Gold Fields Deliver Fine Electronic Pop on Latest 'Black Sun'

Black Sun is filled with excellent electronic pop from the Australian band Gold Fields.
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Once in a while a song will come along that is so captivating as to become an instant classic. "Dark Again" from Australia's Gold Fields is just such a tune. The song is filled with hooks, soaring harmonies, and intelligent lyrics. It provides a marvelous introduction to the band's full-length debut album, Black Sun

The Astralwerks label have been responsible for some of the finest electronic music of the past 20 years. Their signing of Gold Fields just adds to this very strong legacy. The band is a five-piece outfit, featuring Mark Robert Fuller (vocals), Vin Andanar (guitar/vocals), Rob Clifton (keys/percussion), Ryan D Sylva (drums) and Luke Peldys (bass). They have already earned high praise from electronic music fans for "Dark Again," and with the release of Black Sun, their profile should only increase.

There are a lot of different elements to the music of Gold Fields, but I was often reminded of a somewhat obscure album from 1985. This was Flaunt the Imperfection, by China Crisis, which was produced by Walter Becker of Steely Dan. Songs such as "Treehouse," "Thunder," and "Closest I Could Get" all share some of the most tuneful, yet unusual sounds I have heard in some time. Gold Fields are no "retro" band though, as is readily apparent with some of the more adventurous tracks on the album. I would classify "The Woods," and "You're Still Gone" along these lines.

Black Sun works best as a full listening experience. The 11 songs flow together very well, beginning with the rhythmic "Meet My Friends," and concluding with the aptly-titled "Anxiety." For fans of state-of-the-art electronic pop music, Black Sun is one of the best I have heard in some time.