American Idol San Diego Auditions: Beautiful City, Weak Contestants

You will all pay dearly if one of these contestants wins Season 11...
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American Idol Season 11: San DiegoSunny and beautiful San Diego, California is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the nation and the American Idol judges are hoping it’s also offering up talent that’s even half as inspiring as they take in both aboard the USS Midway

Right out of the gate we get the “average looking girl with a hot body wearing way too little clothing” while singing in a key not invented, or accepted by human ears. She was creepily ogled by all and sent on her tacky little way, sans Golden Ticket. 

Single mom Ashley Robles is next and she over-growled all over the place on “I Will Always Love You,” which had the judges salivating. I wasn’t remotely impressed yet the judges acted like she is a shoo-in for the finals. I predict she barely makes Top 40, and if she does it’s only because the Girl pool is generally weaker.

Songwriter Jayrah  Gibson is a whirling dervish of crazy and babbles nonsense for about three minutes before he gets to his song and he’s got a great tone and delivery, but something is grating about the nasally quality. Randy says he’s a real deal R&B candidate and he’s got the Golden Ticket and is Hollywood-bound.

Aubree Dieckmeyer is a total flake and scatterbrained however she has a sweet, ethereal voice that even does the classic “Feeling Good” justice. She has the generic American Idol “look” so I see her going pretty far, Top 12 girls at least.

Alli Shields is another whacked out native who, after all the weirdness and uncomfortable booty-poppin’ not to mention rapping, can actually sing a little and gets a Golden Ticket because the judges are obviously high. Or hate us. Alli disappears after Hollywood Week, me thinks.

Kyle Crews is an awkward frat boy who has a penchant for serenading random girls (we hate that, just for the record) and is way heavy on the vibrato and I’m not a fan at all, however the judges just said he’s the best male vocalist so far. Now I’m convinced there was some drug consumption in between takes.

Jane Carrey is Jim Carrey’s daughter and her voice is okay and below average, but she makes it through on the merits of her sub-par delivery of “Somethin’ To Talk About.” If she makes it past Hollywood Week, I’m torching the place.

Jason “Wolf” Hamlin is a big, burly mechanic with a nice rockabilly look and sound. He does “Midnight Special” by CCR and the judges ask him to sing something else. He oh so wisely chooses “Folsom Prison Blues” by the one and only Johnny Cash. I love him, and I’m pleased as can be when he gets three yeses. I don’t see him lasting in this competition but I’ll be happy to see what else Wolf has to offer for as long as we have him.

That’s a wrap from San Diego but check back here on Wednesday as the audition road trip continues, taking the American Idol crew to picturesque Aspen, Colorado. I will have the scoop, juicy details and awkward moments for your reading pleasure.