Album Review: Chris Ianuzzi - Planeteria

Chris Ianuzzi takes listeners on a wild ride in his latest release.
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Chris Ianuzzi's music career has been decorated to say the least. He has performed for the American Society of University Composers, composed music for the Olympics in Japan, won an award for theme and music creation for The Crime and Investigation Channel, and composed music for the HBO series Earth to Moon. It is no surprise then that the music contained on his latest release, Planeteria, sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a futuristic movie.

Opening with the title track, Ianuzzi quickly takes the listener on a journey that forgoes conventional song structure in place of atmospheric sounds and edgy musical interludes. The track mixes droning sounds with bits of dissonance and an almost science fiction feel. Building in intensity throughout, the track is an excellent opener and a harbinger of things to come.

"Summer Star" follows with its trippy sounds drenched in reverb. The song is at once beautiful and ugly; mixing beeps and buzzes with more melodic passages. The track could be the soundtrack to a futuristic horror movie. On "Olga In A Black Hole," Ianuzzi uses a pulsating back beat and melodic and dissonant sounds to set the mood while on "Flower And Flame," he follows a rhythmic path with voiceovers repeating the song's title over and over.

Imagine someone running through an old fashioned radio dial in the future, one that plays heavenly melodies, melodies that could be found in vintage arcade games, and psychedelic flourishes. That is "Transits" in a nutshell. Swells of keyboards color the dissonance over a heartbeat-sounding rhythm track.

On "Hello," a robotic voice says the song's title throughout this space aged greeting, but this is unlike any hello anyone has likely ever encountered. Like the rest of the album, the track transports the listener to a wild alternate reality. The album ends with the nerve-wracking "Wilder." With its keyboard sounds mimicking sirens over electronic stabs acting as a rhythm track, it is a fitting way to end this wild journey.

It's no wonder Ianuzzi has received numerous accolades for his music. This is music that challenges the listener, taking multiple listens to digest it all and is best suited for headphones. Those willing to go along for the ride will be rewarded with a musical journey unlike anything they have ever heard.