Review: Theory of a Deadman - The Truth Is...

Theory of a Deadman returns to the music stores with their fourth studio effort The Truth Is..
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Theory Of A Deadman - The Truth Is...Theory of a Deadman returns to the music stores with their fourth studio effort The Truth Is.... After hitting it big with Scars and Souvenirs, Tyler Connolly, Dave Brenner, Dean Back, and Joey Dandeneau return with a hard hitting album focused on classic Connolly themes: breakups, love, and anger. As Tyler put it recently, "When I write, I either want to kiss someone on the lips or punch them in the face. Anything in between is boring."

The opening track is "Lowlife" and starts with a nice bass and drum intro to set the mood. The song embraces your inner lowlife and is a fun way to open the album.

"Bitch Came Back" follows and is kind of a remake of the "Cat Came Back" (a classic skit from the Muppet Show that can be seen here Video). This song makes me laugh pretty hard when I listen to it. The humor in the song revels that of Bad Girlfriend and I Hate My Life from the last Theory album Scars and Souvenirs.

Up next is a nice melodic song called "Hurricaine". In classic Tyler Connolly fasion, this song is about breaking up with a lover. The song has a solid musical backdrop that makes it very enjoyable to listen too.

"Outta My Head" starts with an interesting melody that is very similar to Train's "Hey Soul Sister", but shortly after the opening notes you forget that and just listen to a nice song reminiscing about what else but a breakup. The song is about the feeling you get when you have ended a relationship that was perfect, but you didnt' realize it until you threw it away. Taylor Swift knows all about this feeling, but then who doesn't?

"Gentleman" is the anthem for every guy that was ever told "You're such a nice guy" and because of those words you never get the girl. Told from the side of the jerkoff that gets the girl because he's a douche the song really tells it like it is... at least during the teens and twenties before most girls wake up and realize they need that nice guy. I'm not bitter, I'm just saying. A solid song with a nice catchy chorus. "Girls don't want a gentleman, if you want to get to them, girls don't want a gentleman they want a loser like me."

"Love Is Hell" is the story of a bitter man who is fed up with getting crapped on by those of the opposite sex. Tyler sings about all the things he would rather have done to him instead of being stepped on again by a girl.

"The Truth Is... (I Lied About Everything)" is the title track to the album and opens with a ukulele before kicking into the song. The song is pretty funny lyrically, but the music is a bit weak. Even so, the lyrics make this song a fun listen.

I love the simplicity of the music in "Head Above Water" as well as the vocal harmonies and effects used during the song. A simple song with a simple message, no matter how hard it seems life is you will get through it and come out on the other side.

"Drag Me To Hell" is another angry song about someone that screwed up their life and is trying to drag you down with them, but you not allowing it. Another solid song.

"What Was I Thinking" tells the tale of a rockstar who has everything they could ever want except the one thing he desires most... the girl. It's a common tale for many celebrities who come into fame fast. Everything is thrown at you and you take it without realizing the consequences of your actions. The music compliments the song and gives it the proper mood. The song ends with some banjo as well.

"Easy To Love You" is a nice pretty ballad.

"We Were Men" is a great tribute to the soldiers fighting for our freedom and country. The music has a nice vibe with both reflection of power, and the erieness at points. This song is one of the highlights of the album.

Those songs fill out the standard album, but if you purchased the Special Edition like I did, there are still another six songs to look at.

"Careless" is the first bonus track offered for The Truth Is... and it's a pretty strong Theory song that reminds me of the feel of Scars and Souvenirs. I am guessing it was written around the same time or shortly after. I really enjoy this song and find it to be a true highlight on the album.

"Does It Really Matter" is the second bonus song we get for The Truth Is.... This is another strong song with great guitars and vocals.

"Villian" is next and I find it to be an okay song at best. I can see why this song wasn't included in the main album, but instead as an extra.

"Better or Worse" closes out the bonus tracks for The Truth Is... and offers a nice sweet ballad in which the singer pleads with his lover to work things through because their love is so strong it isn't worth giving up on. A solid song that is probably the best ballad on the entire album and a good close to the bonus songs.

An acoustic version of "Out of My Head" is offered on the Special Edition and isn't too bad, but the plugged in version to me is much better.

The final track on the album is an acoustic version of "Easy To Love you". Unlike the last song, I actually enjoy this acoustic version a lot. It sounds so raw and beautiful as an acoustic song, and is a great way to end the Special Edition album.

Overall, I really enjoyed The Truth Is... by Theory of a Deadman. It isn't as solid as Scars and Souvineers, but it has a lot of solid songs on it. It is always hard to follow up a smash hit album, but Theory of a Deadman gives a solid effort with The Truth Is... and I recommend spinning it.