Gary Clark Jr To Release 'Live' Sept. 23

Clark to document 'Blak & Blu' tour with 2-CD live set...
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My joy is complete with the news the mighty Gary Clark Jr. will release a double live album Sept. 23 (just days after my birthday, for those of you paying careful attention). The 2-CD set features several songs from his major label debut Blak & Blu as well as a fistful of the covers that have been staples of his shows (tracklist below) in the lead-up to the release of that album and the tour promoting it.

I witnessed Clark on stage in Nashville prior to the release of Blak & Blu and in nearly every instance, what he did on stage surpassed the studio version. Some of that is because the record is at times a bit overcooked but it's largely because he is a master musician whose capacity for creativity is most fully realized when he is on stage. His ability to adapt his own material and interpret classics from others is most obvious in a live setting. A live album may not be able to capture it, either, but this set has been compiled to make an attempt and further the conversation. Clark is still on the road, having done shows in StL and KC with Nick Moss, and has dates scheduled into the fall.

I'm so having one of these to tide me over until the next studio effort.

Disc 1

  1. Catfish Blues
  2. Next Door Neighbor Blues
  3. Travis County
  4. When My Train Pulls In
  5. Don't Owe You A Thing
  6. Three O' Clock Blues
  7. Things Are Changin'
  8. Numb

Disc 2

  1. Ain't Messin' 'Round
  2. If Trouble Was Money
  3. Third Stone From The Sun / If You Love me Like You Say
  4. Please Come Home
  5. Black and Blu
  6. Bright Lights
  7. When The Sun Goes Down