iTunes Top 10 Singles/Albums: Bruno Mars and TRON: Legacy

iTunes' top 10 selling singles and albums of the week ending Dec. 27, 2010...
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The final iTunes Chart of 2010 serves up a heaping helping of beat-driven pop titles as well as hip hop favorites.  I'm more familiar with some of these names and songs than I wish I was because I spent an entire day helping my nieces buy songs from iTunes for their new iPod shuffles.  Pieces of my soul were burnt and the smoldering embers flaked off and blew away into the eternal abyss. 

I've heard very good things about the Tron Legacy soundtrack- in fact, I've heard more praise for Daft Punk than I have anyone else associated with the film.  I'm not someone who delves deeply into the electronic world but am curious about the soundtrack.  It's got a grade of "Maybe" on my Amazon wishlist.  Nothing else on the chart rates even that high.


  1. "Grenade" - Bruno Mars
  2. "Firework" - Katy Perry
  3. "We R Who We R" - Ke$ha
  4. "Tonight (feat. Ludacris & DJ Frank E)" - Enrique Iglesias
  5. "Raise Your Glass" - P!nk
  6. "The Time (Dirty Bit)" - Black Eyed Peas
  7. "What's My Name?" Rihanna, Drake
  8. "Black and Yellow" - Wiz Khalifa
  9. "Bottoms Up (feat. Nicki Minaj)" - Trey Songz
  10. "Just a Dream" - Nelly


  1. TRON: Legacy - Daft Punk
  2. Recovery - Eminem
  3. Speak Now - Taylor Swift
  4. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West
  5. Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons
  6. Doo-Wops & Hooligans - Bruno Mars
  7. Loud - Rihanna
  8. Cannibal - Ke$ha
  9. BTR - Big Time Rush
  10. Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj