Wilco Stops Time At Ryman With "Art Of Almost" Video

Great song, great venue, great band, great video...
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Wilco - Art Of Almost (Video)What happens when you take one of my favorite bands and put them in God's favorite room? Can you think of anything better? How about a killer stop-motion video of one of my favorite songs from one of their favorite records? Wilco, you think of everything!

This video condenses Wilco's two-night stand at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville from setup to teardown into seven cool minutes with "The Art Of Almost" from The Whole Love as the soundtrack to it all.

The video filming and editing is spectacular and you get a glimpse of all the things that go into making sure everything looks and sounds perfect on stage. Of course playing an amazing and perfect venue like Ryman helps but it still takes a lot of work to bring it all together. You get to see the band during soundcheck, the audience fill the hallowed halls, and the band taking the stage and performing.

While all that's happening, you get to hear the brilliant opening track to one of Wilco's best records- and that is saying something. The nervous quake in the off-kilter rhythm and the layers of guitars build to an intense closing guitar solo until the whole thing feels like the audio equivalent of a panic attack.

I lacked funds to see either of these shows just a mere two hours up the road from me and I hate that. Wilco is still one of those "must see" bands I haven't seen. This song and video have lit a fire under me and I hope I get a chance soon to see them in that building and hear them play this song.