Review: Lauren Alaina - "Like My Mother Does"

Season 10 runner up releases her first single and once again she's right on the heels of the winner...
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Lauren Alaina - Like My Mother DoesLauren Alaina’s coronation single is "Like My Mother Does" and, like Scotty’s, hers was released directly after the results show and she shot right into the top five on iTunes’ singles chart. She didn’t surpass him at any point and likely won’t, at the time of writing this review she was still in the top ten.

"Like My Mother Does" is a total "for the heartstrings" country song that is too contrived, forced, and hard to swallow. This the 3rd time it’s been released, most notably was on Kristy Lee Cook’s first post-Idol album (this song never charted for Cook). Lauren sounds the same in the studio as on stage which is good and not-so-good. Good because it shows she sings just as well live as with the tricks of the studio. Not-so-good because it doesn’t uncover any nuance or specialness to her voice, like Scotty McCreery’s debut single did for him.

Lauren’s voice is not very strong and has little range; it has a wonderful tone and I love listening to her on a more upbeat track but this song (like Scotty’s) didn’t bring anything new to the table or reveal anything new about her or the direction she’s heading. I don’t think country/pop ballads will be her forte. I want Lauren to do more honky-tonk, fun songs.

That being said, she is 16-years-old and has so many years to grow, mature, and perfect her gift because she’s got a lot of potential, likeability, and is relatable in a way that can potentially take her far in country music. She won’t live up to Carrie Underwood, and has already done better than Kristy Lee Cook. I predict she’ll settle somewhere in Kelly Pickler territory, which is not a bad place to be.