Erich Mrak - See You In September Video Review

Erich Mrak offers up a video EP for his two new singles
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Toronto hip hop/electronic artist, Erich Mrak, is back with a visual EP of sorts. See You In September is an intense music video that combines two of his songs, "Navigate" and "Riptide." The video features a man seemingly lost in the jungle, in the water, on the ledge of a building, and in the city. He mirrors the lyrics to the songs of that of someone who is confused, trying to find his way, possibly hopeless. The video is not long, but the message is powerful. As "Navigate" fades out, the visuals continue before "Riptide" begins.

As for the songs, they blend lush keyboards with dreamy, pleasant vocals drenched in reverb and autotune. The music is at once relaxing and edgy, with Mrak's laid back vocals and trippy sound contrasting against lyrics such as "My life is sideways" and "Swim against your riptide." Despair rarely seems to come in the form of ear candy, yet that's exactly what Mrak delivers here, pushing the envelope while continuing to make interesting music.