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Single Review: 1st Base Runner - "All Thoughts"

1st Base Runner offers a moody debut single with "All Thoughts".
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The debut single from 1st Base Runner, "All Thoughts," is an intriguing, moody piece with droning vocals, driving bass and massive keyboards. 1st Base Runner is Tim Husmann from Austin, TX, who plays all the instruments and delivers all the vocals. His voice is at once edgy and melodic, with a bit of grit to it. Husmann's voice and instrumentation make for a hypnotic track. The video is equally dark, yet compelling. Shot in black and white, and made to look as if it were shot on a cell phone, it showcases strange images of player pianos, people in masks,

Single Review: Oneo Fakind - "The Coniologist"

Oneo Fakind offer a potent new single and video with "The Coniologist".
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New from Toronto electronic duo Oneo Fakind is "The Coniologist," the lead single and video from their new album, The Start of Something. The track starts out with an ominous spoken word interlude, which is soon interrupted by booming bass sounds and melodic keyboards. Building in intensity throughout, the song features lush keyboard swells against more dissonant, almost video game sounding noises and what seems like a trace of steel drums hidden in the background. As quickly as it begins, the song ends with some eerie single piano notes. The song's video is equally intense, opening with space scenes and

DVD Review: The Go-Go's

The Go-Go's is a well-made look at this influential band.
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From director Alison Ellwood comes The Go-Go's, a film about the legendary all-female group. The documentary includes interviews with every member of the group, as well as former band members and their former manager and documents their rise from an LA punk band that could barely play their instruments to becoming the first (and only) all-female group to write their own songs and play their own instruments to score a number one album to their messy breakup and subsequent reunions. The group, which just received a nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, continues to write new music