EP Review: Lord Sonny The Unifier - All New Information

Lord Sonny The Unifier return with a diverse new EP.
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Following the release of their psychedelic-infused single, "(All My Friends) Live Underground," Lord Sonny The Unifier returns with a four-track EP, All New Information. The EP includes the aforementioned track, plus three additional cuts, "Knockout," "Pay The Man (When You Leave)," and "I Love You World." All four songs show a great deal of diversity and a willingness to experiment musically.

"Knockout" leads things off and showcases a melodic, danceable groove with edgy vocals and a memorable chorus. Rock guitars and heavy effects mix with a healthy dose of bass on this standout track. The video shows multiple clips of MMA footage. While the video for "(All My Friends) Live Underground," is more abstract and trippy, this one is straight to the point, befitting the lyrical content.

"Pay The Man (When You Leave)" follows and is a melodic, mid-tempo pop track with elements of pop, hard rock, funk, and psychedelia. The song features an emotional lead vocal from Gregory Jiritano, who shifts between voices throughout this modern, power pop track.

The song "(All My Friends) Live Underground" has been reviewed by this site, but it is a wild, heavy psychedelic ride with a video to match, while EP closer "I Love You World" is more straightforward. Or at least as straightforward as Lord Sonny The Unifier gets. The track mixes classic rock with modern elements in an exciting combination.

Lord Sonny The Unifier has crafted a strong EP with All New Information. The group mixes top-notch musicianship and song craft with a willingness to experiment, making for some very interesting music.