Nick Moss Releases 'Time Ain't Free,' Official Video "Fare Thee Well"

'Time Ain't Free' gets its official release and the band has issued a video for "Fare Thee Well"
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New Music Tuesday has been a sacred holiday in my life for as long as I can remember. Every week can be Christmas. Fuck waiting for December 25! New Music Tuesday has eroded ever so slightly as THE day new releases hit stores as we enter into an era where crowdsourcing and pre-ordering can put music in the hands of fans ahead of the official street date. It's a little sad to see the tradition wane but when you're talking about music, the right time is always now. 

Nick Moss' Time Ain't Free has been available to those of us who pre-ordered the record for some time now but this past Tuesday was its official New Music Tuesday. That means those of you who didn't get in at the outset have your chance to catch up and you should seize the moment. Time Ain't Free is another career high point for the immensely talented Moss and will easily be among the best albums of 2014.

We also have a new official video for a song from Time Ain't Free, "Fare Thee Well." Great song, this. Bookmark this page, go order your copy of the record, and come back and watch and listen to this repeatedly while you wait for your download to complete or your CD to arrive. You'll be glad you did.