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Lake Street Dive - Clear A Space (Live) (Video)

Consider this an apology for and down payment on a delinquent review...
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There exists on my hard drive a half-finished review of Lake Street Dive's Bad Self Portraits, an album that would have landed on my Best of 2014 had I actually gotten around to writing it. It's clear, dear readers, I've been M.I.A. from Blinded By Sound for a little while. There are good reasons for that. Laziness, for example. One of our writers sent me on assignment to see Lake Street Dive back in October of last year and that's where I first heard this song from their Fun Machine EP. That EP is five covers and this orignal.

See Shovels & Rope Perform "The Devil Is All Around" on Conan

Shovels & Rope make magic on light night television! #TeamCoco
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I am so behind on my review of the magical goodness that is Swimmin' Time from our friends, Shovels & Rope. That review exists in pieces, in my head. I am going to commit words to page and get that written and published. Soon. In the meantime, please let me share with you a marvelous performance of one of my favorite tracks from the record, "The Devil Is All Around," from their recent appearance on Conan O'Brien. I've seen them live twice and this is a good representation of what you get when you see them and it's reminding me

Vaudeville Etiquette Unveil Poignant New Video For "Oh"

Beautiful video, beautiful song, beautiful record...
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Vaudeville Etiquette -- Remember them? They made the record I politely commanded you all to purchase back in April -- is back with a new video from what remains the best debut record I've heard in 2014. I still love the warmth in Tayler Lynn's voice and how a simple sound can capture what words fail to describe. I love Bradley Laina's harmony vocal and the way mandolin and vibraphone decorate the acoustic guitar strums and melody. There is a gentleness of spirit and sweetness in the song captured in the video shot by Laina. This is all making my

Patrick Sweany Unveils Official Video "Every Night Every Day"

Blues-rock done right... oh, so right...
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Patrick Sweany is the latest artist to add his name to the esteemed Josh Hathaway's New Musical Obsession List. I nearly had to pull over to the side of the road when I heard "Them Shoes" for the first time last month. I did what I always do when something hits me like that and began exhaustively researching his bio and discography, leading me to the happy news Mr. Sweany was playing Music City Roots in Nashville at Loveless Cafe, a very cool event and venue. He played a 4-song mini set but that was enough to send me home

Alastair Greene Band Debuts "Trouble At Your Door" Video

New AGB Album 'Trouble At Your Door' releases June 17...
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Alastair Greene Band debuted a video for the title track from their forthcoming fifth studio album, Trouble At Your Door, due June 17 from Eclecto Groove/Delta Groove Records. "Trouble" showcases Greene's guitar prowess with a big riff and blazing guitar solo and serves as an appealing introduction to the new album (look for a review here on BBS as we get closer to the launch). Trouble features 11 new originals and a cover of "Strange Feeling," from the late Michael Burks. Greene also produced the sessions himself. Greene has been backed by a litany of top musicians, former members of
Coldplay has released a video for "Magic," the first song from their forthcoming record Ghost Stories, due in stores May 19. Coldplay's last record Mylo Xyloto was reviewed by our amigos 11 and J Newcastle, both of whom liked it but with some reservations. I also enjoyed it... a little. I liked MX but it suffered from two flaws: it wasn't Viva La Vida (the masterpiece that preceded it) and too many songs sounded like it wanted to be Viva. I have a good feeling about Ghost Stories. I believe they're ready to venture off in a different direction while
One of the many advantages to being me is the occasional opportunity to hear new music before the rest of the world at large. I wouldn't trade that privilege for the world but there is the tiniest downside to it: I can't direct my dear readers and friends to an album when fanboy exuberance overtakes me because the record isn't yet available. I find myself in that situation once again regarding the debut album from Vaudeville Etiquette, Debutantes & Dealers, but I can't be silenced. I am in love with this record, these songs, and this band so I've gone

Nick Moss Releases 'Time Ain't Free,' Official Video "Fare Thee Well"

'Time Ain't Free' gets its official release and the band has issued a video for "Fare Thee Well"
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New Music Tuesday has been a sacred holiday in my life for as long as I can remember. Every week can be Christmas. Fuck waiting for December 25! New Music Tuesday has eroded ever so slightly as THE day new releases hit stores as we enter into an era where crowdsourcing and pre-ordering can put music in the hands of fans ahead of the official street date. It's a little sad to see the tradition wane but when you're talking about music, the right time is always now. Nick Moss' Time Ain't Free has been available to those of us

Watch Vaudeville Etiquette Perform "Blood & Bones" From Forthcoming Debut

2014 is the year of Vaudeville Etiquette and that is a win for us all!
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Hear me, all ye with ears, and read the words of this latest epistle, all ye with eyes. I once again carry with me a message of musical salvation for you, the antedote to the dreck what would convince you there is no music worth hearing being created in this 21st century. It is my great pleasure to bring before you the mighty Vaudeville Etiquette. Best you go ahead and convert now as this is the first of what I assure you will be many missives proclaiming their glory. VE is the brainchild of Tayler Lynn and Bradley Laina. Their

Vintage Trouble Premieres "Strike Your Light" From Forthcoming 2nd Album On 'The Tonight Show' (Video)

Vintage Trouble brings the party to 'The Tonight Show' one last time before Leno leaves...
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Vintage Trouble has nearly become the Official House Band of Jay Leno's The Tonight Show this past year, having made four appearances and there's a good reason for it: these guys know how to blow it up on stag. The heat and the sweat lose none of their potency even when being transmitted via satellite into living rooms many thousands of miles away. The band have recorded most, if not all, the material for their follow-up to their incredible debut The Bomb Shelter Sessions and the first single "Strike Your Light" is available digitally. The track doesn't deviate from the

See The Lone Bellow Perform "Green Eyes And A Heart Of Gold" on VH-1

Getting excited about seeing The Lone Bellow for the first time on Thursday...
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Thursday is going to be a big day for me, amigos. It's payday and I'm hitting the 'Ham to see The Lone Bellow at Workplay Theater. I've heard such good things about this venue but have yet to see a show there. I've more than heard good things about The Lone Bellow, I've said them. This will be my first chance to see this trio live and excited doesn't even begin to describe it. Their self-titled debut is one my most listened to albums of 2013 and continues to reward me each time I play it again, which I do

Walking Papers Relaunch Debut Album, Perform Live For KEXP (Video)

The best kind of Walking Papers you'll ever receive...
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Life is full of second chances and Walking Papers -- Jeff Angell, Barrett Martin, Duff McKagan, Ben Anderson -- have given me one. Their self-titled debut was released last year and I interviewed Jeff and Barrett about it. I planned to review the record as well but last fall conspired to nearly kill me and I never did. I could have reviewed it at any time but I kicked myself for missing that release window. Guess what, amigos? The album is getting a reboot as the band have signed on with an independent label who is putting some sweat equity
Jason Isbell has become a favorite of David Letterman. Dave doesn't gush about many of his musical guests. We all know how much of a fan he was of the late Warren Zevon. He seemed genuinely impressed recently by Vintage Trouble. Dave has also been effusive in his praise of Isbell when he makes the rounds as he did last night. Southeastern is one of my favorite records of 2013 and "Stockholm" one of its finest songs so I was excited when I learned that's what he was playing. The performance didn't disappoint. It is spirted, inspired, and wonderful. You

Beady Eye Unveil Video For New Single "Shine A Light"

New Beady Eye video proves it can be good to be Liam Gallagher...
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Beady Eye's sophomore effort is released in the UK and not exactly-officially-completely available in the US but a video has been filmed for the second single from BE, "Shine A Light." I've got a digital advance of the album and started sketching notes for my review but haven't decided if I should weigh in before it gets American distribution or take my swings now. This gives me a chance to split the difference, talking about the single and video. The Dave Sitek-produced track is overflowing with classic '60s psychedelic sounds with acoustic guitars and sitar (or guitars mimicking sitar) churning

Johnny Marr Releases "New Town Velocity" Video, Announces 2nd US Tour

Johnny Marr unveils new video and announces 2nd US tour...
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The Lord our God is a gracious and benevolent God as He has seen fit to bestow upon us both a video for my favorite song from Johnny Marr's "debut" solo album The Messenger but also a second, extended run of US tour dates from the former Smiths' guitarist. "New Town Velocity" is my favorite song on a record with so many good ones. I don't know why but it seems like my favorite song on an album ends up being an afterthought in the minds of the artist and fellow fans so I'm always surprised when something like this
Our pals Dawes played David Letterman's Late Show last week and we have the video to prove it! They gave an excellent performance of "Most People," one of my favorite songs from their latest album Stories Don't End. It was also one of the highlights of their set when I saw them last month at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. It's a great, great song and I feel like I know the woman whose story Taylor Goldsmith is telling. There is something very familiar about her and Goldsmith captures this person brilliantly. You get all that and cool, chimey guitars. Seriously,

Vintage Trouble Unveil Official Video For "Pelvis Pusher"

The good kind of bad fun...
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You've really done things right when a bonus track on your album becomes one of your most popular, recognized, and requested songs and a staple of your live show. That's what happened to our friends Vintage Trouble and their song "Pelvis Pusher." This sweat-soaked, "good kind of bad fun" groove was a bonus track on their acclained debut The Bomb Shelter Sessions and has become a fan favorite on the stage at nearly every show they play. The song is so popular they performed it live on The Tonight Show and have filmed an official video for it. They're even
Kilborn Alley Blues Band is in the midst of the East Coast leg of their summer tour and among their stops was a trip to Don Odell's Legends studio where they recorded a blistering 9-song set of songs drawing from throughout their career. Now that I have mastered the art of creating YouTube playlists, I've assembled their entire appearance and placed it below where you can, should, and must watch it. KABB is still touring in support of their album Four (one of BBS' Albums Of The Year in 2011) and we can't wait for new music from them but
"Don't Try" is the latest single and video from British quartet Everything Everything off their sophomore effort Arc and it falls well within the messy confines this band calls its sound. Jonathan Higgs' mannered falsetto can be grating whether he's talk-singing in the verses or yelping in the chorus but just as you're about to turn away, exhausted and irritated, he layers his voice in lovely harmonious textures accompanied by a blast of sound from the band and you've been ensnared by the charming, daft madness of it all. This is another example of placing the song on the unstable
The Lone Bellow got some national spotlight when they played The Tonight Show this past Wednesday, playing "Bleeding Out" from their spectacular self-titled debut. I love when good things happen to good bands, particularly those who need and merit wider exposure. The Lone Bellow are, as we near the midway point of 2013, one of my favorite musical discoveries this year. Their album is, for the moment, the one I've spent the most time listening to this year (although The National's Trouble Will Find Me is quickly catching up). If you missed their performance, we've got it embedded here. If

Tan Mom Fries Your Eyes

Could this be the worst song ever? Is it even really a song?
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If you've noticed an increase in occurrences of hysterical blindness amongst your friends and family this week, it could be down to the release of the worst visual thing ever in the history of the universe - a music video from Patricia Krentcil, a.k.a Tan Mom. In the event you've wisely suppressed your Tan Mom memories, she's the woman who hit the news last year for sneaking her five-year-old daughter into a tanning booth. You may recall her photos, in which she closely resembled mummified bacon, and her interviews which left no doubt she was probably baffled by pop-top soda
I've nearly completed my epic review of Trouble Will Find Me, the sixth album from The National. While I'm finishing this opus, the band has been hard at work promoting thier latest effort with an appearance on David Letterman as well as a surprise show in New York. They played two songs on Jimmy Fallon recently and then on Monday hit Letterman and played "Don't Swallow The Cap." It's a fantastic performance of one of the best songs on this record and the sound quality is surprisingly good for a TV performance. These late night performances and the Grammys, etc.

Dawes - Bing Lounge Live (KINK Radio)

An intimate, four-song set from Dawes promoting songs from their delightful 'Stories Don't End' LP
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I'm hoping to catch Dawes' show at the Ryman in Nashville in a couple weeks, having recently discovered them and their sensational new album Stories Don't End. They've been playing shows for awhile now and making other promotional appearances, including a set they did for KINK Radio / Live in the Bing Lounge. This is a 4-song set (which also includes an interview) has me even more excited at the prospect at taking in a full show on my own. The songs they performed are all from Stories and while they didn't play a couple of my favorites, they did
"You snooze, you lose."-- Anoymous Smug Asshole The Spring Standards are releasing a limited edition live album via a Kickstarter campaign and I found out about it too late to get in on the action. To quell this savage disappointment and shake me from my despondent stupor, I'm posting a video from their most recent album -- actually a double EP -- yellow//gold. "Nightmare" is one of my favorite songs from that set. The Spring Standards are primarily an Americana, roots-oriented band with sparkling three-part harmonies and those elements are all part of "Nightmare" but there's also a really

David Bowie Still Shocking? New Video For 'The Next Day' Causes YouTube Stir

David Bowie has made a career of getting under people's skin and making them uncomfortable...
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David Bowie remains a grand provacateur and bless him for it. His latest video, the title track from his fantastic new album The Next Day, has received an "Adults-Only" rating from YouTube and was at one point banned from the site altogether. We know Bowie is not afraid to offend. I don't know if it pleases him at this point but, considering he's not going to tour this album (BOO!), I can't help but think he's at least amused by the reaction. So what has everyone in a dither? Oh, just our hero as a prophet, a little stigmata, priests

Gary Clark Jr Unveils Video For "Numb"

New video for one of the standout tracks from 'Blak & Blu'
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When last we checked in with our hero, Gary Clark Jr. had just released his iTunes Sessions EP and was about to play David Letterman. I'm still going to get a review of the iTunes Session written soon but in the meantime he has released a video for what might be my favorite track on his full length, major label debut Blak & Blu. I first heard "Numb" when he played Nashville last year after his acclaimed matinee set at Bonnaroo. I didn't realize it was actually an old song, one he'd written for his independent (and seriously out of

The National Release Video For "Sea Of Love"

Controlled chaos and a song destined to be a highlight on the upcoming 'Trouble Will Find Me' world tour...
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The National continue the ramp up to the May 21 release of their sixth album Trouble Will Find Me with the release of a new video for "Sea Of Love." This is one of the two songs the band recently played on Jimmy Fallon and follows the video for "Demons" and the announcement of more tour dates for this summer and fall. I wish I'd been able to see and hear "Sea Of Love" in its studio form before they premiered it on Fallon so I could tell you how great this was going to be live but we already

When A Song Ruins Your Life (In A Good Way): Dawes - "A Little Bit Of Everything"

Exactly what the title promises...
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Welcome to another edition of "When A Song Ruins Your Life..." Today's edition comes courtesy of one of my new music obsessions, Dawes. Their new album, Stories Don't End, is completely wonderful and highly recommended but is not the source of the song that has ruined me and changed my life. There is no succinct way to express all the emotions "A Little Bit Of Everything" stirs in me, which is fine because I've never concerned myself with brevity (unless you ask my ex-girlfriends but that's just mean). Taylor Goldsmith sketches three unrelated scenes that are alternately poignant, heartbreaking, hilarious,

Watch Thom Yorke Perform "Karma Police," "Ingenue" Solo Piano on Jonathan Ross

Radiohead/Atoms For Peace frontman Yorke goes solo piano to promote, prep for full Atoms For Peace tour...
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Radiohead are briefly on break and a proper tour for Atoms For Peace, the band Yorke formed with Joey Waronker, Nigel Godrich, and Flea, has yet to begin but that hasn't kept Yorke from making some live appearances on his own. Appearing on Jonathan Ross' program, Yorke performed a solo piano version of Radiohead's classic "Karma Police" followed by "Ingenue" from Atoms For Peace album Amok. It wasn't difficult to imagine "Karma" being performed solo piano and Yorke sang brilliantly. While "Ingenue" is one of the slower moments on Amok, I'm always curious when electronic music goes organic. In this

Half Smiths Reunion: Johnny Marr Teams Up With Former Bandmate on "How Soon Is Now?"

It's not the pairing some would hope for but for one night, two members of The Smiths team up to play a classic.
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It's not the pairing some would hope for but Johnny Marr reunited with one of his former Smiths bandmates for a performance of the band's classic "How Soon Is Now?" as Marr brought to a close his tour in support of his solo album The Messenger. No, kids, it wasn't Morrissey, whose US tour was abrupltly ended when the singer experienced a host of health problems but was instead bassist Andy Rourke, a man Marr lauded as one of the best musicians he knows and one of his best friends. A full Smiths reunion is never going to happen and