Live at the Cellar Door by Neil Young is the New Music Pick of the Week

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I think I can finally stop complaining about the lack of interesting releases this close to Christmas.  This week we've got a very nice collection to talk about.  

I've mentioned on multiple occasions my love for live concert recordings and this week continues that trend. It is really quite astonishing now how many bands are digging through their old material and coming up with live treasures that should make any music lover happy.

Towards the top of the list of folks doing this are Neil Young.  He's been regularly releasing pristine recordings from some of his best performances.  My only complaint about this particular archives series is Mr. Young is almost exclusively releasing shows from early in his career.  It would be nice to get some gigs from his interesting experiments in the 80s or his stellar comeback in the 90s.  

Ah, but really I'll take whatever he gives us.  Live at the Cellar Door comes from a duple of performances in Washington D.C. from December of 1970.  This was just before the release of After the Gold Rush and the bulk of the songs from this set come from that album.  But theres also a couple of Buffalo springfield songs and a rare performance of "Cinnamon Girl" on piano.

Man, I am totally in love with all the great live music getting official releases these days.  With guys like Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, and Neil Young proving over and over again that these classic performances can find new life on music store shelves I say let everyone get on board.  For that reason alone, (and really many more including getting vintage Neil Young performing one of my favorite albums) Live at the Cellar Door is my New Music Pick of the Week.

Also out this week that looks interesting:

Give Me Strength: The '74/75 Recordings - Eric Clapton:  A 5 CD/1 Blu-ray boxed set that includes 88 remastered, remixed, unreleased and live recordings taken from 1974-1975.  This collection looks amazing even to a guy who has never been all that impressed with Clapton.

White Light/White Heat: 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Editon - The Velvet Underground:  The Velvets classic second album gets a three disc box including the original stereo and mono releases remastered plus alternate cuts, outtakes and a full show recorded in 1967.

Verve: The Sound of America - The Singles Collection:  A 5-disc set featuring 100 singles from the Verve Catalog.

Complete Motown Singles - vol 12b: 1972: A  4-disc collection including all the singles, both A and B sides, released in the second half of 1972 by Motown.

Because the Internet - Childish Gambino: Actor Donald Glover is one of my favorite parts of one of my favorite commodities, Community.  His altar ego, Childish Gambino, apparently dabbles in hip-hop.  I'm not really the person to judge that, not really being a hip-hop kind of guy, but I'm intrigued.

Ella Fitzgerald: The Voice of Jazz: A comprehensive, 10-disc set covering the career of the greatest voice in jazz.

Oak Mountain 2001 - Night 2 - Widespread Panic:  I once almost attended a Panic show in Tulsa.  On a whim I showed up hoping to grab some last minute tickets, but the venue was so poorly supported there was no rhyme or reason to even finding out if tickets were available.  All the freaks wandering about didn't help and so I just went home.  Thing is I've never really heard anything by the band, but knew their reputation.  These live series are a good way for me to hear what I missed, I suppose.