Review: Steel Magnolia - Steel Magnolia

Looking at the debut album from Can You Duet season two winners, Steel Magnolia
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Steel MagnoliaWhen Joshua Scott Jones and Megan Linsey arrived at the audition for the CMT television series Can You Duet, neither of them had any idea they would be where they are today. With each performance they soared to the top of the competition. Joshua and Megan were not only a couple on screen, but off screen as well. You could see it when they performed, and you could feel it when they sang. The judges fell in love with them, and they took the crown for the second and final season of Can You Duet. They would go on to release and EP in February of 2010 that featured three original songs and a couple of live songs. In January of 2011, they released a full-length album encapsulating the three EP songs and another nine songs entitled, Steel Magnolia. Joshua and Megan wrote or co-wrote seven of the twelve songs on their debut album; six of which they wrote together. So kick up your boots and let's dive into this country album and find out if it is just another television talent show flop, or if it is musical gold.

"Ooh La La" opens the album on a great note. It is a fun duet that really showcases why these two work so well together. There are some great moments in the song where you get off beats that really accent the song. Meg's vocals show some great country and blues tones throughout this song as well. The song was also co-written by Joshua and Meg.  

"Keep On Lovin' You" is a decent song and is done well by Joshua and Meg, but to me isn't the best song on the album.

"Just By Being You (Halo And Wings)" is a pretty love song that is full of sweet emotion. Both Joshua and Meg sing it beautifully here.

I love the vocal stylings of "Edge of Goodbye." The run on sentances used during the verses is a very nice touch. The song itself is a solid song lyrically and simple musically. Definitely a highlight of the album, and co-written by Josh, Meg and Julie Moriva

"Bulletproof" is Meg's showcase song on the album. It's a fun song to rock out to and a good anthem for women everywhere.

"Not Tonight" is a solid tune that features a smooth piano accompaniment and tells the tale of someone that knows it is time to leave, but just can't do it. Again the vocals shine in this song and the emotion runs deep.

"Last Night Again" is a fun back and forth song that tells the tale of two people looking across the bar at each other and sizing the other up before hooking up. I really enjoy this song's lyrics and melody. Joshua and Meg do a great job telling the story here. This song was written by Joshua and Meg along with Hilary Lindsay.

"Without You" is a sad tale of missing the one you love and wanting just to be with them when they are away. It's a beautiful song that features Joshua in the lead position. Definitely a highlight on this ablum.

I love two things about the song "Rainbow." First, the banjo is solid. Nothing says good country like a banjo and steel guitar and this song has them both. Second, I love using the line "Somewhere over the rainbow." I don't know why I do, but I do. Good song that was co-written by Josh, Meg, Tommy Henriksen, and Chioma Eze.

"Eggs Over Easy" is easily my favorite song on the album. It feels so real to the listener, just like you can relate to everything that is sung in this song. I love the guitar harmonies in this song, and the lyrics are brilliant. Joshua and Meg co-wrote this song with Steffon Hamulak. Favorite line: "Patti and Rufus are laying there beggin'. We got the canine crew y'all. You know what I'm saying." I also love the harmonica that closes out the song. Brilliant.

"Homespun Love" is a cover of Keith Urban and the only cover song on the album. It is a fun listen and would be great for a line dance.

"Glass Houses" is for Joshua what Bulletproof was for Meg; a showcase song. It's a sweet ballady tune that is a great way to close out the album. The song was written by Joshua himself and mixes great vocals with a nice bluesy guitar riff and has a very old time feel to it.

I have to admit that I wasn't expecting greatness from this album when I picked it up out of pure curiosity. I had no clue they had any songs on the radio since I rarely listen to the radio these days, so each song was a first time experience for me as I listened to the CD in my car. I have to say though, I am very happy I picked this CD up. I think back to watching the two on Can You Duet and remembering not liking them at first. I am easily recommending that you spin this album, country fan or not. It has a solid mix of slow and uptempo songs, and just all around good music.