Everything Everything Release Video For "Duet" From New LP 'Arc'

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British quartet Everything Everything have released a second video from their second album this week as American fans wait for the album to receive proper US distribution.

The first video from the record, "Cough Cough," was issued earlier this year and tied to the release of an EP of the same name. This latest video is for my favorite track from the album (yeah, I went ahead and paid for the import version because I'm not patient enough to wait for a US label to get this in stores), "Duet." Everything Everything has a charming weirdness in their music that can, at times, be difficult to wrap your ears around and then they'll do something like this. "Duet" is a wonderfully constructed, soaring pop anthem and easily the most accessible thing on Arc. Where "Cough Cough" was delightfully chaotic and skittering, "Duet" is melodic, stirring, and utterly brilliant. It has the makings of a hit in the US if someone would champion it and work it at radio. Chris Martin is kicking himself right now for having not written this album and Brian Eno is muttering about how he'd never let it on a Coldplay album he was producing. Instead, the album isn't properly available here at all. It's a scandal and an outrage.

Beavis and Butt-head would be disappointed at the lack of fire and lava in the video but this is easily better than anything we had to endure in the godawful '90s disaster flicks Volcano or Dante's Peak (and I'm being kind when I say godawful) as frontman Jonathan Higgs wanders barefooted around a post-eruption city covered in ash. 

The British are coming... eventually. America needs more Everything Everything. Check out the video and demand your copy of Arc!