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EP Review: David Thompson - The Wall

David Thompson returns with a strong synth pop EP.
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For David Thompson's second release as a solo artist, The Wall, Covid had an influence on his backing band. With everyone in quarantine, Thompson decided to play all the instruments on the album (save for two songs featuring guitar work by Howe Pearson) and self produce it as well. The result is an EP chock full of 1980s-influened electronic pop that showcase Thompson's strong songwriting skills and pop sensibilities. The EP leads off with "Time," a track that blends eerie sounding keyboards and reverb drenched vocals. The track is an ode to early 80s New Wave and its black and

Video Review: Nick Campbell Destroys - "Goodbye Moonmen"

Nick Campbell releases a trippy video for "Goodbye Moonmen."
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Nick Campbell used the pandemic to release an EP of covers, Low-Fi Bass Music For Quarantine, earlier this year under his group name Nick Campbell Destroys. Now he is back with a video for "Goodbye Moonmen," a track from the EP and a cover of a song from Campbell's favorite TV show, Rick and Morty. The song is a trippy affair, with almost spoken-word verses and a heavenly, near Beach Boys harmony chorus courtesy of vocalist Michael Mayo of Herbie Hancock fame (among others). The video has Campbell standing in outer space, with words from the lyrics appearing in the