An 'American Idol' Thanksgiving: Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, James Durbin Make Special Holiday Appearances (Video)

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Scotty McCreery Now that the turkey coma has sufficiently subsided and moving is a little more comfortable, it’s time to catch up with those wacky American Idol kids. It may be X Factor season, but our AI friends James Durbin, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina were all busy this Thanksgiving Day. For some, Thanksgiving means eating more quantities of turkey than is absolutely necessary, ever, and football. For others, it's parades and American Idol. I multitasked, just for you. Here are the highlights of my sacrifices from this past weekend! Thank God Nickelback didn't come up through the American Idol ranks or I might have felt compelled to include what I imagine was a dreadful halftime show in this montage for the sake of being a completist. There are only so many sacrifices I'm willing to make, kids.

Let us begin in chronological order shall we? To kick off the day, current Idol champ Scotty McCreery was featured on the Morton’s Salt float in the 85th Annual Macy’s Day Parade in New York City. Scotty sang his current hit single “The Trouble With Girls” and once again had a lip synching gaff, at the beginning but, as the say, he recovered like a pro.

Lauren Alaina Flubs National AnthemSpeaking of messing up on national television: Lauren Alaina had the distinct pleasure of singing the National Anthem at the start of the Detroit Lions-Green Bay Packers game and had her very own Christina Aguilera moment. She didn’t mess up the words, as much as completely stopped singing them for an excruciating five second stretch. She also finished like a pro but wow, that’s a pretty major mess up. She is barely 17 years-old and completely human but my heart went out to her.

The third and final Idol of last season I caught on Thanksgiving was James Durbin on CNN talking with Dr. Drew Pinskey about Tourette’s, Asperger’s, and living with both of these diagnoses since he was 10 years-old. One thing I found a little fascinating was that James’ famous “furrowing brow” twitch he had before seems to have been replaced by a new symptom involving his mouth. I love watching this kid and think he’s amazingly brave and inspiring.

That’s what some of your Idol favorites did for the holiday, I hope yours was amazing and full of blessings and zero public embarrassments.