Lauren Alaina's "Georgia Peaches" Dazzles On 'Good Morning America'

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Lauren Alaina - Good Morning America
Lauren Alaina’s debut album could have easily been called Coming Out From The Shadows Of Scotty McCreery as Lauren is making her own mark on the country world with her debut of Wildflower and setting herself up as a wholly separate and legitimate country artist. Wildflower is currently sitting pretty at No. 3 on itunes albums chart while Scotty has slipped a little, down to No. 9.

Lauren’s making the rounds promoting Wildflower and her upcoming second single “Georgia Peaches” (“Like My Mother Does” was released before her album was complete). Lauren stopped by Good Morning America and chatted with Robin Roberts about life after Idol, not yet having a driver’s license despite being only weeks away from her 17th birthday, and how 17 is an adult in Georgia, she says, “Momma’s worried.” I wouldn’t be too worried about her until she can actually drive.

I’ve watched through both clips I’m including in this story and one thing strikes me pretty immediately when she’s bantering and small talk-ing with GMA’s Roberts in the first clip. Lauren is still insufferably aggravating for me. I grew up down South and have known hundreds of girls just like her and she makes me grit my teeth. I think it may be the baby talk voice she sometimes uses. The second striking thing is her confidence. She looked and sounded great! There was a little weirdness as she glanced furtively from her front camera to side camera at times but, overall she was a blast to watch.

If this Lauren Alaina had shown up for last season’s American Idol, I have little doubt she could have won the crown, as she has grown from shrinking violet to a true, vibrant wildflower.

"Georgia Peaches"


“Like My Mother Does”