Soundgarden To Release Live Album In March

Vintage recordings from '96 North American tour comprise most of the 17-song set...
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I expected Soundgarden would release a live album before they got around to making a new studio record and I was right, except that I wasn't. The Seattle quartet will release Live on l5 March 21 but instead of being taken from shows on their recent reunion trek, these 17 tracks were recorded in the US and Canada in 1996.

My first reaction to this news was, "Wow, those reunion dates must have really sucked if they're going back to the Down On The Upside tour to get a live album." I decided, on second thought, not to be so jaded. I like Soundgarden. I really liked them back in the '90s. Why not spread a little of that vintage live love with the masses?

There are no current Soundgarden tour dates on the schedule and while rumors have circulated, nothing definitive has been announced regarding the possibility of new material. In the meantime, fans can get in their "Way Back Machine" and relive the end of Soundgarden's first chapter.

Here is the complete tracklisting for Live on l5

  1. Spoonman
  2. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
  3. Let Me Drown
  4. Head Down
  5. Outshined
  6. Rusty Cage
  7. Burden In My Hand
  8. Helter Skelter
  9. Boot Camp
  10. Nothing To Say
  11. Slaves And Bulldozers
  12. Dusty
  13. Fell On Black Days
  14. Search And Destroy
  15. Ty Cobb
  16. Black Hole Sun
  17. Jesus Christ Pose