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Women's History Month: Etta James - Security

A favorite performance from the greatest female vocalist of all time...
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It's nigh impossible to get consensus on The Greatest Of All Time in any discussion of music and that's just the arguments I have with myself. There are a few where the question has been settled. One of those concerns the greatest female vocalist of all time. There are scores of qualified applicants for that particular title but no one has ever done it better than the legendary Etta James. Etta James is likely best known for her incomparable command of torch songs like the perfect and impossibly gorgeous "At Last." That's where she shined brightest and her complete command

Women's History Month: Stevie Nicks - Edge Of Seventeen

Saluting Stevie Nicks, the first woman to be twice inducted in the Hall of Fame, during Women's History Month
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March is Women's History Month and that inspired me to write about favorite female artists and their songs. I'd love to tell you I'm going to do this all month (and I certainly could without coming anywhere near exhausting the list of amazing women whose work fills my Tower of Song) but let's be real: this is the first thing I've written in 2019, the first thing I've written in six months. But I'm here and you're here so let's dive right in... It is appalling it took until 2019 for a woman artist to become a two-time Rock And