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Louis Armstrong - Chapel Hill, NC (05/04/54)|Bootleg Nation

A great show for jazz snobs and noobs alike.
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I used to think I was a jazz-man. A great lover of the genre. Then I met the snobs. One time I went over to a friend's house and hung out. We ate some grub, listened to some tunes and talked about a wide range of subjects. Eventually we talked about music and a friend of the friend asked me if I liked jazz and then when I answered yes, he asked me to name some artists. I rattled off a list of names including Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, and Ella Fitzgerald. With typical jazz snob disdain he said

Bootleg Nation: Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band - New York City First Dream Night (11/07/09)

Bruce and the boys play The Wild, the Innocent, and the E-Street Shuffle live and completely rock the house.
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Bruce SpringsteenNew York City First Dream Night New York, NY November 7th, 2009 Download the MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II, Part III Disc 0101 Intro02 Thundercrack03 Seeds04 Prove It All Night05 Hungry Heart06 Working On A Dream07 Introduction to THE WILD, THE INNOCENT AND THE E STREET SHUFFLE08 The E Street Shuffle09 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)10 Kitty's Back11 Wild Billy's Circus Story12 Incident On 57th StreetDisc 0201 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)02 New York City Serenade03 Waitin' On A Sunny Day04 Raise Your Hand05 Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street06 Glory Days07 Human Touch08 Lonesome Day09 The

Bootleg Nation: Van Morrison - Los Angeles, CA (11/26/78)

Van Morrison slugs it out with a high energy, hard rocking show from the late 70s.
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Van MorrisonLos Angeles, CaliforniaNovember 26 1978 Source: KWEST FM Board Broadcast Lineage: KWEST FM Board Broadcast > ? > Flac Level 6 > MP3@320kps Download the MP3:  Part I, Part II Brown Eyed GirlWavelengthAnd It Stoned MeCheckin' It OutHungry For Your LoveSweet ThingCrazy Love [lead vocals by Katie Kissoon]Kingdom HallMoonshine WhiskeyPurple HeatherHelp MeTupelo Honey, Band IntrosCaravanCyprus Avenue, All Your Revelation, It's Too Late To Stop Now    For ages, Van Morrison had the Web Sheriff on the payroll confounding bootlegers of all stripes. Folks like Van and others hire the Sheriff to rid the online world of illegal copies of

Bootleg Nation: Lucinda Williams - Sweet and Tender Kisses (02/26/89)

Lucinda Williams performs a gorgeous, heart-wrenching show in the early part of her career.
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Lucinda Williams"Sweet And Tender Kisses"KPFK-FM Radio Live Performance, Los Angeles, CA Download the MP3@320kps February 26, 198901 Big Red Sun Blues02 Crescent City03 Like A Rose04 All I Want (It Don't Matter To Me)05 Abandoned06 Wild And Blue07 Something About What Happens When We Talk08 SundaysLineup:Lucinda Williams - guitar, vocalsGurf Morlix - guitar, background vocalsDr. John Ciambotti - bassLineage: FM >? >shn >mkwACT v0.97 Beta 1 >wav >WaveRepair v4.8.4 (DNR, Declicking, Tracking) >shorten v3.5.1 >shn>MP3   Lucinda Williams is the queen of heartache. The Prime Minister of break-ups. The princess of bad relationships. She's felt the pain of love
The Dave Rawlings MachineTwisted Branch Tea BazaarCharlottesville, VAAugust 30, 2006 Disc 1 (MP3 encoded at 320kps) 1 Diamond Joe2 I hear them all3 Elvis Presley Blues4 The Wicked Messenger5 The way it will be6 The monkey & the engineer7 Copper Kettle8 To Be Young9 Knuckleball catcher10 Key to the kingdom Disc 2 (MP3 encoded at 320kps) 1 Big Rock Candy Mountain2 I'll be your baby tonight3 Luminous Rose4 Queen Jane Approximately5 I'll fly away6 Long Black Veil David Rawlings is the longtime companion of Gillian Welch.  They've been writing and performing together for so long it is really rather difficult to seperate the two. 

Bootleg Nation: Mark Knopfler - Rare Sessions

Mark Knopfler fans put together a five disked set of alt-tracks, live cuts and rarities to mixed results.
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Download MP3@320kps:  Part 1, Part II, Part III, Part IV Thus far in the Bootleg Nation I have presented complete recordings of single concerts.  These type shows make up the vast majority of my bootleg collection, and in fact of all the bootlegs that exist in the world. But today I want to talk a bit about another type of bootleg, what you can loosely categorize as demos, alternate tracks, and rarities.  Musicians often go into the recording studio with only loose ideas on the songs they want to record for an album.  They will generally record everything they

Bootleg Nation: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Rolling Zuma Review

While bootlegging may live in a legal gray area, this Neil Young performance might just blow you away.
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  Download MP3@320kps:  Part I, Part IINEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSERolling Zuma RevueFestival Hall, Osaka, Japan, March 5, 1976 +Chicago Auditorium, Chicago, IL, November 15, 1976Liberated Lone Wolf bootlegSoundboard RecordingCD 1:1. Heart Of Gold2. The Old Laughing Lady3. Journey Through The Past4. Too Far Gone5. Give Me Strength6. The Needle And The Damage Done7. A Man Needs A Maid8. Tell Me Why9. Sugar Mountain10. Mellow My Mind11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart12. No One Seems To Know13. Country Home14. Don't Cry No Tears15. Lotta Love16. Like A Hurricane CD 2:1. Country Home2. Don't Cry No Tears3. Peace Of

Bootleg Nation: Jerry Garcia Band - Berekely, CA (07/23/77)

Jerry Garcia sans the Grateful Dead still jams like nobody's business.
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Jerry Garcia Band 07/23/77 Keystone Berkeley, CA Download MP3@320kps:  Part I, Part II Audience Source Set I Tuning Sugaree Stop That Train Mystery Train Simple Twist Of Fate The Way You Do The Things You Do Set II Tuning They Love Each Other Sitting In Limbo Tore Up Over You My Sisters And Brothers Stir It Up Tangled Up In Blue One of the great things about the Jerry Garcia Band was that it allowed Garcia to play songs that just weren't suited for the Grateful Dead. The Dead played all sorts of genres themselves, but solo Garcia could

Bootleg Nation: Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Milwaukee, WI (05/22/10)

You should probably rethink your career as a living, breathing human being if this show doesn't get you shaking what God gave you...
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For my money there is nothing like a live concert.  Standing in front of a band with hundreds of like-minded fans hearing great music quite literally being created before your eyes is nothing short of magic.  The energy, the power, the vibrations that pound right through you is something you just can't get anywhere else.  Watching (and listening) to musicians connect with themselves, the audience, and their muse in a real time setting blows my mind every freaking time. I love everything about a concert -- being able to physically see the band on the stage, the music, standing