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Premiere: Blues Music Award Nominee John Németh Debuts "Kool Aid Pickle"

Check out the first single from BMA nominee John Németh!
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2017 Blues Music Award nominee for BB King Entertainer of the Year John Németh is releasing his upcoming studio album Feeling Freaky, out May 19, and is premiering the new single "Kool Aid Pickle," which we have here for you to stream. "Kool Aid Pickle" comes as an instant download when you pre-order the record. Németh's new LP is produced by guitarist extraordinare Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi All-Stars) and finds the vocalist/harmoica ace stretching boundaries far beyond even his own updated blues sound. His touring band does most of the heavy lifting as his instrumental backing on the record and

Interview: Knack Guitarist Berton Averre

The Knack's lead guitarist speaks about the latest reissues of the band's music.
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Blinded by Sound recently spoke with Berton Averre, lead guitarist for The Knack, about the rerelease of several of the band's albums, the history of The Knack and his current projects. Here's what he had to say. The past few years have been good ones for Knack fans in terms of new releases. How did this latest batch of rereleases come about? Doug Fieger's sister Beth inherited his business side of things and she is a very capable woman. She is interested in furthering the business side of things and found this label, Omnivore, who really liked our music. She

'Elliott Smith - Heaven Adores You' DVD, Blu-Ray Release July 17

Documentary about the talented singer/songwriter makes its way to home video this summer...
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The documentary Elliott Smith - Heaven Adores You will make its move to home video on July 17 on Blu Ray, DVD, and a host of other digital formats. The film was directed by Nickolas Dylan Rossi and is billed as an intimate portrait of an incredibly talented singer/songwriter. It features interviews with a handful of those close to Smith and takes us to the three cities he spent most of his career: Portland, New York, and Los Angeles. Elliott Smith was an amazing talent as a singer/songwriter and increasingly as an arranger when his life was cut short at

Celebrating The Life Of B.B. King (1925-2015)

Celebrating the life and work of the blues icon who passed away at the age of 89....
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The world is mourning the loss and celebrating the life and legacy of BB King and I am joining that chorus with a heavy but thankful heart. He gave more than I can possibly sum up in his 89 years. We are all the richer for those gifts and it would be wrong to ask for any more but there was never going to be a day we would want to let him go. Too many of the greats were not appreciated in their own time. I take some comfort in the belief BB had some idea of just how

CD Review: Roger Taylor - Strange Frontier

Roger Taylor's second solo album gets the expanded treatment in this rerelease.
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Shortly after Queen released their 1984 album The Works, Roger Taylor dropped his second solo album, Strange Frontier. Like its predecessor, Fun In Space, Taylor played most of the instruments himself but, unlike that album, Strange Frontier features some notable guest appearances, including Rick Parfitt from Status Quo and all three of his Queen band mates. The CD has been rereleased in the US in expanded form. The album opens with the title track, a song that answers the question of what Taylor would sound like put through a Bruce Springsteen filter. The song builds in intensity from its mellow

CD Review: Roger Taylor - Fun In Space

The Queen drummer's vastly underrated first solo album is available once again in expanded form.
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While much of the focus with Queen has been on their iconic front man, the late Freddie Mercury and, to a lesser degree, their bombastic guitarist Brian May, the band's secret weapon has arguably always been Roger Taylor. From his trademark harmonies (Who else could sing the high harmony to Mercury?) to penning some of the band's biggest hits to his own underrated tracks on many of their albums, Queen's drummer is a crucial ingredient in the band's sound. A prolific writer, Taylor began stockpiling songs that were either not used by or deemed unfit for the band for one

Van Halen To Release Live Set With Roth March 31

It's not quite a reunion album but it's the first VH live album with Diamond Dave and features most of the hits!
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I don't know what has taken so long but the Van Halen "Reunion"/A Different Kind Of Truth tour is finally being documented with a live album to be released March 31, taken from their June 21 appearance at the Tokyo Dome. This is the first VH live album to feature founding frontman Diamond David Lee Roth but the bass chores were handled by Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang rather than original bassist Michael Anthony. The 25-song set will be spread across 2 CDs (also available on vinyl) and includes most of the Roth-era hits a fan would want along with

DVD/CD Review: The J. Geils Band - House Party - Live In Germany

A killer performance from the famed German music program Rockpalast.
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The J. Geils Band made great studio albums, but any fan will tell you that the real magic was seeing them live. The band released three live albums with songs from two of them remaining staples on classic rock radio to this day. As fantastic as those albums are though, they lack the visual component of what made them such a dynamic live band. Hearing manic front man Peter Wolf's performances is one thing, but watching him, not unlike Mick Jagger, is a workout itself. The release of House Party: Live in Germany finally rectifies this with a killer DVD

Blur Announce New Album 'The Magic Whip' Due April 28, Issue First Single "Go Out"

Blur's first new album in a dozen years will be released in April....
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Check this out! Blur is back with their first album in 12 years, an album that features the original lineup -- yes, kids, Graham Coxon is back in the fold as the band's guitarist -- called The Magic Whip. The new set will be released April 28. The set was produced by frequent collaborator/producer Stephen Street. The songs were principally recorded in Hong Kong, which might explain just a bit the album art. Blur reunited for a massive show when London hosted the Summer Olympics and have played a few other dates but new music wasn't a certainty. Damon Albarn

Florence + The Machine To Release New Album June 6, Release New Single "What Kind Of Man"

Florence + The Machine readies release of third album...
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My neglect of you, dear readers, has reached crisis proportions but my return draweth nigh and is inspired, in no small part, but news of new music from Florence + The Machine. How Big How Blue How Beautiful is their third album and will be released worldwide on June 6 and we can get our first taste of the record via the first single "What Kind Of Man" (video below). Welch described to NME a very different perspective in the writing process for How Big as opposed to its predecessor Ceremonials. "I guess although I've always dealt in fantasy and

Blu-ray Review: Genesis - Sum Of The Parts

The band's classic-era lineup is reunited for a series of interviews about the group.
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Genesis was one of the most successful progressive rock bands (and bands in general) of all time. They were also one of the most polarizing. A band it's never really been "cool" to like, its fans are fiercely loyal. Much like with Van Halen, different camps exist supporting a preferred singer, in this case Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins. The documentary Sum of the Parts assembles the classic lineup of Gabriel, Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and Steve Hackett for a series of interviews -- both separate and together -- and attempts to make sense of it all. The documentary

Noel Gallagher Announces New Album 'Chasing Yesterday,' First Single "In The Heat Of The Moment"

New Gallagher set due March 2015, first single releases November 17...
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Noel Gallagher announced his second solo LP Chasing Yesterday will release March 2nd next year and announced the release of the first single "In The Heat Of The Moment," which releases next month (Nov. 17). Gallagher said the record has been done for nearly three months in a Facebook Q&A with selected fans and media, begging the obvious, maddening, homicide-inspiring question WHY IS THE RELEASE OF THE FUCKING RECORD 6 MONTHS AWAY? Damn it, man! At least we have the first single to listen to (more on that to follow). Hell, we even know what the second single is from
We've got another week of plenty to choose from but hardly a need for choice. There's hardly anything that could come out this week that would beat Lucinda Williams for my choosing. I, along with half the world (at least the cool kids anyways) with 1998's Car Wheel on a Gravel Road. It was (and is, and forever shall be) a brilliant album - full of blood and grit, soul and ache, dirt, grime and rare beauty. For my money its on a short list of greatest albums ever made.I've since grabbed every album she's made, and she's not made

Rolling Stones Issue Archival Live Sets From 1975, 1981 on Nov 4

The Stones are reaching in to the archive and releasing vintage live shows on CD, DVD, Blu-ray, digital, and vinyl...
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The Rolling Stones are reaching into their archives and officially releasing a pair of vintage live recordings in multiple configurations on November 4. L.A. Forum is one night from their five-show run at the Forum in Los Angeles from their 1975 tour, the first to feature Ronnie Wood on lead guitar in support of their It's Only Rock & Roll tour. They were at the height of their legendary excesses at this stage of their career and their catalog was well stocked with timeless classics. Hampton Coliseum is taken from a 1981 show from the Tattoo You tour and would

Ryan Adams by Ryan Adams is the Pick of the Week

The return of Ryan Adams and new music from Robert Plant top #NewMusicTuesday
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Ryan Adams is nothing if not prolific. Since 2000 he has released 14 albums. In 2005 alone he released three separate albums (so one forgives him if afterwards his schedule slowed down a bit.) In 2009 he got married to Mandy Moore and was diagnosed with Ménière's disease, an inner ear disorder and retired from music.Pretty much no one thought that would last. It didn't. In the five years since he's released four solo albums (one of which was a double album) plus an EP with Fall Out Boy and one with punk band Pornography. That's what retirement looks like

Somewhere Under Wonderland by The Counting Crows is the Pick of the Week

New music releases for Sept. 2, 2014 #newmusictuesday
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On many occasions a band has come to town that I really wamted to see and yet I've made various excuses not to catch them live. The usual excuse is money - specifically my lack of - but sometimes its about timing, or distance, or I'll convince myself that I don't like them enough to bother. Thing is I get weirdly nervous before a concert. I absolutely love going to live shows. It is one of my favorite all time activities and I've never had a bad time. Yet before I buy tickets I make all sorts of excuses not

Solo Concerts by Bruce Hornsby is the Pick of the Week

New releases for Aug. 26 #NewMusicTuesday
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At a glance Bruce Hornsby looks like just another 80s pop star who had a few major hits back in the day but has since slipped into nostalgic obscurity. Look closer and you'll find a master musician who used that early success to carve out a fascinating, varied career. In the 28 years since his huge smash The Way It Is Hornsby became a defacto member of the Grateful Dead, recorded a bluegrass album with Ricky Skaggs, a jazz album with Christian McBride and Jack DeJohnette, written soundtracks for Spike Lee, won three grammys and appeared on an enormous list

Deluxe Edition Of 'I Am Shelby Lynne' Slated For Oct. 7 Release

Lynne's breakthrough album to be issued with 6 previously unreleased tracks and DVD of concert from that tour...
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I Am Shelby Lynne is finally getting the deluxe reissue it has richly deserved and will be released as a CD/DVD set by Rounder Records on Oct. 7. My former comrade at Blogcritics interviewed Ms. Lynne a few years back and asked, on my behalf, if a I Am Shelby Lynne reissue might be in the offing. She said then what she is saying now, that revisiting this album brings back memories of a lot of pain but that a deluxe edition could one day happen. I would like to take credit for this all coming to fruition but will
With all too often a frequency I miss putting out a Pick of the Week. There are always excuses and the last couple of weeks have their own. I think I've mentioned here before that we recently moved to Oklahoma but have been in a sort-of hellish limbo (aka living with my parents) while we find new digs. Last week we finally made the move. We were all very excited about it. Even my daughter, which surprised me as she had a really hard time with the last move. But she was talking about it for days and wound up

Gary Clark Jr To Release 'Live' Sept. 23

Clark to document 'Blak & Blu' tour with 2-CD live set...
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My joy is complete with the news the mighty Gary Clark Jr. will release a double live album Sept. 23 (just days after my birthday, for those of you paying careful attention). The 2-CD set features several songs from his major label debut Blak & Blu as well as a fistful of the covers that have been staples of his shows (tracklist below) in the lead-up to the release of that album and the tour promoting it. I witnessed Clark on stage in Nashville prior to the release of Blak & Blu and in nearly every instance, what he did

CD Review: Nils Lofgren - Face The Music

Unsung guitar hero Nils Lofgren gets a massive, career-spanning retrospective
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For many music fans, Nils Lofgren is best known through his work with Neil Young, where he was briefly a member of Crazy Horse and, more recently, for his time with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. A musician's musician, Lofgren has earned a reputation for being a great side man -- and deservedly so. A fantastic guitarist, Lofgren has proven that he plays for the song and has, arguably, made both legendary groups stronger in the process. At the same time, Lofgren has been releasing critically acclaimed music of his own, both with his early band, Grin, and

The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale by Eric Clapton & Friends is the Pick of the Week

#NewMusicTuesday for July 29, 2014
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Having grown up very near Tulsa, Oklahoma I've certainly heard of JJ Cale (who was raised in the city) though I don't recall ever hearing him perform one of his songs. Tulsa has a small but influential musical history (and many passionate fans) and growing up I heard about it a lot, but actually heard it very little. I was way too into hair metal and then grunge to care about those old guys making laid back boogie music.There's no doubt JJ Cale was hugely influential though and while he never became a household name he's been name check and

Lanegan Announces 'No Bells On Sunday' EP, Premieres Video "Sad Lover"

The EP a precursor to full-length album slated for the fall...
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Mark Lanegan Band will release a new, limited edition EP No Bells On Sunday on July 29. The EP is being issued as a limited edition vinyl with only 1,500 copies being pressed. The music will be available digitally at that time and will also be available on CD when the band releases their full-length effort Phantom Radio later this fall. They've also shot and released a video for "Sad Lover," one of the five new songs from the EP (which you can see below). The past three years have been prolific ones for Lanegan, with a compilation of his

Counting Crows Unveil "Palisades Park," First Single From 'Somewhere Under Wonderland'

New Counting Crows single from forthcoming album due Sept. 2
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Counting Crows will release their first album of new music in six years on Sept. 2, Somewhere Under Wonderland, preceded by first single "Palisades Park," which can be purchased at iTunes and streamed on Spotify starting today. The complete tracklisting (see below) reveals a nine-song set of originals, some of which are already showing up in setlists on their current tour with Toad The Wet Sprocket. The band released a collection of covers, Underwater Sunshine in 2012 and a live performance of their debut August & Everything After the year before, both of which followed their last studio album Saturday

CSNY 1974 by Crosby Stills Nash & Young is the Pick of the Week

A bevy of live albums in this week's new releases #NewMusicTuesday
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We have talked many, many times in these pages about my love for live music and my obsession with recordings of concerts. I'll allow you to go back to those pages if you like and catch up instead of treading the same water again here. What I will say is that its a darn fine week to be a fan of officially released live recordings.In 1974 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young lit out for 30 gigs in American arenas and stadiums then jumped over to London for one show at Wembley Stadium. Each night they played up to 30 songs

Blu-ray Review: Elton John - The Million Dollar Piano

A great memento of Elton John's latest Las Vegas show.
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The Las Vegas residency has long had its place in popular music lore. What was once seen as a home for "older" music, such as Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin, has since seen the likes of Elvis Presley, Prince, Motley Crue, Shania Twain and Cheap Trick, among others, take to the stage. Elton John is no stranger to Vegas either, having already performed more than 200 times as part of his Red Piano show. His latest show, The Million Dollar Piano, has been a hit with fans and critics alike and is the subject of a Blu-ray of the same

iTunes Chart Watch: More Phish Fans Download Bootlegs Than 'Fuego' (And Other Chart Observations)

Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith Have Top Albums on iTunes....
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It's entirely possible I'm the only person who thinks it's funny a Phish studio album was among the most legally downloaded albums in the US last week, what with the band having been kings of the bootleg nation since their inception. Hilarity or not, Fuego checks in at #9 on the Albums charts where the latest from Ed Sheeran, X is #1. I didn't fall in love with Sheeran's debut (although I did take a $7 flier on it and gave it a chance). I've been told this new one is good and better than its predecessor so I might

Ryan Adams Announces New Album Due Sept. 9, Issues First Single "Gimme Something Good"

First new album from RA since 2011...
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Ryan Adams has announced he's ready to release a new, self-titled album Sept. 9. The once prolific Adams has slowed the frenetic pace of releases as this is his first new set since Ashes & Fire in 2011. The first single for the record, "Gimme Something Good" has been released on vinyl and is available to stream through Spotify. We don't know much about the record beyond the release date, title, artwork, and track listing. Adams has announced a small handful of tour dates scheduled between now and the album's launch but we are otherwise in the dark, left with

Singleton, Birchwood Top At Blues Radio, Eden Brent Joins Top 5

Top 10 Albums at Blues Radio For Week Ending 6/27
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It's the Better Late Than Never edition of our Blues Radio Report, another series that went on hiatus and I'm now reviving. It's also the Alligator Records edition as our friends at Alligator have the top two spots on the chart -- Jarekus Singleton and Selwyn Birchwood -- as well as entries from Joe Louis Walker and The Holmes Brothers. The venerable Ray Bonneville is in at #3 and Eden Brent's beautiful new record from Yellow Dog Jigsaw Heart is at #5. I'm also very pleased to see Mr. Ronnie Earl and his Broadcasters' latest record Good News in Roots

Blu-ray Review: Peter Gabriel - Back to Front: Live in London

Peter Gabriel celebrates 25 years of So live with the original band.
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In recent years, it has become the thing for classic rock artists to recreate their most famous albums in their entirety on the concert stage. Acts from Cheap Trick to Bruce Springsteen to Judas Priest to Aerosmith have all performed their biggest releases. It is not surprising then that for the 25th anniversary of his landmark album, So, Peter Gabriel performed the album in its entirety live, with the original touring band no less. A London performance was filmed to mark the occasion and makes up the new Blu-ray Peter Gabriel - Back To Front: Live In London. The show