EP Review - Justin Hayward - One Summer Day/My Juliette

Justin Hayward returns with two excellent new tracks
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While touring and the music industry in general have ground to a halt in the midst of the global pandemic, it hasn't stopped talented artists from pursuing their creative muse. Legendary Moody Blues singer-songwriter Justin Hayward has taken this opportunity to release a new EP, a two-song collection featuring the tracks "One Summer Day" and "My Juliette." Warm and inviting, with fine lyrics, vocals, and playing, the songs demonstrate Hayward has lost none of his melodic gifts, more than 50 years into his phenomenal career.

The EP leads off with "One Summer Day," a hopeful love song about living in the moment, with lyrics that get right to the point, "If not now then when for us? There's no day like today." Hayward's vocals are poignant and immediate, like he is singing in your living room and the sparse, finger picked acoustic guitar complements his vocal nicely. "My Juliette" is a folksy waltz with a strong vocal from Hayward. The song's harmonies and melodies are unmistakable and the orchestration in the choruses recalls the Moody Blues' finer moments.

While we wait for the music industry (and the world) to get back to normal, it's nice to know that there are still artists out there putting out quality music during these troubling times. With excellent playing, melodies and vocals, Justin Hayward's fineĀ One Summer Day/My JulietteĀ EP fits the bill for those starved for good music and lends a hopeful voice to the world.