SDBlu-Ray Review - The Rolling Stones - Bridges To Buenos Aires

The Rolling Stones deliver a memorable show on the Bridges To Babylon Tour
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In April 1998, The Rolling Stones took their Bridges To Babylon tour to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a series of massive stadium performances. Being the Stones, the band didn't just do one show, but rather five, at the famed River Plate Stadium. The band was in top form, mixing songs from their virtually untouchable back catalog -- including some rare cuts -- with several songs from the then new Bridges To Babylon. Add in a guest appearance by Bob Dylan and it made for a memorable night, a night that, fortunately for Stones fans, was filmed and makes up the SDBlu-Ray The Rolling Stones - Bridges To Buenos Aires.

The show opens with "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and, from the song's signature opening riff, both the band and the crowd are into every note. Mick Jagger commands the stage, delivering strong vocals throughout and displaying the energy of a man less than half his age. "Let's Spend The Night Together" follows and despite being over 30 years old at that point, sounds as fresh and vibrant as when it was first released, a testament to the song's staying power and to the band not phoning it in, which they could easily get away with at this point. Keith Richards harmonizes with Jagger on the classic track and, ragged though his voice may be, this is the sound of the Stones and it is not something that can be replicated by the backup singers.

"Flip The Switch" is the first of four excellent, then-new Babylon songs in the set. The band delivers a fierce rendition, with Richards adding some bluesy fills to the song's exotic main riff. Both the band and the crowd are into the new material, whether it be this song, the gospel-tinged "Saint Of Me" or the Temptations-inspired "Out Of Control." On the latter, Jagger commends the crowd for singing the vocal part before he does.

Bob Dylan joins the band for a spirited version of "Like A Rolling Stone" before Richards performs his two-song set consisting of a bluesy "Thief In The Night" and "Wanna Hold You," an underappreciated gem from Undercover, punctuated by horns in this version. At this point, a massive bridge extends from the main stage to the "B" stage, where the band performs a three-song set, including a searing version of Chuck Berry's "Little Queenie." Showing they are human after all, Jagger starts singing the words to "Respectable" over "When The Whip Comes Down" before realizing his error and changing course mid song. It is a humorous moment, but the band recovers quickly.

In the home stretch, or warhorse portion of the show, the band runs off seven straight songs that would likely be the best song in a lesser band's catalog -- remarkable when one considers all the hits they left out of the set list. Highlights among these are a potent "Jumpin' Jack Flash" that really showcases the guitar interplay between Richards and Ron Wood and an extended set closer, "Brown Sugar", that finds the late Bobby Keys reprising his sax solo from the original. The song is about as exciting an ending to a concert as there is possible.

The video is presented in 1080i high Definition 16:9 (4:3 PB). The original aspect ratio is preserved and, for being over 20 years old, the video looks great. Audio options include LPCM Stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Twenty-one years later, the Stones are still going strong, defying logic and giving killer performances. The Rolling Stones - Bridges To Buenos Aires shows a band in top form, delivering their legendary catalog and strong new songs with a purpose. The attentive crowd and guest appearance from Dylan all made for a perfect night for rock and roll.