, his music is everywhere, still played on the radio, used in commercials, and incorporated into films.

DeepSoul, Sampled Edition: Timmy Thomas - "Why Can't We Live Together"

This 1973 hit features a one-man-band, and has inspired numerous covers and hip hop samples.
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AllMusic's Andrew Hamilton labels it "the cheapest Top Ten hit ever made." Regardless of its minimalist production, the 1973 single "Why Can't We Live Together" by Timmy Thomas ranks as one of the most unlikely and influential hits of the 1970s. Its hypnotic beat, Latin percussion, and heartfelt lyrics retain timeless appeal, with artists such as MC Hammer, 3rd Bass, Leaders of the New School, and (more recently) Drake sampling its distinctive elements. Born in 1944 in Evansville, Indiana, Thomas gradually honed his keyboard skills and later performed with jazz legends Donald Byrd and Cannonball Adderley. After a brief stint

Blu-ray Review: Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Memories In Rock: Live In Germany

After nearly two decades, Ritchie Blackmore returns to rock in a strong concert Blu-ray.
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Ever since Rainbow gave way to Blackmore's Night in 1997, fans of Ritchie Blackmore have wondered if he would ever return to the melodic hard rock that earned him a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Deep Purple. In the summer of 2016, fans' prayers were answered when Blackmore decided to resurrect Rainbow with an all-new lineup, playing three well-received concerts, two in Germany and one in England. The German shows were filmed and make up the new Blu-ray/2-CD Set Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Memories In Rock: Live in Germany. While the band's