News: Green Day To Release Live CD/DVD 'Awesome As F***'

Green Day gets their ya-yas out...
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Green DayGreen Day is about to release its second live album in as many tour cycles and they're naming it Awesome As Fuck, putting them firmly on the well-trodden path established by the Rolling Stones, all of this according to a video the band released this week.

The connections are, to me, obvious.  Every album needs a corresponding live album and live albums should get an eye-raising title.  For The Stones it was Get Yer Ya-Yas Out.  That might have been racy then – or not, I wasn't born when the set was initially released – but you certainly have to up the ante these days.  Green Day's answer?  Awesome As Fuck.

If it sounds like I'm taking the piss out of Green Day and the Rolling Stones, you're half right.  I still love the Stones. Green Day never did it for me.  I'm of the right generation to have signed on with Green Day with Dookie but it never hit me and I gagged when this band of retards attempted social commentary.  I listen to very little in the punk terrain but when I do I prefer something a little more… authentic, shall we say?  You can check out the video the band released for the upcoming AAF.  I'll pass on this, too.