Lianne LaHavas Creates 2-Part Story With Videos For "Elusive," "Gone"

A 2-part video series to get me ready for Lianne LaHavas' Nashville show this month...
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Happy April, boys and girls. This is a big, big month for me as I have tickets to take in three shows in Nashville: Vintage Trouble, The Slide Brothers opening for JJ Grey & Mofro, and the one I'm perhaps most excited about is Lianne La Havas.

I fell in love with her debut record Is Your Love Big Enough? last year and had I done a Best Of for last year, her album would easily have made the list. It's a stunning, soulful album from a young artist with a beautiful voice, an exciting present, and a bright future.

LaHavas has released videos for a number of songs from her debut and I've shared them on BBS. You should check out her video for "Forget," one of my favorites from the album as well as her performance of the title track from her album on The Tonight Show.

In preparation for seeing her upcoming show, I'm going to post a few more of these videos, including the two-part short film series she has made with the help of director Colin Solal Cardo using the songs "Elusive" and "Gone."

The videos are artfully shot and allow LaHavas to show off some acting chops -- a talent I hope she limits to videos so as not to interrupt the flow of more great music -- and tells the story of a burning romance :: spoiler alert :: ending in heartbreak.

Enjoy the videos and (re)introduce yourself to the wonders of one of the best musical discoveries I've made in quite some time. Lianne, I look forward to seeing you in Nashville. I'll be the goofy old white man singing every word, off-key.